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One-third of world's banks adopt UN-backed climate principles

One-third of the globes banking industry, worth over $47 trillion, signed up on Sunday to new United Nations-backed responsible banking principles in a massive boost for climate action and a shift from “brown to green” models of economic growth.

An explanation for why Canada's waste ended up in Asia

With criticism of plastic waste exports mounting in many developed nations, most countries have had very little to say about the problem.

Investment firm Schroders unveils new Climate Change Dashboard

Asset management giant, Schroders is warning that the global economy is facing catastrophic risks unless immediate action is taken to mitigate the impacts of global warming.

International Labour Organization report sees problems in 2017

The International Labour Organization(ILO) warns that as inequality widens in many countries more social unrest is likely. The number of protest activities had increased last year.

Invasive insects costing the world at least $100 billion a year

An international research team says invasive insects cause over 69 billion euros ($77 billion) in economic damages worldwide every year, with the greatest portion going to healthcare and agriculture.

U.S. stocks plunge as July ends

New York - The key Dow Jones index fell more than 300 points today wiping out all its gains for 2014. The Standard and Poor 500 also experienced its sharpest decline since April.

Op-Ed: Is the World Economic Forum working for regional economies?

The World Economic Forum's annual conference in Davos concluded this weekend during a turbulent period in emerging markets and yielding questions on the impact the WEF is making globally.

Manufacturing leading global economic recovery

The last month has seen some good news in terms of manufacturing, and not just in one country. Germany, China and the U.S. have all released positive manufacturing data.

Will the UK's end of foreign aid to India begin a donor trend?

The UK's decision to end aid to India in 2015 sets a number of questions in motion and ultimately may redefine the notions of national pride and of the donor-recipient relationship.

Op-Ed: IMF reports global slowdown getting worse

Tokyo - In its World Economic Outlook, the IMF claims that the global economic slowdown is getting worse. The organization also cut growth forecasts for the second time since last April.

Op-Ed: How many idiots does it take to fix a global economy? Too many

Sydney - Globalization has revealed exactly how many idiots, elected and otherwise, there are in top echelons in business and government around the world. They insist on using old logic to solve new problems.

Op-Ed: Greek Elections, the EU and the Greek Dilemma

Athens - The Greek election results have the potential to totally destabliize Europe, halt the US recovery and affect economies as far away as China, India and Malaysia.

Op-Ed: The Beijing Defense vs. America's One Trick Pony

For the last three or four years we have seen the continual demise of the US dollar's influence and the rapid growth in China currency swaps, currency controls and currency ties as strategies against the dollar's influence. What of the dollar's future?

Op-Ed: The Goldman Sachs project — New world government?

By leading the world's economies into chaos, Goldman Sachs is creating a situation where they can replace key government leaders with their own people.

IMF: China will surpass US to top economy worldwide in 2016

The next American president will be the last to preside over the world's largest economy, as the International Monetary Fund predicts China will surpass the US in 2016.

Op-Ed: Forbes world's richest people list has additions this year

An addition of 200 new billionaires appear on Forbes list of wealthiest people, reflecting a positive change in global economy.

Watson: American education to STEM leaders of global innovation

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are the required elements envisioned by President Barack Obama to equip Americans as the leaders of innovation in an expanding global economy.

1% of global GDP spent on Alzheimer's care

Dementia, whether caused by Alzheimer's or other illnesses, is a heavy hit to the global economy, says a report titled The World Alzheimer Report 2010.

Global wheat production decline might trigger food price crisis

There are no doubts that the world is in a tough position right now. The economic fall-out from the recession continues to affect many countries, and weather-related crises appear to be the norm this year.

Top energy economist: World oil supplies are rapidly depleting

A stark assessment from the International Energy Agency's chief economist concludes that the world's top oil fields have already surpassed peak production and that the world's oil supplies are running out faster than predicted.

Economic snapshot- Ahead of the bailout vote, world markets vote with their feet

The markets aren’t waiting for things to happen. Global markets staged a strategic withdrawal today as the suspense got on people’s nerves. But if you want peace of mind, don’t read the financial news. Things aren’t looking good.

Op-Ed: Global market meltdown, as crash hits everyone's bottom line

The US recession issue has started a global rout on markets. Sellers are now wiping out years’ worth of gains to get their hands on hard cash. This is a large scale version of the market’s normal bailing out in uncertainty, but very messy.

Op-Ed: Things are fine, folks- but it’s according to the World Bank and the IMF

It’s Alvin and the Chipmunks! No! It’s Glam Rock 07! No! It’s the Happy Little Elves Go to Madison Avenue! Er… no… It’s Newsweek, using the World Bank and IMF for a feelgood story about the global economy.

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 The Devouring Dragon - How China s Rise Threatens Our Natural World  by Craig Simons.
"The Devouring Dragon - How China's Rise Threatens Our Natural World" by Craig Simons.
China s rulers in the Great Hall of the People at the beginning of the National People s Congress
China's rulers in the Great Hall of the People at the beginning of the National People's Congress
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