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Glbt News

'A Reason' — indie sleeper film of the year Special

A Reason is an independent film written and directed by Dominique Schilling and produced by Caroline Risberg (Risberg Schilling Productions).

Rights campaigner Tatchell slams Manning Pride honour reversal

Britain’s best-known human-rights campaigner has issued a damning criticism of the organisers of San Francisco Gay Pride, who have revoked the nomination military whistleblower Bradley Manning as Grand Marshal of this year’s Pride parade in June.

Campaigner: Religion is behind homophobic persecution in Africa Special

One of Africa’s best-known human-rights activists says religion is very much behind Nigeria’s recent outlawing of same-sex unions, which could mean a 14-year jail term for anyone convicted of entering into a gay marriage contract.

Plan to thwart religious same-sex ceremonies defeated in U.K.

A move to prevent religious premises from holding same-sex civil-partnership ceremonies in the U.K. has been defeated – and equality campaigners are elated.

US foreign aid may be influenced by how countries treat gays

Decisions on foreign aid from the United States may in future be influenced by how countries treat gays and lesbians among their citizens.

George Michael attacks soap gay storyline for scaring youngsters

Singer-songwriter and ex-Wham! star George Michael has criticised one of the UK’s best-loved soap operas for its handling of a gay relationship between a married Muslim and his partner.

Tatchell says Commonwealth meeting was a mixed bag on gay rights

One of the UK’s best-known human-rights campaigners, Peter Tatchell, has condemned last month’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Australia as a mixed bag in terms of gay equality.

Study says quarter of American gay high school teens are homeless

Research shows that as many as a quarter of gay high school students in the United States are homeless. The same study shows that up to 15 percent of bisexuals are homeless, too. This compares with 3 percent for straight kids.

Minister orders crackdown on gays in Ghana

A comprehensive crackdown on gay people has been ordered by a minister in Ghana, including asking landlords and tenants to inform on people they think may be gay.

Soon-to-be-married NY gay couples start to rethink their finances

Same-sex couples in New York State will be able to marry legally from July 24 – and it has led to much pondering by couples and companies over the effects on domestic finances.

Far-right political leader will be mocked, ridiculed at Gay Pride

A British political leader will be mocked at London’s Gay Pride march tomorrow, as a placard carried by a leading human-rights activist shows him with blue eye shadow, red lipstick and pink swastika earrings.

Ex-homophobe walks 160 miles as ‘repentance’ for his intolerance

A Christian activist is about to complete a 160-mile walk as repentance for his former homophobia. Symon Hill says he also wants to encourage the church to support equality.

Gays may become Church of England bishops – if they stay celibate

The Church of England looks set to allow openly gay clergy to become bishops. But there’s a catch: unlike their heterosexual counterparts, they will have to remain celibate.

New York State Assembly approves Marriage Equality Act

Albany - The New York State Assembly has passed the Marriage Equality Act, which will allow same-sex couples to marry their significant other in what is being called a historic move by the NY legislature.

Campaigner lambasts British royal family over gay equality

With Friday’s royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton only hours away, one of Britain’s best-known human-rights campaigners has launched a scathing attack on the British royal family.

Appeal to William and Kate: Support marriage for gays

Prince William and Catherine Middleton can marry on April 29, but same-sex couples aren’t allowed to. This is the message from the Equal Love Campaign in the UK, who have produced a giant wedding card for the couple.

Elton John to meet UK Prime Minister over growing HIV infections

Britain’s Tory Prime Minister David Cameron and the pop legend and AIDS campaigner Elton John will meet to discuss the growing rates in HIV and threatened cuts in support.

Screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor mourned by gay community

Among the many mourning the loss of screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor, who has died aged 79, are members of the international gay community.

UK Home Secretary promises equal marriage for same-sex couples

Britain's Tory Home Secretary Theresa May has promised government action on legalising formal marriage for gay couples. Straight couples, she says, will also be able to choose civil partnerships.

Apple under pressure to dump anti-gay app

The computer giant Apple has found itself amid controversy over a popular app for its iPhone that aims to steer people away from homosexuality.

More gay characters appearing on US television

More gay characters are making their way on to network US television, according to a report from a campaigning group. A popular vampire show is the most inclusive series on TV.

Actor McKellen to unveil blue plaque to honour Peter Tatchell

Actor Ian McKellen will unveil a blue plaque in London this week honouring the British gay human-rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

Gay bishops are OK, says Anglican chief – but no sex, please

Gay bishops are OK. That seems to be the message from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, who heads the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Most UK soccer fans say gay players should come out of the closet

A survey shows that more than 90 percent of British soccer fans would support gay players if they came out of the closet.

UK Supreme Court rules in favour of gay asylum seekers

The UK’s Supreme Court has ruled unanimously in favour of two gay men who faced persecution in their home countries of Iran and Cameroon.

Pope has sights set on defeating secularism in the West

Pope Benedict has his sights set on defeating Western secularism as he reshuffles bureaucracy in the Vatican. The Pope has been embroiled in the sex scandal involving Catholic priests, and has made a priority of reinvigorating the faith in Europe.

Religious think-tank: More Christians support gay rights

The religious think-tank Ekklesia says more Christians are identifying as gay-supporting than in previous decades. The UK-based organization has published its findings ahead of Saturday’s London Pride event, which Christian groups will be attending.

Australian premier says she’s against gay marriage

Australia’s new prime minister has declared herself against same-sex marriage, following the stand taken by her predecessor, Kevin Rudd.

Same-sex marriage to remain illegal in Wisconsin

Same-sex marriage will remain illegal in Wisconsin, after the state’s Supreme Court upheld an earlier ban on both gay marriage and civil unions.

Rapper Eminem comes out in favour of gay marriage

The rapper Eminem – a.k.a. Marshall Mathers – has announced he is in favour of gay marriage. This may surprise gay campaigners, who have criticised Eminem in the past for such lyrics as “Hate fags? The answer’s yes.”
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