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Glitch News

Facebook bug briefly 'killed' users including Mark Zuckerberg

A Facebook glitch last week led to many users being "killed" by the social network while they were still alive. The company described the mistake as a "terrible error." Memorial messages were displayed on profiles including that of CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Some iOS beta users are getting locked out of their phones

Some users of Apple's recently-launched iOS 10 public beta are reportedly getting locked out of their Apple ID after enabling two-factor authentication, preventing them from resetting their passwords. The cause is believed to be a server bug.

Third day of mystery power surges cripple BART commuter trains

Oakland - Restoration of a full complement of train cars on the Bay Area's heavily traveled BART system could take months, officials said Friday after the third consecutive day of failures on the Pittsburg-Bay Point line.

Bizarre bug leaves Google stumped by UK political leaders

Google has been found to be clueless regarding UK politics. An odd quirk in its search engine sees it presenting a jumbled-up assortment of past figures when entering terms like "Labour leader."

Facebook bug lets users see view counts for every post and page

Some users of Facebook's mobile site are being shown view counts next to every post on the social network, letting them see just how many times their own content has been seen as well as how popular friends' posts are.

Google Photos mistakes African Americans for 'gorillas'

Google has had to issue an apology after the automated image recognition system in its new Photos app misidentified African Americans in photos, erroneously creating an album called "Gorillas" in a user's image collection.

Microsoft races to patch crippling Skype bug

Microsoft has rushed out an update to Skype on several major platforms after a crippling bug was discovered and widely reported yesterday. Similarly to an issue that recently affected iPhones, Skype would crash when a certain message was received.

Google algorithm glitch means repairman ranks higher than itself

Observant Internet users have noticed that an Egyptian electrician has inexplicably managed to appear at the top of the search results page when typing "Google" into Google. The interesting part is that nobody knows how.

Gmail recovers from Easter outages affecting 'majority' of users

An issue with security certificates meant that Gmail was unusable for many over the Easter weekend. People were confronted with a slew of error messages and safety warnings as Google's SSL certificate for the service expired without being renewed.

ATM glitch at Maine bank causes machine to spit out $37,000

A software glitch on an ATM based outside a bank in Maine, South Portland, has caused the machine to issue $37,000 in cash to a homeless man who requested $140 be withdrawn from his account.

Facebook denies users private messages are showing up on timeline

If you have noticed private messages showing up on your Facebook timeline, you're not alone. But Facebook denies there is a privacy issue.

Computer glitch at NYC shelter caused cats to be euthanized

New York - Activists allege that at least a dozen cats, including Noble, Max, Rhoda and Tooperina have been euthanized by New York City's Animal Care and Control because of a glitch in the center's new Animal Care and Control database.

Op-Ed: UK store Currys sells Samsung Netbook for £22 after human error

While Black Friday isn't a tradition in the United Kingdom, Currys customers must have thought it was a new trend when a Samsung Galaxy Netbook was advertised for just £22 ($34) this past Wednesday.

Got A Frozen Zune? Microsoft Now has a Solution to the Glitch

Technology is rarely without its glitches and for users of the original Zune, that glitch reared its ugly head: a mass freeze. Microsoft should have the problem resolved and users can connect their devices to their computers today after noon GMT.

Update: Computer glitch solved, It's that quick

The Canada Revenue Agency says Canadians will be able to electronically file returns by Thursday.

Update: Canadian on-line tax filing system down for fifth day

The computer glitch preventing Canadians from filing their income tax on line continues.

Computer glitch shuts down Canada Revenue Agency electronic filing

A computer "glitch" has shut down the on-line filing system at the Canada Revenue Agency.

Computer Glitch Leaves Long Lines For U.S. Airways Passengers

If you are heading to the airport Sunday, you may want to give yourself some extra time.

Computer glitch caused Amtrak shutdown

Computer glitch blamed for shutting down Amtrak's entire Northeast corridor. Shoulda bought a Mac

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