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Global warming News

Manhattan-sized iceberg shears off Antarctica glacier

An iceberg the size of Manhattan has sheared off the rapidly melting Pine Island glacier on the West coast of Antarctica, and from the looks of things, there will be more to come says NASA.

Prince Charles produces book on climate change

London - Prince Charles, heir to the British crown and head of the Commonwealth, has co-written a book for children and adults on climate change. The book is part of the revamped Ladybird series.

Global warming harms insect reproduction

Sheffield - Several studies have shown how climate change is affecting insect populations, results in death. A new study takes a different approach and shows how global warming is affecting the ability of some insects to reproduce.

Op-Ed: Man spends 40 years living alone in ghost town in Colorado

bill barr who insists on spelling his name with lower case letters has lived by himself in Gothic Colorado for 40 years now. Gothic is a ghost town abandoned since the 1920's.

Warming temperatures cause early bird migration

Edinburgh - Changing temperatures and a warmer climate are causing birds to migrate earlier and to head for their breeding grounds, according to a new research study. This relates to information collated over the course of several summers.

Nova Scotia's mysterious marine deaths - Scientists stumped

Plympton - For over five weeks, residents in Plympton, Nove Scotia have been finding thousands of dead herring washed up on the shore of St. Mary's Bay. But recently, other species of marine life have also washed up dead, perplexing concerned scientists.

The reason why some lakes are getting murkier

A study of some 5,000 lakes in Wisconsin has found over a quarter have become murkier over a twenty year period. The rate of murkiness is expected to increase with global warming.

Scientists embark on quest to find the oldest ice

London - The oldest ice in the world is likely to be somewhere in Antarctica and this is where a nee exploratory mission is headed. The basis of the mission is to understand more about global warming

Florida city commits to 100 percent renewable energy plans

St. Petersburg - The St. Petersburg, Florida City Council, in an unanimous vote, has formally approved the city's commitment to transition to 100 percent renewable energy, turning its back on fossil fuels.

Arctic's insanely warm temperatures are alarming, say scientists

The Arctic region of our world is in serious trouble, and its condition should raise alarm bells for everyone. Sea surface and air temperatures are extraordinarily high, and this will have consequences for us now and in the future.

Global Peatlands Initiative tackles climate change

Tackling peatlands is regarded by many environmentalists as a key part of any strategy to address climate change. The main impact comes from the draining of peatlands to make way for agriculture.

Nepalese Army drains glacial lake near Mt. Everest to safe level

Nepal's army has confirmed it has finished draining a glacial lake to safe levels, preventing it from flooding several villages downstream and putting the lives of thousands of people at risk.

Planet on a heat bender — September the hottest month ever

While August tied with July this year in being the hottest month on record, September now claims the title of the warmest September in 136 years of record keeping, painting a frightening picture of global warming and climate change.

California lakes turn a slimy green due to toxic algae

Oakland - Toxic algae blooms have shown up in more than 40 lakes and waterways in California, from Los Angeles to the northern reaches of the state this summer, the worst ever seen.

Report: U.S. had record summer of heat, global warming blamed

Newly released data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows that the U.S. experienced its fifth warmest summer on record in 2016. The summer also saw record temperatures in some states and global warming may be the reason.

Melting ice is affecting ivory gulls

The depletion in Arctic sea ice, a consequence of global warming, is affecting populations of ivory gulls, sending them on longer journeys in the quest for food.

June marks 14 consecutive months of record heat for the Earth

Last month proved to be the hottest June in modern history, and was the continuation of an unprecedented streak of 14 months with above-average temperatures across the globe.

Cost of global warming's economic impact? $2 trillion+ by 2030

Rising temperatures brought on by climate change may end up costing the world's economy in excess of $2 trillion in lost productivity by the year 2030, according to a number of studies.

How beavers are affecting the global climate

A new study has demonstrated the effect that the growing beaver population, in certain regions, is having on both habitat and methane gas emissions.

Snow algae accelerate glacier melting

Leeds - A new environmental study indicates that red pigmented snow algae are strongly implicated with the melting Arctic glaciers. Data suggests a 13 percent reduction of the albedo during one year was caused by snow algal blooms.

As the heat creeps north, Quebec's forests may become a refuge

A study of over 26,000 trees across an area the size of Spain in Quebec's boreal forest showed there will be winners and losers as global warming inches northward.

Record melting of Arctic sea ice is cause for great concern

Boulder - On Tuesday, the The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colo. reported that Arctic sea ice had receded to its lowest levels in 38 years, setting the stage for what could become the smallest Arctic sea ice extent in history.

