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Trump needs to find another lawyer after Giuliani backs out

Rudy Giuliani said Monday he will not be part of President Donald Trump's defense team for the upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate, saying he could be called as a witness due to his involvement in the Jan. 6 rally that preceded the Capitol riot.

US blacklists Ukrainians who helped attacks on Biden

Washington - The US Treasury placed sanctions Monday on four Ukrainians who aided President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani in an election campaign effort to smear Democrat Joe Biden.

Arizona legislature closes for one week after Giuliani's visit

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani has succeeded in shutting down Arizona's state Legislature. After Giuliani tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday, the state legislature closed for a week, "out of an abundance of caution."

Giuliani latest Covid-19 case in Trump inner circle

Washington - Donald Trump said Sunday his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for Covid-19, the latest member of the president's inner circle -- where mask wearing is rare -- to contract the disease.

Op-Ed: How embarrassing — Trump machine wants states to change electors

The Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee will hold a public hearing Wednesday in Gettysburg to discuss “election issues and irregularities.” Rudy Giuliani will attend the hearing.

Rudy Giuliani, from 'America's Mayor' to Trump's conspiracy monger

New York - The hair coloring melting down the sides of his face while he declared long-dead Venezuelan caudillo Hugo Chavez caused President Donald Trump's election defeat made one thing clear -- Rudy Giuliani is no longer "America's Mayor.

Chavez, Soros and 'My Cousin Vinny:' Giuliani's wild vote fraud presser

Washington - With hair dye streaming down his cheeks and Donald Trump watching on television, the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani unleashed eyebrow-raising claims Thursday that George Soros, China and a dead Venezuelan dictator conspired with Democratic "crooks" t...

Amid impeachment drama, Trump lawyer Giuliani back in Ukraine

Washington - President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani returned to Ukraine Wednesday, shrugging off the scandal over seeking dirt from Kiev on rival Democrats.

Review: Randy Rainbow pokes fun at Rudy Giuliani in new ABBA parody Special

Emmy-nominated comedian Randy Rainbow pokes fun at politician Rudy Giuliani in his latest YouTube ABBA parody "GIULIANI! (Here He Goes Again)."

House subpoenas Giuliani Ukraine associates in impeachment inquiry

Washington - Democratic leaders of the House impeachment inquiry issued subpoenas on Thursday to two associates of President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who were arrested on charges of campaign finance violations overnight as they tried to flee the United ...

Trump attorney says Kim Jong Un 'begged' for summit: report

Washington - Donald Trump's attorney said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un begged "on his hands and knees" for a summit with the US president, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. "They...

Mueller concedes he can't indict Trump, says Giuliani

Washington - Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team has told the White House that whatever evidence it comes up with in the Russian meddling probe, it cannot indict President Donald Trump, according to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Lawyer says Trump could defy potential subpoena in Russia probe

Washington - Presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Sunday that Donald Trump would not be required to comply with a potential subpoena from the special counsel investigating possible collusion with Russia.

Giuliani, maverick Trump lawyer, courts stormy waters

New York - Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor, 9/11 hero and prosecutor who jailed the mafia, was thrust into a gathering storm Friday, accused of exacerbating Donald Trump's already fraught legal woes.

Top Trump aide refuses to rule out Clinton prosecution

Washington - A top aide to President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday refused to rule out prosecuting Democrat Hillary Clinton or investigating the foundation run by former president Bill Clinton.

Giuliani to announce he won't run for United States Senate

Despite favorable polling numbers, former New York City Mayor, and Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is expected to announce that he will not run for the United State Senate.

On the Gates controversy, Giuliani tells Obama to 'Shut up'

Speaking out on Hannity, Rudy Giuliani asserts that the 'teachable moment' in the Obama-Gates controversy is for Obama and Gates to 'shut up.'

Like Giuliani, Huckabee Too Compares Himself To NY Giants

CBS News blogger Joy Lin posts in her “From The Road” blog from Chattanooga, Tennessee where Mike Huckabee would have his first rally following the Super Bowl where the New York Giants took victory.

Op-Ed: Breathe Easier, America, Giuliani is out

Rudy Giuliani has thrown in the towel on his presidential bid after having done poorly in Florida. He is supporting John McCain, although such an endorsement may or may not be good news, considering the way some people feel about "America's Mayor."

Firefighters Mobilize Against Giuliani

In preparation for “Super Tuesday” which takes place on February 5, firefighters from across the United States are joining forces with each other in an attempt to sink the presidential efforts of US Republican hopeful Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani Staffers Reportedly Asked to Work for Free

In perhaps the biggest indication of just how badly former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani's campaign is going, the campaign has asked top staffers to work without pay for a month or more

Giuliani campaign official says 'Muslims should be chased back to their caves'

In a video interview with the British newspaper the Guardian John Deady, the co-chair of the New Hampshire Veterans for Rudy said that "the Muslims" need to be chased "back to their caves."

Lawsuit against Murdoch’s News Corp cites Fox News’ support of Giuliani

Judith Regan is suing her former employer, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. She alleges attacks against her reputation. She claims she was smeared because the media giant had an agenda to promote Giuliani for president, which it feared she could damage.

Giuliani Under Investigation For Knowingly Using Faulty Radios on 9/11

So-called "America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani is yet again having his reputation tarnished due to his failure to remedy a problem that New York firefighters had with their radios.

Rudy Giuliani party seeks $9.11 per person for campaign funds

A supporter of Rudy Giuliani is throwing a party for the ex-mayor’s presidential campaign. He aims to collect a symbolic amount of $9.11 per person. Rudy Giuliani seems to go along with this campaign, has voiced no opposition so far.

Another Attack Ad in the NY Times? Now, it’s Giuliani

This has been the week for attack ads, resolutions condemning them, and now more attack ads. Rudy Giuliani called out Hillary Clinton today in a full page ad in the New York Times.

Giuliani Tries To Backtrack From Ground Zero Comments

Yesterday Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani made claims that he was at Ground Zero as much or more than many of the first responders. Today, Giuliani is attempting to backtrack from those comments, after they were met with a backlash of anger.

Giuliani: "I Was At Ground Zero As Often, If Not More, Than Most Of The Workers"

Republican candidate Rudy Giuliani drew outrage and indignation from Sept. 11 first-responders yesterday by saying he spent as much time - or more - exposed to the site's dangers as workers who dug through the debris for the missing and dead.

Clinton Administration FBI chief backs Giuliani for President

Louis Freeh, a former FBI director for Democratic president Bill Clinton, has announced his endorsement of Republican candidate Rudy Giuliani.

Many Wonder, Did Giuliani Profit From 9/11?

Did Giuliani profit from 9/11 situation?
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