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Ghouta News

ICRC says 'breathtaking' destruction in Syria's Ghouta

Beirut - The destruction in Syria's Eastern Ghouta is overwhelming and the humanitarian needs huge, a top Red Cross official said Friday after visiting the former rebel stronghold outside Damascus.

Syria's Red Crescent, UN begin delivering French aid

Damascus - Syrian relief workers and the United Nations began distributing humanitarian assistance provided by France to the battered region of Eastern Ghouta on Thursday, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent announced.

Syrian army hails full recapture of Ghouta rebel enclave

Damascus - The Syrian army has declared that all anti-regime forces have left Eastern Ghouta, after a blistering two month offensive on the rebel enclave on the outskirts of the capital.

Syria's ruined Ghouta unrecognisable to returnees

Harasta - Syrians displaced from the bombed-out Eastern Ghouta suburb are eager to return home, but fighting has destroyed so much of their hometowns that they can barely recognise their own neighbourhoods.

Why might Syria's regime have dropped toxic gas on Ghouta?

Beirut - Syria's regime has denied dropping toxic weapons on Eastern Ghouta, but analysts say they could have been used as a tactic to finally reconquer the last rebel enclave outside Damascus.

Broken by siege, Syria rebels face worst loss yet in Ghouta

Beirut - The expected loss of Eastern Ghouta will deal Syria's fragmented rebels their biggest blow yet, leaving them unable to threaten President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus and increasingly subservient to competing global interests.

Rebels leave behind labyrinth of tunnels under Syria's Ghouta

Damascus - Tunnels stretch into the darkness, some wide enough to drive a car through. In Eastern Ghouta, Syrian rebels left behind an underground labyrinth, fitted with hospitals and military headquarters.

Number evacuated from Syria's Ghouta soars: state media

Damascus - Syrian fighters and civilians boarded buses to leave the onetime rebel bastion of Eastern Ghouta on Friday as numbers for the week-long evacuation topped 30,000, state media said.

Thousands more rebels, civilians reach northwest Syria

Damascus - Thousands of Syrian rebels and civilians arrived in opposition territory on Wednesday after having evacuated their Eastern Ghouta enclave near Damascus, an AFP correspondent said.

For exhausted Ghouta evacuees, a long bus ride out of 'hell'

- As the bus sets off, a young Syrian girl glues her face to the window to watch the ruined buildings of her hometown in Syria's Eastern Ghouta slip by one last time.

Biggest convoy yet evacuates Syria's ruined Ghouta

Damascus - The largest convoy yet of Eastern Ghouta evacuees arrived in northwestern Syria Tuesday as the regime threatened to resume its blitz if the last remaining rebels do not leave.

Biggest convoy yet leaves rebel pocket of Syria's Ghouta: state media

Damascus - The largest convoy yet of evacuated Syrian rebel fighters and civilians began leaving a devastated pocket of Eastern Ghouta overnight, state media said on Tuesday.

Death and despair: Life under siege in Syria's Ghouta

Sarai Alamgir - The image of a small, limbless girl lying in a hospital in Ghouta is burned into the memory of Mohammad Fadhl Akram, one of the first people to flee a rebel Syrian city under bombardment from government forces.

Talks stall over last rebel-held zone in Syria's Ghouta

Duma - Talks over the fate of Douma, the final rebel-held zone in Syria's Eastern Ghouta, have stalled over divisions within the Islamist faction that holds the area, a monitor said Monday.

Syrians await new evacuations from second-to-last rebel zone in Ghouta

Harasta - Residents of a ravaged pocket of Syria's Eastern Ghouta were preparing Sunday for a new round of evacuations from the rebel enclave near Damascus, AFP's correspondent said.

Syria rebels prepare to quit penultimate pocket of Ghouta

Harasta - Syrian rebels and civilians gathered in rubble-strewn streets early on Saturday, awaiting evacuation from the penultimate opposition-held pocket of Eastern Ghouta.

Russia denies incendiary weapons bombing in Syria

Moscow - Moscow denied Friday it was bombing Syria's Eastern Ghouta with incendiary weapons after war monitors said Russian air strikes killed 37 civilians in the Arbin area of the rebel enclave.

Russian strikes kill 37 civilians in Ghouta's Arbin: monitor

- Russian air strikes killed 37 civilians in the Arbin area of the shrinking rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta near Damascus overnight, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Friday.

Ghouta evacuees arrive in Syria's rebel-held Idlib: monitor

Beirut - Hundreds of fighters evacuated by the Syrian regime from their bastion near Damascus arrived in rebel-held Idlib province on Friday, a monitor said.

Syria rebels begin Ghouta evacuation: state media

Harasta - Syrian rebels began leaving Eastern Ghouta on Thursday, state media said, under the first such evacuation deal from the battered opposition enclave outside Damascus.

Rebels expected to evacuate Syria's Eastern Ghouta

Harasta - Buses waited outside a bombed-out town in Syria's Eastern Ghouta on Thursday after a deal was announced to evacuate rebels and civilians following weeks of regime bombardment.

Conditions for displaced from Syria's Ghouta 'tragic': UN

Damascus - The UN humanitarian coordinator in Syria on Wednesday condemned the "tragic" living conditions of thousands of civilians who have fled a regime assault on the shrinking rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta.

American mother in Syria's Ghouta urges Trump to 'do something'

Duma - In the United States, her children could have "played under the sun". But trapped in Syria's Eastern Ghouta, Michigan native Deana Lynn and her eight children are living out a nightmare underground.

UN concerned for safety of thousands fleeing Syria's Ghouta

Geneva - The United Nations said Tuesday it was "deeply concerned" over the safety of tens of thousands of civilians fleeing Syria's Eastern Ghouta as well as the security screening procedures for those trying to leave.

In Syria's Ghouta, hard-hit but home again

Jaramana - Talal Sadek clutched his elderly mother's hand, helping her navigate the piles of rubble that snaked up to their front door in the battered town of Saqba, outside Syria's capital.

Strike on Syria's Ghouta kills 15 children sheltering in school: monitor

Beirut - An air strike on a school in Syria's Eastern Ghouta late Monday killed 15 children and two women who were using its basement as a bomb shelter, a monitor said.

Fresh bombardment kills 20 in Syria's Ghouta: monitor

Duma - At least 20 civilians have died in a resumption of bombing on Douma, the largest town in shrinking rebel-controlled pockets of Syria's Eastern Ghouta, a monitor said Monday.

What next for rebels, civilians in Syria's crumbling Ghouta?

Beirut - As Russia-backed Syrian regime forces chip away at what remains of the last opposition bastion outside Damascus, experts say the future looks bleak for rebels there.

Regime seizes two towns from rebels in Syria's Ghouta: monitor

Beirut - Syria's regime retook two more towns in Eastern Ghouta on Saturday, a war monitor said, pressing an offensive to capture the rebel enclave on the doorstep of Damascus.

Air strikes on Syria's Ghouta kill 30 civilians: monitor

Beirut - Air strikes on Eastern Ghouta killed at least 30 civilians on Saturday, a monitor said, almost a month into a blistering Russia-backed regime assault on the Syrian rebel enclave outside Damascus.
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A man holds the body of a dead child among bodies of people activists say were killed by nerve gas i...
A man holds the body of a dead child among bodies of people activists say were killed by nerve gas in the Ghouta region, in the Duma neighbourhood of Damascus August 21, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Bassam Khabieh
Syrian regime advances in rebel enclave
Syrian regime advances in rebel enclave

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