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Why did Gmail, Google Drive and Meet go down? Special

To the frustration of millions of users, Google's primary services, aside from its search engine, Gmail, Google Drive and Meet went off-line during August. What was the reason for this?

Gmail to rollout physical security option for executive users

Google will soon launch upgraded security options for better protection, according to a recent report. The company is boosting the email protections used to keep sensitive data safe. The changes target executives and politicians and include physical keys.

Gmail is marking newsletters as spam — and users are annoyed

Gmail is reportedly marking email newsletters that users have subscribed to as spam. Some distributors of email campaigns have seen their open rates plummet in recent weeks. Google hasn't publicly announced any changes or acknowledged the complaints.

Gmail stops scanning your emails to personalise its ads

Google has announced it will stop scanning Gmail users for information used to personalise adverts. The company said it will bring the service inline with the enterprise G Suite version of Gmail. The decision has been welcomed by privacy campaigners.

Google announces new Gmail features to make email safer

Google has detailed its latest progress in its ongoing work to make email more secure. The company claimed its automated systems can now detect and filter out 99.9 percent of phishing emails. The statement comes after a recent high-profile Gmail scam.

Gmail update lets you stream video attachments from the web

Google has announced an update to its online Gmail client that adds a small but potentially very useful feature. It's now possible to stream video attachments from the web, removing the need to download large files.

Gmail doubles email attachment limit to let you send bigger files

Google has announced it is doubling the maximum size of Gmail attachments, letting you send larger files. However, it uses Google Drive as an intermediary. The new cap is larger than that offered by Gmail's primary rivals, Outlook and Yahoo.

You can now 'unsend' emails with Gmail for iOS

Google has announced the most substantial update to its Gmail app for iOS in four years. The overhaul includes a freshened interface, faster search and an "undo send" button that lets you pull email back while it's still sending to the recipient.

Google's April Fool's 'joke' may have cost Gmail users their jobs

Google is known for its elaborate April Fool's Day pranks, entertaining users each year with harmless new "features" in its software. This year, things didn't go to plan though, with a minion-themed "Mic & Drop" Gmail button allegedly costing users jobs.

Microsoft releases major update with new features

Microsoft has released a substantial update to its online email client. The web app now has a redesigned interface and a similar level of functionality to the business version included with Office 365.

Samsung smart fridge exposes Gmail login details to attackers

Hackers have successfully extracted login details for Google's Gmail email service from a Samsung smart fridge. The details were unveiled at the recent DEFCON hacking conference, fuelling concerns about the privacy of Internet of Things devices.

Op-Ed: Does Gmail’s unsend feature really work?

Gmail has been playing around with an email recall feature in its Lab program for several years. Now, as of last month, Google users more broadly have access to this new tool. But is the unsend feature all it’s cracked up to be?

Gmail will now let you 'Undo Send' to fix mistakes

After six years of beta testing, Gmail has finally made official its Undo Send feature, which allows users to delay sending emails for up to 30 seconds to fix any mistakes.

Gmail recovers from Easter outages affecting 'majority' of users

An issue with security certificates meant that Gmail was unusable for many over the Easter weekend. People were confronted with a slew of error messages and safety warnings as Google's SSL certificate for the service expired without being renewed.

Chinese Internet censors may have blocked Gmail

Beijing - Chinese Gmail users seem to be unable to access the service with visits from China to Gmail dropping precipitously on December 27.

Gmail flaw means hackers could have email address of every user

A gaping but now patched security flaw in Google's Gmail email service has been revealed that could have allowed hackers to extract the email address of every single user from Google's database.

Google could be planning new Gmail interface

Screenshots posted on technology news site appear to show an all-new version of the web client for Google's popular Gmail email service currently being tested.

Op-Ed: Google vs. privacy? New Gmail terms say ‘we analyze your emails’

Sydney - Google claimed in a recent court hearing that a case against the company shouldn’t be heard because their terms of use gave implied consent to scanning of emails. The court didn’t agree. Now Google’s put it in writing.

Google Gmail goes snoop-proof

Recent revelations regarding United States surveillance practices have served as a call to action to Internet-based companies like Google to protect the rights and privacy of those with whom they do business.

Op-Ed: Did Gmail’s tabs spark the death of email marketing?

Last year, Gmail users started receiving notifications about yet another change to their email interface. Gmail implemented its infamous tabs. What has been the fallout of Gmail’s tabs, and how are marketers affected?

Lawsuit against Google over Gmail faces hurdle, U.S. judge says

SAN JOSE, California (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Thursday said some plaintiffs accusing Google of improperly scanning their email faced a significant hurdle in their attempt to move forward with the lawsuit as a class action.

Google apologizes after online services stumble

San Francisco - Google apologized after the Internet giant's widely used free email and an array of other services were disrupted by apparent software woes.

2 million Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts compromised

Around 2 million Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts were compromised by hackers in the past month, according to a new report.

Google: No 'expectation of privacy' for Gmail users

Mountain View - Users who send or receive information via Google's Gmail should not expect their messages to remain private, the Internet giant argued in a court motion seeking the dismissal of a class-action lawsuit.

Google to allow users to send money with Gmail

Gmail users will soon see a dollar-sign icon among Gmail attachment options. Just hover over the attachment paperclip, click the $ icon to attach money, enter the amount and press send.

European data protection agencies take aim at Google over privacy

Internet giant Google has once again come to the attention of data protection authorities across Europe as six European countries launched concerted action against Google yesterday claiming that Google had done nothing to meet privacy concerns.

Op-Ed: New Gmail compose riles users

Sydney - Gmail’s new “compose” window isn’t exactly popular with users. Many users think it’s unnecessary and some just think it’s stupid. The trouble is that the box is pretty damn basic and primitive.

Op-Ed: How Facebook could potentially replace e-mails altogether

Communication is becoming more and more convenient by the second. Perhaps not by the second, but as time progresses, so does the efficiency when it comes to communication.

Access to Gmail blocked in Iran

Today, Monday, Iran blocked access to Google's Gmail service. Access to Google's search page was also restricted to its unsecured version while attempts to access it using a secure protocol were also blocked, reports say.

20% of Motorola Mobility workforce to be cut by Google

New York - Google is expected to cut around 4,000 Motorola Mobility staffs with an aim to streamline the wireless business mobile-phone making business process.
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Gmail Image

Several email newsletter subscribers raised the alarm
Several email newsletter subscribers raised the alarm
Glen Allsopp /
Google posted screenshots of what is thought to be a possible all-new interface design for Google ... posted screenshots of what is thought to be a possible all-new interface design for Google's popular Gmail email service currently being tested.
David Silverberg s Google Buzz homepage
David Silverberg's Google Buzz homepage
flickr/Robert Scoble (CC BY 2.0)
A new feature lets users make phone calls to landlines from within Gmail
A new feature lets users make phone calls to landlines from within Gmail
Image courtesy Google
Gmail update for iOS 07/11/2016
Gmail update for iOS 07/11/2016
A screenshot of
A screenshot of
Gmail update for iOS 07/11/2016
Gmail update for iOS 07/11/2016
Emails within conversations are being marked as spam
Emails within conversations are being marked as spam
Glen Allsopp /
The new warning suspected of causing the issues
The new warning suspected of causing the issues
Glen Allsopp /
Gmail screen shot
Gmail on laptop in dark.
Gmail on laptop in dark.
Unsplash (CC0 1.0)

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