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Globalization News

Q&A: Strategies for managing a global workforce in 2020 Special

As workforces become increasingly remote and tech continues to transform the role of management, priorities are shifting when it comes to preparing for the future of work, explains Doodle's CEO Renato Profico.

Op-Ed: World Economic Forum sees five main risks to economy in 2017

Davos - The World Economic Forum (WEF) claims that rising inequality and polarisation within societies could result in the reversal of globalization without urgent action taken to address problems.

Review: ‘Das Ding’ hits Toronto with eccentric take on globalization Special

Toronto - If you’ve always wanted to see a play about a large, sentient cotton ball that travels around the world and observes how people’s behaviour interconnects through modern technology and economics, German playwright Philipp Löhle has you covered.

Review: ‘Boy and the World’ is a sad, wondrous and vivid journey Special

‘Boy and the World’ is this year’s surprise animated Oscar nominee, but it more than earns its spot with a unique style and captivating story.

Op-Ed: Outsourcing may be helpful to some companies and economies

Outsourcing has become a bad word for many people because of the perceived negative economic impact, but is it really as bad as people say? For some companies, it may be a positive thing.

Former Vice President Al Gore outlines 'The Future' Special

Savannah - At the Savannah Book Festival, Al Gore, former vice president of the United States, spoke of scientific developments that took us to the present and challenged attendees to consider the six most important drivers of global change that impact our future.

Demonstrators protest George W. Bush speech in Surrey, B.C.

Surrey - Roughly 200 protesters arrived in Surrey, B.C. this morning, many from Occupy Vancouver, to protest the arrival of former U.S. president George W. Bush to speak at the city's economic summit.

Op-Ed: The Western world and the common thread

Why are we witnessing such striking similarities in the way Western citizens see their countries and their problems as well as who is responsible for them, despite the fact that each country is different in many ways? Is there a common thread?

Op-Ed: Climate Change and the New World Order

Arlington - Conspiracy theories are suspect vis-à-vis to secret societies and the “New World Order”. Is climate change merely a ploy, elicited by the UN in a latent scheme for ‘globalization’, to cause unjustified alarm throughout the world?

Op-Ed: Medicine and Politics are a Dangerous Combination

The current health care reform initiative of the Obama administration may be unethical and will help those who are currently enfranchised in the "neo-system" of the "neoconservatives" and "neoliberals" the most.

Root Causes: Swine Flu, Globalization and Population Explosions

We have been told the story of how swine flu originated its effects and global transmission, but not about why it originated and how it can spread so quickly. The answer is the forces of globalization and population growth.

Op-Ed: The power of media

Misuse of media has become a common happening in today's rapidly shrinking world. Media emerges as the cause for the shrinking and globalization, and the misuse of it emerges as a rampant threat.

China frees slaves, including 40 children, as the nation expresses fury

China is not happy about this. Unusually, even at a public level, the condemnation has been universal. 200 people have been released from disgusting conditions in rural China as officials trace the route of hundreds of people sold into slavery.

Did You Know?

Did you know what Globalization and the Information Age is doing to humanity and the world in general?

Made in China

Made in China. Sold everywhere.

Washington Demonstrators Protest Globalization, US Support Of Israel

WASHINGTON (voa) - Up to 75,000 people gathered in Washington Saturday to demonstrate on a range of issues, including corporate globalization and U.S. support of Israel. At a pro-Palestinian rally near the White House, protesters condemned Israeli P...

The Free Trade Area of the Americas

( - During the week of April 15-21, a meeting of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) will be held in Quebec City, Canada. The intent is to expand NAFTA, which includes Mexico, Canada and the US, to the entire North and South Amer...

FTAA Protesters Face Off Against Montreal Police State

MONTREAL - Over 500 riot police came out to intimidate 75 protesters who blocked traffic and delivered caskets to a pre-FTAA cocktail party at the Conférence de Montréal. Transnational elites, including Vicente Fox, boozed it up while discussing pl.

UNESCO Director-General advocates access for all to 'common good'

PARIS - "It is UNESCO's duty to sound the alarm about the dangers of globalization and constantly to recall the need for equality of access for all to what some call the 'common good'". said UNESCO's Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura when addressing ..

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Dr. Charles Quist-Adade s Globalization classroom in Surrey  British Columbia.
Dr. Charles Quist-Adade's Globalization classroom in Surrey, British Columbia.
File photo: Le Havre  France: Anti-G8 Protest
File photo: Le Havre, France: Anti-G8 Protest
Philippe Leroyer
Danilo Rizzuti/photographer

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