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How to make money off the weather

Of all the investments in the world, did you know the weather was one of them? You can make money by speculating things such as the inches of snowfall next winter in Boston to hurricane strength in the Gulf of Mexico. Welcome to weather futures.

Update: DJ Summer Get Together

The day is drawing near. The first, but certainly not last, DJ Summer Get Together is happening. Bring your digital camera, camera phone, 35MM or sketch pad, and lets make some memories for the history books...

Get a PC ad, PC Vs Mac, Funny

Get a PC spoof of Get a Mac campaign, making fun of Mac from PC's Perspective.

Bear outside a window startles woman and gets startled itself

The last thing Lorraine Grossman expected to see as she gazed out the kitchen window of her daughter's home was a 211-pound bear.

Nancy Drew! OMG

Guess what all you Nancy Drew fans out there, they finally did it.

Here is a site to help with Junk E-mail

This site helps you with getting rid of junk e-mail that you get everyday! Check it out! It is the do not call site for e-mails.

5 Russian Teens Get Prison for Slaying

Ethnic hate crimes were the result in 5 young teens being sentenced to prison.

How much money can you earn from Digital Journal?

An interesting review of Digital Journal .. which tells you how much you can expect to make from this website. Good observation from a purely monetary perspective.

Need free blog traffic and links? Try the Z-List.

The Z list is a very popular blog meme that has received a lot of buzz on the internet. This sees bloggers creating and sharing a list of many links to blogs in a single post. Very great way for bloggers to get lots of free traffic and backlinks..

Quebec welfare recipents and seniors will be able to have free drugs

The Quebec government has announced a new drug plan that will provide welfare recipients and seniors with free prescription drugs starting in July.

How not to get your @ss kicked by the police

Chris takes us through this wonderful guide

New Mac Ad!

Windows PC hires fake Mac to compliment him and pretend that Mac market share isn't growing at Windows' expense.

Earning Money as a Citizen Journalist

In depth review of Citizen Bay, a website that allows users to earn money by reporting events or news on their city online.

Making Money by Giving Advice Online

A review of Bitwine, a website that allows to make money online by offering advice to other internet users.

Terror Official: We Will Get Hit Again

Outgoing terror director at the State department, Henry Crumpton has made a stunning and sobering revelation that the US is not only likely, but it is almost guaranteed to be hit again by a terrorist attack.

New 'Get a Mac' Ad!

A new Get a Mac ad that is not available on right now. The PC is getting his own special "iSight" in this one.

Update: 'He didn't get hit by a car'

Victim's pal and doctors said he was not hit by a car like Mexican police are saying.

Cops accused in bridge shootings get bail, can work

All seven policemen charged in the deadly bridge shootings after Hurricane Katrina will be allowed to post bail, a judge said Friday.

"Get a laptop" commercial from Future Shop

A very good point for some guys on why they should get a laptop (Hilarity ensues)

Hope I die before I get old

Hope I die before I get old

10 Things That Will get you Hired

"Do you want to extend your time looking for a job? Of course not. Candidates are always on the lookout for the most efficient, effective way to find new work."

Get tickets from a movie poster on the street

I have to wonder if your charged an extra fee for this kind of transaction, tho the article doesn't mention it and also doesn't say when it will be put into use, so I doubt we will see this in the States any time soon but it's a cool idea.

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