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Giant News

Researchers discover ancient giant 'lion' in Kenya

Paris - A giant lion with enormous fangs that roamed the Kenyan savannah more than 20 million years ago was one of the largest ever meat-eating mammals, researchers said Thursday.

Monster 23ft squid washed up on New Zealand beach

If you are thinking about getting some calamari, you're going to need a big freezer for this one. A gigantic 23ft (7m) squid has been found washed up on a beach near Kaikoura, on New Zealand's South Island.

Apple may have invented USB Type-C

A major Apple blogger has revealed that the company is actually responsible for the creation of the new reversible USB Type-C standard. The tech giant then gave it to the relevant bodies to encourage larger adoption by other companies.

Huge crab caught walking down road in Hawaii

Cars braked when a giant "coconut crab" sauntered down a main road in Hawaii. According to local resident Holly Cantere, surprised drivers stopped in their tracks upon seeing the over-sized creature.

LG is creating giant rollable transparent TVs

Korean manufacturer LG has stated that it is aiming to produce a 60-inch Ultra HD rollable TV before 2017 after announcing the release of two new paper-thin displays.

Giant game of Tetris played on 29-story building

Philadelphia - Last Saturday, Philly Tech Week put on a display to delight true geeks and the nerds-at-heart. The city was treated to a record-setting game of Tetris.

Alpine skiing: 'Inspirational' Miller may call it a day before slalom

American showman Bode Miller finished way down the standings in Wednesday's giant slalom in what could be his final Olympic race, his creaking knees found wanting on an unforgiving piste.

Neureuther struggles but happy to race after car crash

Felix "Neck of the Nation" Neureuther finished eighth in Wednesday's giant slalom but was happy to compete at all five days after crashing his car on the way to Sochi.

Indian skier ready for flag to fly at closing ceremony

India's only Olympic Alpine skier Himanshu Thakur finished last in the men's giant slalom on Wednesday and cannot wait for the Sochi Games to end.

Hirscher, fourth again, suffers Olympic jinx

Overall World Cup leader Marcel Hirscher talked bitterly of an Olympic jinx after coming fourth in Wednesday's giant slalom, the same thankless position he claimed in Vancouver four yea...

Russia goes Wild over giant slalom gold

American-born Vic Wild won the men's parallel giant slalom gold medal for Russia on Wednesday just minutes after his wife Alena Zavarzina won bronze in the women's event at the Sochi Olympi...

Ligety holds off French to win giant slalom gold

American Ted Ligety turned a relaxing mountain descent into a white-knuckle ride to gold on Wednesday when he held off two charging Frenchmen to claim the Olympic giant slalom title.

Shiffrin fifth but still talking the talk

Just as she said, Mikaela Shiffrin had all the answers on Tuesday except where it really mattered, on the snow.

Giant rubber duck arrives in Darling Harbour for Sydney Festival Special

Sydney - The first day of the Sydney Festival 2013, which runs from 5 – 27 January, saw the arrival of a giant yellow rubber duck at Darling Harbour. The rubber duck is a 15 x 15 metre ‘artwork’, by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.

Giant sharks shock for water police

Sydney - Water police rushed to investigate reports of an overturned boat off a Sydney beach discovered two huge great white sharks feeding on a whale's remains.

Hundreds of giant fish-eating spiders released into the wild

Ecologists announced that they have released hundreds of the United Kingdom's largest breed of spider back into the wild.

Confessions Of A Frustrated Giant Panda Finally Filmed

If there has ever been an animal on this Earth who has had to endure a very public sex life, it has to be the Giant Panda. Despite the fact that this animal seems to rarely "get it on," the reasons why have now been revealed.

Giant adverts set for world's busiest runways

Advertisers aiming to reach high-flyers with no alternative distraction will soon have a new method: advertisements the size of three football pitches seen by plane passengers coming in to land.

Giant Spider Web creates bug buzz in Texas

Near Lake Tawakoni State Park in Texas, a giant spider web blankets a nature trail that engulfs seven larger trees and dozens of bushes. Park Officials wonder whether a single or a community of spiders behind this bizarre phenomena.

The Penguins Who Preferred The Beach Life

Just when you thought that penguins could only be associated with the Arctic, snow and ice, then think again. Scientists have discovered a penguin creature who preferred the warmer climate of the tropics

Here It Is Again, The Big Dick To Worship For

We have seen them rising through the news so far this week, yet it will be a wonder if Chris Hogg can keep a straight face and will he be able to say the word, 'penis' without being bleeped out? Who knows. Meanwhile, back to the news

Searching For The Giant Chicken-Eating Spider

Martin Nicholas travels to South America's Amazon in search of a spider known as the chicken-eating spider.

Giant Offshore Wind Farm Approved

Cape Cod has been approved by State authorities to have the first offshore wind-powered farm in the US. However, there is opposition to the project from state politicians and business leaders who have homes on Cape Code, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

The Giant Ocean Sunfish, Mola Mola, Video

Giant Ocean Sunfish, Mola Mola, Video

Eek!: Men flee after seeing 'giant rat'

A furry, uninvited guest had manly men at an Iron Range tire shop shrieking and hopping on desks. "It was pretty humorous," said conservation officer Dan Starr, who filed a report on the critter's break-in. "Here were these big, burly outdoors guys runnin

Many on Easter Island Prefer to Leave Stones Unturned

Ancient civilisations versus the modern world. What to do?

Giant African Rats Invade Florida

Darin Carrol is trying to prove that African rodents imported as pets caused a monkeypox outbreak in 2003

Giant Carnivorous Centipedes

I wasn't scared until I read how big these guys are... Up to "The Length of a Mans Forearm" YIKES!... I highly doubt I'll be going to the Amazon, Trinidad or Jamaica for a long getaway any time soon...

Giant catfish caught in Europe

It was the first time Carl Smith has ever caught a catfish, but he didn't expect the fish to weigh 226 lbs. and measure 8 ft. long.

Igor The Giant Snail Driving

Wow that is a really big one.
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Giant jellyfish found on beach in Tasmania  Australia.
Giant jellyfish found on beach in Tasmania, Australia.
Enormous snowball made in South Park in a snow-covered Oxford in February 2007.
Enormous snowball made in South Park in a snow-covered Oxford in February 2007.
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