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Ghostbusters News

New dinosaur species named after Ghostbusters

Toronto - A new type of dinosaur, belonging to the anklylosaurids, has been named by Canadian researchers. For the naming of the large, armored creature inspiration has been though from the movie Ghostbusters.

Review: This week’s releases confront the past for a better future Special

This week’s releases include updates of a couple of classic movies or franchises; a new TV series that’s definitely shaking up the usual formula; a return to form for a beleaguered actor; and the third chapter in a murderous film series.

Review: New ‘Ghostbusters’ makes us feel good Special

‘Ghostbusters’ is almost a perfect reboot, finding the balance between an updated narrative and paying tribute to its predecessor.

‘Ghostbusters’ now taking calls in new trailer

The first full-length trailer for ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot features fantastic special effects and hints at a villain mastermind.

Review: First look at the ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot — Trailer

The beloved comedy classic gets the reboot treatment from some pretty big names in the comedy game. But will this new imagining of ‘Ghostbusters’ have the same wit as the original?

Watch old faves on the big screen at Great Digital Film Fest

The Great Digital Film Festival returns to Canada for another week of nostalgia cinema, giving fans the opportunity to see their favourite movies on the big screen at least one more time.

Review: New on DVD for September 16 Special

This week’s releases include the 30th anniversary edition of a movie classic; a notable zombie movie; a mostly successful reboot; a Big Foot retreat; and the latest adventures from TV’s most lovable geeks.

Harold Ramis, star and writer of 'Ghostbusters,' dies at 69

Actor, writer, director Harold Ramis, who got his start in his native Chicago with Second City more than 40 years ago, died Monday morning at the age of 69. His agency, United Talented Agency, made the announcement.

Canadian native Dan Ackroyd's latest gig on right side of the law

Jackson - If you thought Canada's own Dan Ackroyd was just a "wild and crazy guy" that hangs with the likes of Steve Martin and Garret Morris, boasting about their great bulges, think again.

Zombie Studies is one in long line of 'off-the-wall' courses

Zombies are going where Star Wars, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters and Star Trek have boldly gone before. Following last week's addition of Zombie Studies to one US university, we find out that there’s a whole selection of other “off-the-wall” courses.

New Yorker building 13-foot tall marshmallow costume

New Yorker Tyler Reid wasn't even born when the movie "Ghostbusters" came on the scene featuring a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man but that didn't stop him from making a Halloween costume parodying the character.

Malaysian State To Use Islamic 'Ghostbusters'

Reports are coming out of Malaysia's conservative northern Kelantan state where they are being said to have deployed "ghostbusters" to perform exorcisms on followers of illicit Islamic cults.

UPDATE:Akroyd Indicates Ghostbusters Game is Back on Target

Ghostbusters finally coming to the Xbox 360/PS3?

UPDATE:Sony Pictures Halt Ghostbusters Game

Ghostbusters coming or not coming?

UPDATED:Ghostbusters for Xbox 360 Confirmed

but on hold due to IP Issues.

Who you gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

A video clip of a rumored Ghostbusters game beta, is this the game that all fans of the series have been waiting all these years for? Maybe.

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A scene from  Ghostbusters
A scene from 'Ghostbusters'
Still from ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot
Still from ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot
Sony Pictures
A scene from  Ghostbusters
A scene from 'Ghostbusters'
Sony Pictures
A shot from Paul Feig s  Ghostbusters
A shot from Paul Feig's 'Ghostbusters'
Sony Pictures

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