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Op-Ed: Millennials ruin the Olympics for big networks? How sad

Sydney - If you’re one of the many people who watched bits of the Olympics in between commercials and the usual network atrocities, you will be horrified to hear that those naughty millennials didn’t bother to watch. Apparently this is some sort of crime.

Gawker reboots as political site, lays off employees

It's been a bumpy year for Gawker Media, but now the company is in for a really big change. Already known for its knife-edged wit, Gawker plans to set its sights on politics, especially the 2016 race for the White House.

Drone strike in TGI Friday's delivers bloody mistletoe mischief

New York City - Photographer Georgine Benvenuto, who was on the job at TGI Friday's, likely never thought she'd be the victim of a drone strike. But she was anyway. One person operating the drone tried to land it on her head, but sliced off the tip of her nose instead.

In 'Tech Talk' SNL brings a biting commentary on US consumerism

In a biting commentary on the iPhone 5 reviews from American consumer technology media outlets, 'Saturday Night Live' captures a global cultural divide.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says beware cloud computing

Steve Wozniak expressed grave concerns about the future of cloud computing Sunday in light of a former Gizmodo employee’s account being hacked.

Hackers strike Gawker sites, user databases 'compromised'

Citing hacker activity, Gawker Media froze the publication of new content and alerted readers to reset passwords, admitting that user data had been "compromised."

Police seize Gizmodo editor's computers in wake of iPhone 4G saga

San Mateo - On Friday night, police raided the home of Jason Chen, editor of tech blog Gizmodo, in order to search through files on his computer. Gizmodo recently leaked images and video of a next-gen iPhone bought by someone who found the prototype in a bar.

Gizmodo blog: Microsoft working on new tablet 'Courier'

Today, tech blog Gizmodo revealed details on an in-house project at Microsoft which they say comes with high hopes. The report claims Microsoft is looking to put the company back in the portable PC market with a new product referred to as "Courier."

Complete Nintendo Wii System Settings Tour

Just like we did for the PlayStation 3, we're going to walk you through all the system settings on the Nintendo Wii.

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Gizmodo caught the Chicago Tribune out in the best Internet mistake of the day.
Gizmodo caught the Chicago Tribune out in the best Internet mistake of the day.
Screengrab of Chicago Tribune - Fair Use.

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