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Gifts show Brexit will be a mountain to climb

Brussels - Britain and the EU may see the world differently, but the gifts their negotiators exchanged Monday showed they agree Brexit will be a mountain to climb.

Surprise your valentine with the gift of a Royal Seas Cruise Commissioned

Well, it’s that time of year, where we all start to think of the perfect gift for that someone special in our lives. Well, nothing says I love you like a quick two-14 day romantic getaway on the Grand Celebration with Royal Seas Cruises.

Cool last-minute holiday deals: Xbox One bundles at $299

As the last few frantic hours of Christmas shopping for friends and family take hold, American retailers are slashing the prices of Xbox One console bundles to under $300, comparable to Black Friday.

No Gift Like Music performs free of charge for those in need Special

London - No Gift Like Music is a UK organisation. Its aim is to provide live and recorded music to those most vulnerable at no charge to them.

Families in Las Vegas split $1 million gift from casino owner

Around two-thousand Las Vegas families stood in a Boys & Girls gymnasium as they were being given five-hundred $U.S. Bank gift cards.

Washington Monument receives $7.5M donation for repairs

Washington - The Washington Monument has received funding in the form of a $7.5 million gift which was given to enable repairs to the substantial damage caused by the 5.8 earthquake that occurred on Aug. 23, 2011.

Celebrities reveal Christmas gift wish lists

A yacht, a Ferrari, a pasta maker, and underwear are some of the items on celebrity Christmas gift wish lists this year. At least one star wants four more years, while another star hopes for a little respect.

Op-Ed: Going beyond Hallmark to show mom you care this Mother's Day

In our busy world it may be easy to just shoot off an email or mail a card for Mother's Day, but doesn't your Mother deserve a little more than an automated response?

The Ultimate Family, Kids & Holiday DVD & Blu-Ray Gift Guide Special

Looking for that perfect Blu-ray or DVD for the kids, tweeners or teens in your family who happen to be the biggest home video aficionados in the world? In this Christmas Gift-Giving Guide, there's bound to be something just for them.

Zuckerberg to give $100M to schools same day as movie premiere

In what may be a move to soften the impact of his unflattering portrayal in The Social Network, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced he would donate $100 million to Newark's troubled schools on the same day as The Social Network's premiere.

"Stinky" valentine delights farmer's wife

Most women would probably say they prefer roses over candy for Valentine’s Day. Candy is fattening and roses smell good, but for a farm wife, it was 'the thought that counts,' when her husband created a huge stinky valentine for her out of a manure pile

Some Top 10 gift ideas for the music junkie in your life Special

What do you get that hardcore music aficionado for Christmas? Forget about the gift card and go with one of these 10 must-have pop, rock & soul CD/DVD reissues from such legends as Michael, Hall & Oates, Don Henley, Hendrix, The Who, OMD and even Barbara.

Christmas Gifts: Science Shows It is the Thought that Counts

I got my best Christmas present the moment I awakened on Christmas morning. My husband had placed a lighted green candle in a gold candleholder in the middle of our kitchen table.

Survey Says Dinner Out No. 1 Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is such a popular celebration in Canada that even children take part in it, an Angus Reid Strategies poll has found. Going out to dinner is most popular with gifts of chocolates and candy coming in last place.

One Laptop Per Child Program Extended

The One Laptop Per Child Program has announced that it will extend the Give One, Get One program until December 31st, 2007, taking advantage of the annual gift giving season, instead of ending on November 26th.

Company Launches Product That Allows You To Give STDs For Christmas

GIANTmicrobes launches a new product that they hope is a big hit this Christmas season. They're allowing you to give a multitude of venereal diseases to your loved ones on any occasion.

Move over Tickle Me Elmo, Make way for Pat Pat Rocket

Every year we have one, the new gift of the season. In the 1980's it was Cabbage Patch Dolls, in the 1990's Tickle me Elmo, and now a new toy joins in for the ever coveted title!

'Gift rage' lands Japan worker in court

A very disgruntled Japanese worker actually smashed up his employer's office in a sudden fit of rage after his boss ignored his gift of jellies, a national paper said on Thursday.

Michael Moore helps his biggest Nemesis for his wife's treatment

Micheal Moore sends anonymously to his worst critic $12,000 to get medical treatment for his wife.

17 Year Old Girl Receives Her Missing Dogs Head In A Gift Wrapped Box!

In what can only be described as one of the most heinous of crimes, a 17 year old girl was gifted with her own dogs head in a box! The dog had gone missing weeks earlier.......

Man bashes Wife's Women's Day Gift in Red Tape Rage

Man wrecks his wife's Women's Day Gift in rage because of Customs Bureaucracy.

Apple Won't Sell You A Computer Because You've Got Too Many Gift Cards

Charlie asked her family to chip in towards a new (refurbished) Apple computer by sending her Apple gift cards for Christmas.

Don't Know What To Give That Special Someone?

Send them a message in a bottle.

Sick Kids Hospital gets record $30M gift

The Labatt family gave the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children a donation of $30 million.

Hollywood Gift Bags Dropped

Popular goody bags are no longer being given to a-list stars.

$8.2 billion lost in gift cards

10% of total gift card sales are lost to Americans every year.

Canadian Artist wants to give Texas a giant banana

The French gave us the Statute of Liberty, Mexico sort of gave us Texas, and now Canada wants to give us a giant helium-filled yellow banana.

Why we often don't get the people we love the gifts they really want

A summary of an interesting study that looks at how people predict their partner's tastes.

2 Unrepentant About Selling Katrina Gift

A church in Memphis, Tennessee tries to do good and gets slapped in the face.
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Law & Order: The Complete Series
Law & Order: The Complete Series
Patricia Routledge and Clive Swift from  Keeping Up Appearance  on The BBC Holiday Comedy & Drama Se...
Patricia Routledge and Clive Swift from 'Keeping Up Appearance' on The BBC Holiday Comedy & Drama Sets
The Reynolds  nephew  Lantz  stands in front of his basketball goal.  Dec. 21  2010.
The Reynolds' nephew, Lantz, stands in front of his basketball goal. Dec. 21, 2010.
Courtesy of the Reynolds Family
Ambassador Emri gives one of the younger singers a present.
Ambassador Emri gives one of the younger singers a present.

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