Combating global warming through increasing vegetation

Climate change is exerting an effect on the composition of Artic soil. Oddly, this change in composition could slow down the rate of global warming. Swedish scientists have been investigating.

China has declared it plans to ship cargo via Northwest Passage

Beijing - Chinese maritime authorities have published a guide giving detailed route guidance for cargo ships that takes them through the Northwest Passage, a route claimed by Canada. China claims an Atlantic to Pacific route will save companies time and money.

Earth Day signing of Paris climate deal brings out 171 countries

New York - A record 171 countries turned out on Earth Day at the United Nations in New York on Friday to sign the Paris climate deal, raising hopes that it will be enacted much faster than anticipated.

Are Vegans saving our planet from pollution? Science says yes

For the first time, a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences estimated the global effects on health and climate change of a worldwide shifting towards a vegan and vegetarian diet.

Carbon emissions highest since time of the dinosaurs

A new study looks at changes in the Earth's temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide since the end of the age of the dinosaurs. It found that humans were responsible for carbon release 10 times faster than any event recorded.

TX congressman wants magic to be recognized as national treasure

Texas congressman Pete Sessions, a Republican, doesn't believe in global warming and doesn't like big government. But he does like magic.

CO2 levels are exploding as world tries to curb emissions

U.S. government meteorologists have reported that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere increased at a record pace in 2015, raising concerns over one of the world's top greenhouse gases and its effects on global warming.

Master of French electronica Lord Funk is warming up the globe Special

Based in Paris, Dalmasso Romain (better known as 'Lord Funk') will release a brand new album later this month entitled 'Global Warming.' Digital Journal spoke to him.
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Global warming

Global warming Image

File photo: Coal power plant in Datteln  Germany at the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal
File photo: Coal power plant in Datteln, Germany at the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal
Arnold Paul
This graphic was created based on word frequency to call attention to global climate change.
This graphic was created based on word frequency to call attention to global climate change.
Woodley Wonderworks
This was thought to be the exit of Yok Balum Cave in the Toledo district of Southern Belize.
This was thought to be the exit of Yok Balum Cave in the Toledo district of Southern Belize.
the conjoined ice sheets from the Rockies (the Cordillera ice sheet) and eastern Canada (the Laurent...
the conjoined ice sheets from the Rockies (the Cordillera ice sheet) and eastern Canada (the Laurentide ice sheet) blocked Alaska
University of Maryland
Global warming: Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks - 04/23/2013.
Global warming: Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks - 04/23/2013.
The Barnes Ice Cap on Baffin Island  contains the oldest ice in Canada  dated at 20 000 yearsold.
The Barnes Ice Cap on Baffin Island, contains the oldest ice in Canada, dated at 20,000 yearsold.
Gifford Miller
The extent of Arctic sea ice on Aug. 26  2012  the day the sea ice dipped to its previous smallest e...
The extent of Arctic sea ice on Aug. 26, 2012, the day the sea ice dipped to its previous smallest extent before the release of the data for September 2012.The line on the image shows the average minimum extent from the period covering 1979-2010, as measured by satellites. Every summer the Arctic ice cap melts down to what scientists call its “minimum” before colder weather builds the ice cover back up.
Scientific Visualization Studio, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Two such large community owned ponds are now providing water for irrigation  bathing and other needs...
Two such large community owned ponds are now providing water for irrigation, bathing and other needs to the village
Temperatures hit new highs
Temperatures hit new highs
A river in Greenland augmented by ice melt: The river that runs through Kanger  called Akuliarusiars...
A river in Greenland augmented by ice melt: The river that runs through Kanger, called Akuliarusiarsuup Kuua in Greenlandic, but also known as Watson River. This river is very milky looking because it is formed by melt-water from the ice sheet. The grey river banks are not ice, but rocks now exposed
John Maurer, University of Colorado
Protesters hold Marshall Island flag.
Protesters hold Marshall Island flag.
MIT scientists have found that extreme precipitation events in California should become more frequen...
MIT scientists have found that extreme precipitation events in California should become more frequent as the Earth’s climate warms over this century.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Global temperatures  November 2013
Global temperatures, November 2013
Maldives President Mohammed Nasheed.
Maldives President Mohammed Nasheed.
Presidency Maldives/flickr
As interest in Earth s changing climate heats up  a tiny dark particle is stepping into the limeligh...
As interest in Earth's changing climate heats up, a tiny dark particle is stepping into the limelight: black carbon. Commonly known as soot, black carbon enters the air when fossil fuels and biofuels, such as coal, wood, and diesel are burned. Black carbon is found worldwide, but its presence and impact are particularly strong in Asia.
Argo float deployment from a research ship.
Argo float deployment from a research ship.

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