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Ghosts News

Man selling his computer, which he claims is haunted

A man in Texas claims his Apple MacBook is haunted after he accidentally left it in a graveyard overnight. Now, he's auctioning it off on Ebay.

Photo Essay: Halloween in York County, South Carolina Special

'Twas the night before Halloween and all through the neighborhood the ghosts and the ghouls, the pirates and witches, scarecrows, zombies and pumpkins all quietly vowed for attention in a spooky orange glow or hiding in the dark.

Rapper Eminem debuts new song 'Survival'

A sneak preview of Eminem's new hit song "Survival" can be heard playing in the background of the Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer trailer.

Ghost in a toilet sparked mass hysteria

Gazipur - Workers at a garment factory stopped working and demanding that a ghost be removed from their building, after a female worker said she was attacked by a ghost in a toilet. Similar events have also occurred in recent weeks involving hundreds of workers.

Civil War ghosts: Is Burnside Bridge at Antietam haunted? Special

Sharpsburg - Burnside Bridge is located within Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland. Originally built in 1836 as a crossing over Antietam Creek, it played a major role in the U.S. Civil War. It is rumored to be one of the most haunted Civil War locations.

New Jersey couple suing landlord for unwanted house guest

Imagine moving into a beautiful home, only to find an unwanted guest that just refuses to leave. Not only is the guest annoying, but he is a ghost. This is a big problem for one New Jersey couple.

Op-Ed: Ghostly encounters, are they real?

A brief look into paranormal investigation, ghost hunters and the scientific methods used to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts. Many new TV shows go deep inside supernatural encounters.

Charles Dickens to haunt the British Library

London - February 7 next year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. The British Library is hosting a free exhibition 'A Hankering after Ghosts: Charles Dickens and the Supernatural', from November 29 until March 4.

Haunted houses, ghosts, orbs and other mysteries

Do you believe in haunted houses and ghosts? How about haunted airplanes? If you believe in the existence of the soul and the spirit, the question you ask, as Zen masters do, will most probably be “How real is this material world we live in?”

Shawshank Redemption prison hosts haunted house, ghost hunts Special

Mansfield - Halloween enthusiasts looking for an adventure should head to the Ohio State Reformatory, where they will find a haunted house attraction behind the prison walls of the facility made famous in the Shawshank Redemption, Air Force One, and Tango and Cash.

English pub reports spirits of a different kind

Workington - A ghost at a Workington pub is spooking bar staff, its landlord Shaun Gardner has told the local news and they want to locate a medium to bring into the pub to find out if there is a spirit – of the other world – hanging around in the cellar.

Halloween is just around the corner, how will you celebrate?

Move over, kids, Halloween is growing up! With one of the most talked about nights of the year days away, children aren't the only people getting excited thinking about tricks and treats.

England's 'most haunted house' up for sale

Called Wymering House, the famous building which has foundations dating back to the 16th century is fondly called 'England's most haunted house.'

'Amityville Horror' house just sold, despite its scary history

Amityville - As the 1970's were drawing to a close, a scary movie, "The Amityville Horror" took hold. Not only did it track a real mass murder, but the house was perfect for the events. That house, much changed, was sold on the market today.

Ghostly incidents in a small town in rural Wales

The ghosts of two maids who once lived in the attic of a day centre in a small Welsh town are believed to be behind strange activities that have caused some staff to be afraid to work in the area after hours.

No Ghosts On Spooky Singapore Tour

The Singapore Spooky Tour is different from all others in that no ghosts are EVER expected to show up. Instead, it offers insights into abandoned sites and ancient practices. Read on, but avoid that chilly spot over there.

Hallucinations linked to Caffeine

Research carried out by a UK University team has found that people who drink too much coffee could start hearing voices or seeing ghosts.

Musician stopped from selling his soul on eBay

UK man Dante Knoxx, 24, was stopped by eBay from selling his soul for £700,000.The internet auction site removed his article because only physical items can be sold, they said.

U.S. Capital Haunted By Spirits

Ghosts are said to haunt just about every place that man has ever been, and the U.S. Capital is no different. Within the many rooms and hallways spirits still wander, or so some believe, continuing the things that they did in life.

Ghosts Force Millionaire And His Family Out Of Their Mansion

A Biritish millionaire and his family have been forced out of their mansion by an uninvited guest - a ghost nonetheless. The mansion worth £3.6m now stands empty as the family fear of wishing to return

What is the Mysterious Noise That Plagues A Wisconsin Home?

Is there a noisy ghost lingering outside the home of a very tired Wisconsin couple? The rumbling that sounds like a semi parked outside with engine running simply won’t go away. Read on and, well, just read on.

Nine Inch Nails Album Grosses $1.6 Million In First Week

After selling 2,500 copies of the deluxe version of the album for $750,000, Reznor goes on to distribute over 800,000 copies of his new album pulling in an estimated $1.6 Million.

Malaysia Issues Fatwa On Ghosts

Well, there have been fatwa's against authors, fatwa's against Muslim's marrying Buddhists, and even a fatwa against urinating while standing up. The latest to be added to the long list of don'ts for Muslims ... ghosts.

Op/Ed Interesting Theory Regarding Ghostly Apparitions

Finally...This may just explain the entire Phenomenon...Or does it?

Messengers Star Has Seen Ghosts

Dylan McDermott, Star of the Horror Film The Messengers, Has Seen Real Ghosts

Ghosts of Lebanon's Past, Rising. . .

As violence increases daily in the streets of Beirut. . . those who remember beg for the country to not repeat the past. .

Live Action Pac-man...except the ghosts have sticks

A Japanese live-action recreation of Pac-man, for all the fans of pac-man..and those looking for a good laugh, here you go!

Buying A Haunted House? - Read The Small Print First

LONDON (dpa) - A handsome farmhouse in the South Wales town of Barry is currently up for sale but would-be purchasers should check the small print of the sales contract carefully before committing themselves. The document contains a clause which o...

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Ghosts Image

Creepy crawlers add to the Halloween mood.
Creepy crawlers add to the Halloween mood.
Graveyards and hanging ghosts are a favorite.
Graveyards and hanging ghosts are a favorite.
A scene from Paranormal Activity
A scene from Paranormal Activity
Magic of Movies
A ghost for every grave.
A ghost for every grave.
Decorated for Halloween  spooky stuff.
Decorated for Halloween, spooky stuff.
The scene is set for ghost stories at the Charles Dickens museum.
The scene is set for ghost stories at the Charles Dickens museum.
Ghost spotting in York
Ghost spotting in York
The great hall in Hanbury Manor. Taken in black and white the hallway looks slightly spooky.
The great hall in Hanbury Manor. Taken in black and white the hallway looks slightly spooky.
Flight school anyone?  A graveyard school.
Flight school anyone? A graveyard school.
Decorated for Halloween  spooky stuff.
Decorated for Halloween, spooky stuff.
Zac Efron in  Charlie St. Cloud
Zac Efron in 'Charlie St. Cloud'
Decorated for Halloween  spooky stuff.
Decorated for Halloween, spooky stuff.
Zombie babies playing in a yard.
Zombie babies playing in a yard.
Some one to watch over the graves when the trick or treaters arrive.
Some one to watch over the graves when the trick or treaters arrive.
Public Domain Pictures
Zombie baby close up.
Zombie baby close up.
Painted pumpkins.
Painted pumpkins.

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