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Op-Ed: The govt. made me do it: Reporter defends anti-Snowden story

One of the authors of a controversial story published in the Sunday Times is in damage control mode and appeared on CNN Sunday to defend the story, which alleges that Russian and Chinese officials have obtained encrypted files leaked by Edward Snowden.

Op-Ed: Glenn Greenwald on Western restrictions on free speech

In a recent article in the Intercept, journalist Glenn Greenwald, argues that the greatest threat to free speech in the West at present comes not from Islamic fundamentalists but from western politicians who claim to fight them and to protect free speech.

Documentary on Edward Snowden's revelations wins Oscar

Los Angeles - "CitizenFour" is a documentary based on the revelations of Edward Snowden about NSA spying. The title refers to the pseudonym that Snowden used when he first contacted Laura Poitras, the director of the film.

Op-Ed: Defending free speech versus defending the content of speech

Glenn Greenwald has a long article on the reactions to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo culiminating in the huge march in Paris expressing support for the satirical journal.

Stockholm Internet Forum fails to invite key activists

Stockholm - Some key people who have revealed the extent of internet spying by NSA and other activists did not receive an invitation to attend a forum in Sweden on internet openness and freedom. This has outraged some on Twitter and was brought up at the conference.

Op-Ed: Does CSEC need to kill someone?

This is the question I am left with as I consider what it will take for Canadians to demand answers about the true operations of the spy agency that is set to move into the most expensive governmental building in the nation’s history.

Report alleges NSA role in U.S. drone assassinations

A report based on leaked documents from Edward Snowden alleges that the NSA uses collected metadata to determine the target of drone strikes, rather than human intelligence.

Op-Ed: Greenwald defends himself against critics

Many commentators on the Snowden secret documents about NSA spying seem less concerned about the content of the documents and more about the personality and aims of the messengers who are revealing the documents to the public.

Op-Ed: Distrust in politicians and silicone valley following NSA leaks

Whilst many people may have suspected that governments were spying on them online, few in the west could have realised the extent of the surveillance. At least one positive has come out of this sordid affair and that is debate, but at a price — distrust

UN body critical of UK detention of Snowden journalist's partner

Geneva - Two of the United Nations’ leading human rights personnel have called on the UK government to provide further information concerning the nine-hour detention of David Miranda at Heathrow Airport, London.

Op-Ed: More bunk on 'hero' Edward Snowden, this time from a professor

Look, I'm a guy in a living-room in his boxer-shorts pleading with his son to stop hucking a ball against a bedroom wall and seeking a grasp of our reeling world. I shouldn't be better at analyzing the Edward Snowden affair than, oh say, a professor.

Continuation of whistleblower 'No-Fly Zone' policy and other news

London - The Government Accountability Project (GAP) has released a statement about the detention of David Miranda, Brazilian national and partner of whistleblower journalist Glenn Greenwald, and the Guardian reports an attack on its computers in the UK by GCHQ.

Op-Ed: Glenn Greenwald's partner detained at Heathrow for nine hours

London - David Miranda, the partner of Glenn Greenwald whose articles in the Guardian newspaper revealed the extent of NSA spying, was detained by UK authorities for a full nine hours before being released without any charges being laid.

New classified U.S. spying programs to be released by Greenwald

New classified spying programs by the U.S. government will be released soon according to journalist Glenn Greenwald. The upcoming information is part of the bulk of classified documents leaked by Snowden.

Upcoming leak: NSA can store a billion cell phone calls (video)

Chicago - In a conference held on Friday, Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian newspaper opened up about Snowden the man, and also gave a hint at the next big, upcoming leak, sourced from the NSA whistleblower.

Is Glenn Greenwald Ecuador's next candidate for asylum?

The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald broke the Snowden-NSA spy scandal. Greenwald's honest reporting has infuriated fellow journalists and politicians alike. The PR nightmare for government officials has only just begun with promises of more leaks forthcoming.

Greenwald: Snowden files are safe should anything happen to him

Journalist Glenn Greenwald told the Daily Beast on Tuesday that a trove of classified documents supplied to The Guardian has been copied, encrypted and shared around with several people worldwide, in case something happens to Edward Snowden.

Op-Ed: Is the FISA court process authorizing surveillance even legal?

Washington - Ever since the Guardian newspaper began publishing stories about the National Security Agency in the US and its massive spying apparatus, there have been many attempts by media and US officials to show the program is legal and closely monitored.

Op-Ed: Glenn Greenwald on the AUMF bill

Washington - A few Democratic and Republican senators are contemplating revisions to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) a bill passed after the attacks of September 11 in 2001.

US gov’t forces Manning to strip, remain naked for two nights

Quantico - PFC Bradley Manning, held in solitary confinement at Quantico Brig in Virginia, was forced to strip naked in his cell Wednesday and Thursday nights, remaining in that condition until the following mornings when his clothing was returned by a Marine guard.

Op-Ed: It's True: Rich People Are Different From The Rest Of Us

Nelson - Often it is heard that rich people are not like the rest of us, and it appears, that really this is true, especially in their attitudes, as well as their allegiances, which tend rather to be more with each other, than their home countries

Op-Ed: America’s exceptionalism — Private Manning’s solitary confinement

Lost in the hoopla of a Democrat-turned-Republican president and the escalating deaths of NATO forces in Afghanistan and the associated “signs of progress” is disturbing news on the US government’s treatment of Army Private Bradley Manning.

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David Miranda  partner of Glenn Greenwald  was detailed at London s Heathrow Airport for 9 hours.
David Miranda, partner of Glenn Greenwald, was detailed at London's Heathrow Airport for 9 hours.
From left to right:  Political journalist  Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden  former National Secur...
From left to right: Political journalist, Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden, former National Security Agency employee
Illustration by Digital Journal
Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Greenwald
Gage Skidmore
Glenn Greenwald runs the intercept and is distributing the information. He will be a key player in t...
Glenn Greenwald runs the intercept and is distributing the information. He will be a key player in this investigation since he is basically a new Julian Assange to match the new Edward Snowden.
Gage Skidmore
Glenn Greenwald  journalist the The Guardian newspaper.
Glenn Greenwald, journalist the The Guardian newspaper.
Glenn Greenwald

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