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Interview: Jared Corder from the band repeat repeat opens up Special

New York - Frontman Jared Corder from the band repeat repeat chatted with Digital Journal about their show tonight at the Bowery Ballroom, where they will open for Neon Trees.

Woman shoots boyfriend for smearing pizza on her face

Millmont - A man in Millmont, Pennsylvania, was shot by his girlfriend. He allegedly rubbed a slice of pizza in her face before she shot him.

Jim Carrey hit with lawsuit over ex-girlfriend's death

Los Angeles - Veteran comic actor Jim Carrey has been sued for allegedly procuring drugs under a bogus name for his ex-girlfriend, who died of an overdose last year, and then trying to hide his involvement.

Florida burglary suspect hides in pond, gets eaten by alligator

Palm Bay - An accused burglar in Florida made the mistake of his life when he decided to evade police by hiding in a pond and wound up being eaten by an 11-foot alligator.

Man pours hot sauce on girlfriend, tries to put her in oven

Salt Lake City - On June 26, a man from Utah was arrested after he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend with a fork and then tried to put her in an oven.

Man drugs his girlfriend so he could keep playing video games

Rauxel - A man in Germany wanted to keep on playing games on his PlayStation. In order to accomplish this, he decided to drug his then-girlfriend.

Dumpster baby's family tragedy — Man kills his mom and brother

Omaha - Roberto C. Martinez-Marinero, 25, walked into an Omaha, Nebraska police station on Thursday night and confessed to killing his mother, throwing a five-year-old brother in a river, and throwing his one-year-old brother in a dumpster.

Openly bisexual woman to become Oregon's next governor

Portland - The governor of the U.S. state of Oregon resigned under pressure Friday, faced with new revelations in a widening political influence scandal involving his fiancee.

Woman who died in car crash was girlfriend of John Crawford

Dayton - Tasha Thomas, the girlfriend of John Crawford, the young man who was shot and killed by police while holding a pellet gun in an Ohio Walmart, was killed in a car crash on New Year's Day.

American flew to UK to murder British ex-girlfriend he met online

Epsom - Shane Coffey, 20, traveled from Weymouth, Massachusetts to the U.K. to try to kill his ex-girlfriend, who ended the long distance relationship.

Man buys 99 iPhones to propose to girlfriend, gets rejected

A Chinese man went all out this week on his girlfriend, buying 99 iPhone 6 units and arranging them publicly in a heart shape before proposing to her. Unfortunately, the gesture didn't achieve its intended affect and she rejected him.

Man sought after he shares photos of his dead girlfriend online

Police are looking for a man who is suspected of killing his 30-year-old girlfriend in Washington State after photos of her dead body appeared online.

Man cuts penis off and throws it away after girlfriend dumps him

Kocani - A 22-year-old man, from Macedonia, was dumped by his girlfriend causing him to make the decision to chop off his own penis.

Man kills friend for poking his girlfriend on Facebook

Nottingham - Scott Humphrey, of Britain, was sentenced to four years in prison for killing his friend who "poked" his girlfriend on Facebook.

Ex-girlfriend says Pistorius shot gun at traffic light

Pretoria - An ex-girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius testified Friday that the Paralympian star sprinter often carried a gun with him and once fired at a traffic light after a confrontation with police.An emotional Samantha Taylor, who met Pistorius in 2010 when she wa...

Obese virgin puts girlfriend's head through wall during sex

Virgin Gregg Casarona, 21 years old, and 440 pounds, ended up smashing his skinny girlfriend's head through a wall during the first time he attempted sex with her.

Man commits suicide after girlfriend refuses to quit shopping

Xuzhou - After his girlfriend refused to quit shopping, a man leaped seven floors to his death in a mall. The woman had said she wanted to look one more time around the mall in Xuzhou, China.

Nick Brooks to be sentenced in girlfriend's murder Monday

New York - Nicholas Brooks is facing 25 years to life in prison after being convicted of strangling his girlfriend, fashion designer Sylvie Cachay to death in 2010.

A message from Adam Kokesh's girlfriend

Activist Adam Kokesh's girlfriend recently released a video message on Kokesh's official YouTube channel, following a quick visit with him in prison.

Brazilian website offers fake lovers to impress Facebook pals

Your life is an open book, thanks to Facebook, which can put a strain on loners who are still single. All your pals have girlfriends, what can you do? A Brazilian website has the answer for you - a fake girlfriend.

Woman stabs boyfriend for taking last beer

Greensburg - A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars, accused of stabbing her boyfriend after he tried to take the last beer from the house.

Viral Video: 'Breaking Up With Overly Attached Girlfriend'

If you are foolhardy enough to take creepily love-obsessed Laina, aka Overly Attached Girlfriend, out on just one date in spite of warnings splashed all over YouTube, then brace yourself for the nightmarish ordeal of having to ditch her.

Op-Ed: ‘Boyfriend application’ on Facebook goes viral

Sydney - Yep, there’s now a way to turn a relationship into a bureaucracy before it even starts: with a boyfriend application. A girl decided to advertise for a boyfriend, and got a result which has been rattling around the world.

Special delivery birthday stunt almost ends tragically

A man in China thought it would be fun to mail himself to his girlfriend for a birthday surprise. Trouble is the package got lost in transit and by the time she opened it up, it was almost too late, the guy had nearly suffocated.

19-yr-old fires gun near man walking dog to impress girlfriend

Spring Hill - A man walking his dog in a Spring Hill neighborhood street got the scare of his life when Patrick Murphy, 19, fired his favorite toy, a 12-gauge shotgun, as he drove past in his car. Murphy told the police that he fired the gun to impress his girlfriend.

Bieber's sweet smell of success, new perfume breaks sales records

Justin Bieber's new perfume for women is setting records by selling one bottle every minute in its first week at The Perfume shop, that has exclusive UK rights to the scent.

Girlfriend says 'Miami zombie' Rudy Eugene was under vodoo curse

Miami - The girlfriend of Rudy Eugene, the "Miami zombie," who allegedly chewed off the face of a homeless man, has spoken to the media. She says that the attacker was not the man she knew and that he was either drugged or was the victim of a voodoo curse.

Man proposes to wife one letter at a time Special

Montreal - When a man proposes to his girlfriend, it is a moment to be remembered for years to come. One man's method of proposal, however, might leave other men with a tough act to follow.

Who is Prince Harry's new girlfriend?

Last week Prince Harry said that he was single. Not only did he tell the press that he was single, but he said he was “100% single” but this may not have been the whole truth.

Mel Gibson allegedly told girlfriend she deserved to be hit

Has actor Mel Gibson's latest scandal completely tarnished his reputation? It is now being revealed that he allegedly told his girlfriend that she "deserved it" when he slapped her twice in the face while she was holding the couple's child.
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