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Ghost News

Review: Cody Newman releases 'Ghost' single, just in time for Halloween Special

On October 16, teen singer-songwriter Cody Newman released her new single "Ghost," just in time for Halloween. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Review: Kasey Lansdale releases sassy and catchy country single 'Ghost' Special

Rising country singer-songwriter Kasey Lansdale released her latest country single "Ghost" on Friday, October 4. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Badflower talks new single 'Ghost,' record deal and Cyndi Lauper Special

Josh Katz, the lead singer and guitarist of the rock group Badflower, chatted with Digital Journal about their new single "Ghost," and their new record label.

Review: Badflower releases haunting music video for 'Ghost' single Special

Rock group Badflower tackles the serious subject matter of suicide in their haunting music video for their single "Ghost."

Toronto driverless 'ghost bus' filmed rolling into van on camera

A Toronto bus operator is investigating a "ghost bus" incident after one of its vehicles was videoed slowly rolling away from Bathurst Station with no driver, eventually hitting a parked delivery van.

Review: Ella Henderson amazes on 'Chapter One' album Special

British pop songstress has released her new album "Chapter One" and she takes the listener on a magical musical experience.

Does this video show a ghost haunting an old concentration camp?

Some believe they might have the answer as to why some objects have been disappearing from a Czech castle. Their explanation? A ghost stole them!

Pop star Ella Henderson talks 'Ghost' and future plans Special

British pop songstress Ella Henderson chatted with Digital Journal about her hit single "Ghost" and her future plans in music.

Footage shows ghostly figure roaming halls of Idaho high school

Pocatello - Some students and faculty at a high school in Idaho believe their school is haunted and some recent security footage appears to back up that claim.

Review: Ella Henderson mesmerizes on breakthrough 'Ghost' single Special

British singing sensation Ella Henderson has released her stunning breakthrough single "Ghost," and she has nailed it thanks to her powerhouse vocals.

'Blackburn Ghost' caught on camera chasing car goes viral [Video]

Blackburn - Footage of a creepy encounter with a ghost captured on a deserted country road outside Blackburn in England has emerged online. Watch the bloodcurdling footage of the encounter with the "Blackburn Ghost" in the dead of the night.

Review: 'Concord Floral' an eerie, powerful look at suburban T.O. teens Special

Toronto - It's hard to write good dialogue and monologue for teen characters. Adult playwrights and screenwriters often suffer from a lack of familiarity with the new lingo, yo, or resort to contrived, artificial “Buffy”-style irony and pop culture.

'Ghost' caught on CCTV at Dover Castle

CCTV footage shows a shadowy figure walk slowly across an entrance to Dover Castle in England. A security guard is then seen looking around for the figure.

Man fined for pretending to be a ghost near cemetery mourners

Portsmouth - Many people go to cemeteries to remember their loved ones. Unfortunately for a few people doing so Anthony Stallard, 24, decided to pretend he was a ghost in the Kingston Cemetery.

Michael Jackson's 'ghost' captured in photo at fan event

Bromley - If anyone believes in ghosts, especially famous ghosts apparently wearing sunglasses, read on about the specter of Michael Jackson, who appeared in a photo taken at the "Michael Jackson Live” tribute show in Bromley, England.

Rapper Eminem debuts new song 'Survival'

A sneak preview of Eminem's new hit song "Survival" can be heard playing in the background of the Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer trailer.

Video: Ghostly face appears in mirror, scares hair salon patrons

Patrons at a hair salon got a bit more than they expected when a ghostly face began appearing in mirrors, prompting screams and even sent some running.

Watch 'Extremely scary ghost elevator prank in Brazil'

This terrifying TV prank was conceived by the Brazilian Silvio Santos Program. Alone in a dark lift with no power is unsettling experience for anyone. But things get creepier: a ghost girl appears from nowhere, frightening the elevator riders.

Singer Kesha says she had sex with a ghost

American singer, Kesha, said that her new song 'Supernatural' was inspired by a sexual experience that she had with a ghost.

Op-Ed: Ghostly encounters, are they real?

A brief look into paranormal investigation, ghost hunters and the scientific methods used to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts. Many new TV shows go deep inside supernatural encounters.

Photo essay: Atlantic 'Ghost City' Special

Dartmouth - Another sighting of a ghost city has been spotted. This time not in China, but on the Atlantic shores of Canada, a city on clouds.

Man killed while hunting for ghosts

People gather every year at the Bostian Trustle Bridge in North Carolina to catch a glimpse of a ghost train. This year a man was killed by a real one.

Actor Ewan McGregor turns political on 'The Ghost Writer' disc Special

Despite the controversy plaguing Roman Polanski, McGregor explains why he was still determined to act for the director in 'The Ghost Writer' (on Blu-ray/DVD). Also out on disc this week: 'A Prophet,' 'James And The Giant Peach,' 'Heroes' and 'Hawaii 5-0.'

Ghost forest visits Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square, London, has been taken over by a ghost forest. Artist Angela Palmer intends to inspire and provoke debate about the future of the world's rainforests with her installation of rainforest tree stumps from Western Africa.

Inside Toronto's ghost stories Special

Ghost stories excite us, give us the creeps and lead to questions about the unknown. Toronto has several ghost stories. Let's explore a few of them.

Exorcist Called to Hospital: Staff Reports Ghost

The workers at the new Royal Hospital in Derby, England have a rather disturbing problem. Some staff members have been terrified by the presence of a black-clad figure that is said to stalk the hospital wards and corridors. Read on, but don’t ask me.

Ghost Appears in Picture?

A teenager taking pictures while attending a wedding at a haunted Scottish castle captures the image of a lifetime. A ghostly hand on a stairwell.

National Enquirer Says Patrick Swayze Has Five Weeks to Live

Today, the National Enquirer has stated that the Dirty Dancing star is suffering from pancreatic cancer. They also state that he has been taking radical chemotherapy and his doctors give him only five weeks to live.

Ghost Rider (PS2) - New Trailer

New Trailer For The Ghost Rider PS2 Game

Ghost Rider 2 Heading for Development!

At a press-event for Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment's Ghost Rider, producer Avi Arad announced that talks are now underway to develop a sequel to the action-packed superhero movie starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes.
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Ghost Image

Footage from a surveillance camera in a 17th century Czech castle which some claim shows the ghost o...
Footage from a surveillance camera in a 17th century Czech castle which some claim shows the ghost of a former resident.
Screenshot from video
A ghostly bride.
A ghostly bride.
A TTC  ghost bus  rolled into a van whilst nobody was on board
A TTC "ghost bus" rolled into a van whilst nobody was on board
National Post
Security footage appears to show a ghostly figure roaming the halls of Pocatello High School in Idah...
Security footage appears to show a ghostly figure roaming the halls of Pocatello High School in Idaho.
Screenshot from Video
The Blackburn Ghost
The Blackburn Ghost
A hair salon patron is startled when a ghostly face appears in the mirror.
A hair salon patron is startled when a ghostly face appears in the mirror.
Screen Capture

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