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Giant Panda News

Giant Pandas are off the endangered list

Following decades of work by conservationists, the giant panda has officially been removed from the endangered species list.

Toronto Zoo welcomes Canada's first giant panda cubs

Toronto - At the Toronto Zoo, giants sometimes come in small packages. The zoo is celebrating the birth of two such packages — tiny twin cubs born early Tuesday to Er Shun, one of two giant pandas on loan from China.

Five fascinating facts that you may not know about the red panda

Scampering around in the trees from Nepal to northern Myanmar is an animal that is so cute, it looks like a creature from a child's dream. Perhaps it is, but it's also actually real. Red pandas can also be found in the mountains of southwestern China.

Giant panda populations have grown, but 223 still face high risks

The good news? China's population of wild giant pandas has increased by nearly 17 percent in the last decade. The bad news? Of these wild pandas, 223 are at high risk of not surviving, an official survey on the endangered bears has found.

China's latest survey finds wild giant pandas staging a comeback

China's giant pandas are having a population boom, according to a survey conducted by the Chinese government. The survey, released Saturday states that their numbers in the wild have increased by nearly 17 percent during the last decade.

Watch this giant panda play in the Toronto snow

Toronto - Earlier this week a video surfaced, showing a giant panda playing in the snow at a zoo in Toronto. The video captures the panda doing a number of activities, including rolling down a hill.

Panda dogs take off as latest craze in China (Video)

Dogs now are becoming popular pets in China. The latest craze is to take a Chow dog and groom it to look just like a panda. Now they can't keep up with the demand.

Giant Pandas are strong at adapting to environment change

Giant pandas are better at adapting to environmental stress than scientists had previously thought, and the Giant Panda is one of the toughest animals in dealing with changing conditions.

Madrid Zoo-Aquarium celebrates arrival of giant panda cub (video)

Madrid - Giant panda Hua Zui Ba, already the mother of twins Po and De De, has given birth again to a tiny new arrival at the Zoo-Aquarium in Madrid, Spain.

Giant panda, Mei Xiang, gives birth at Smithsonian National Zoo

Washington - Giant panda Mei Xiang gave birth at the Smithsonian National Zoo. This is the giant panda's third cub. She had given birth last September, but sadly, that panda only lived for a few days.

Madrid Zoo-Aquarium hopeful for more Giant Panda cubs

Madrid - Zookeepers at Madrid's Zoo-Aquarium say there is reason to believe that the resident female giant panda, Hua Zui Ba, might be pregnant again. However, they say more tests are required to confirm the pregnancy.

Cuteness Alert: Baby panda makes debut at San Diego Zoo

San Diego - Thursday was a big day for many at the San Diego zoo, as their newest star, a 5-month-old giant panda cub named Xiao Liwu, made his official public debut.

Can panda blood be the answer to battling 'superbugs'?

Researchers are suggesting that a component found in panda blood may be more effective in treating infection than current antibiotics. According to the study, the component can fight bacteria in rapid time.

Newborn giant panda at National Zoo dies

Washington - Panda lovers across the world are grieving today as news comes out that the new baby born earlier this week at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington died early this morning.

Giant panda gives birth to cub at National Zoo

Washington - Last night a giant panda at the National Zoo in Washington gave birth to a cub. The mother panda's chances of conceiving a cub had previously been estimated to be slim, so has created lots of excitement.

Death of baby Panda has sent Japan into mourning

Tokyo - The death of a rare newborn Giant Panda at Tokyo's oldest zoo has interrupted regular TV programming and sent shock waves across Japan.

Giant Panda attacks keeper at San Diego Zoo

San Diego - A San Diego Zoo keeper was injured and rushed by ambulance to the hospital after she was bitten by a Giant Panda on Sunday, while trying to coax her back into the safety of the enclosure.

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Giant Panda Image

Giant panda
Giant panda
Blair Gannon/Flickr
5-month-old giant panda  Ziao Liwu
5-month-old giant panda, Ziao Liwu
San Diego Zoo/Tumblr
Giant panda  twins Po  and De-De  born September 7  2010. Madrid Zoo Aquarium.
Giant panda twins Po and De-De, born September 7, 2010. Madrid Zoo Aquarium.
Xauxa (Håkan Svensson)
5-month-old giant panda  Ziao Liwu
5-month-old giant panda, Ziao Liwu
San Diego Zoo/Tumblr
Madrid s Zoo-Aquarium welcomes a new panda cub as Hua Zui Ba gave birth again on August 30  2013.
Madrid's Zoo-Aquarium welcomes a new panda cub as Hua Zui Ba gave birth again on August 30, 2013.
Video screengrab
Giant panda
Giant panda
Dan G/Flickr
Giant panda being prepared for the wild at the Hetaoping Wilderness Training Base in southwest China...
Giant panda being prepared for the wild at the Hetaoping Wilderness Training Base in southwest China's Wolong Nature Reserve.
Giant panda in Madrid Zoo-Aquarium.
Giant panda in Madrid Zoo-Aquarium.

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