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Global cooling News

Op-Ed: Harvard/Yale study — ‘Dim’ the sun to fight global warming

Cambridge - An ambitious, not to say mindboggling, idea to dim the sun with aerosols has received a mixed reception from scientists. The idea is based on spraying sulphates from an airborne delivery system.

Op-Ed: What does Mike Huckabee get wrong about science? A lot, it seems

What does Mike Huckabee get wrong about science? I did some digging and came to the conclusion that perhaps the question should be: "Does Mike Huckabee ever get anything right about science?"

Op-Ed: New research puts Global Warming on ice

New global warming research disputes the dire predictions of global warming activists who look at man’s pollution of the environment through a fuzzy political lens.

Op-Ed: Green energy or just green money?

Al Gore has raked in millions on what was Global Warming, and is now known simply as Global Climate Change. James Lovelock, the god-father of global-warming however, has a different view.

Studies show sun is headed into rare hibernation after 2013

Las Cruces - After intensely studying the sun's surface, inner core and its solar activity, scientists are projecting that following its maximum activity in 2013; the sun will be in hibernation mode, which could trigger a mini ice age on Earth.

Geologist warns of looming global cooling threat at conference

Chicago - During a climate change conference in Chicago over the weekend, one geologist presented his case that global warming is over but global cooling could be the new concern for the next two to three decades because it's much worse than global warming.

Earth could be entering global cooling for the next 30 years

According to many scientists, Earth is in a current "cold mode" and will see temperatures fall over the next 30 years as the world enters a "mini ice age."

Hole in ozone layer causes Earth to experience cooling

A group of British scientists from the British Antarctic Survey have discovered this week that the ozone layer hole is cooling down the Earth and protecting Antarctica from melting.

Record Low Temperatures Across the United States

Many Americans are feeling chilly throughout the bleak summer, which is experiencing record low temperatures in the middle of the year.

Using Crops to Cool The Earth

By carefully selecting which varieties of food crops to cultivate, much of Europe and North America could be cooled by up to 1°C during the summer growing season.

Op-Ed: And We're Back to Global Cooling Again

To hear the media and any number of politicians and climatologists who have come on board with the concept, the world is facing a crisis because of the onset of global warming. Not so fast, say paleontologists, who are coming out to show otherwise.

Op-Ed: Climate changes - A Short Exploration of Agenda-Driven 'Science'

For the past two or three years the media and a number of politicians have been doomsday prophesying the imminent danger we face from global warming. Now we're being told to expect global cooling? Come on!

Global Warming, Global Cooling and the Battle of the Experts

When one set of experts and scientists claim we are suffering global warming and another set of scientists and experts say we are not, then a third group of scientists and experts say we might be headed toward global cooling... what are we to think?

Scientist claims global cooling on the way

New paper by David Archibald claims that the earth will cool by up to 2 degree C by 2030.

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