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Germs News

Understanding why some people spread more germs that others

Atlanta - Looking at how diseases spread from animal to animal, researchers have gained a new understanding into why some individuals are greater ‘spreaders’ of disease within a community than others.

Hand washing is key to reducing infection risks

London - A new Internet educational series, designed to encourage people to wash their hands more often, should lower the risk of catching and passing on infections. This is the finding of a new medical survey.

Antibiotic resistance of foodborne germs rises

Atlanta - According to the U.S. CDC, antibiotic resistance in foodborne germs remains an ongoing public health threat. The Agency has published information about the latest trends.

Doctors ditch ties and lab coats to thwart spreading infections Special

Doctors and health care workers that come in direct contact with patients have a new set of general guidelines for attire when working with patients in a non-surgical setting — an effort to control the spread of infections in health care settings.

'Dirty money' - how our banknotes are covered with pathogens

The phrase “dirty money” may have different meanings, but in terms of microbiology, a surprisingly high percentage of bank notes carry high numbers of pathogenic bacteria.

Rise in diabetes could be linked to children ‘avoiding germs’

Scientists have put forward the theory that the rise in type 1 diabetes may be linked to reduced exposure to pathogens in early life.

Famous 'five second rule' debunked by researchers

San Diego - Many of us have heard of the "five second rule", the "rule" saying if you drop a piece of food on the floor and pick it up within five seconds of contact, it is still safe to eat.

Your dog or cat may be good for your baby's health

A new study from Finland suggests babies who grow up with pets, especially dogs, are not as likely to develop colds and other respiratory infections by the time they reach one year old.

Is exposure to 'dirt' good for children?

It has often been thought that exposing children to germs at an early age to build immunity makes sense and makes for healthier adults. Now some recent research into the immune systems of mice offers weight to this theory: dirt might be good.

Mom gets banned from McDonald's after battling against bacteria

Chandler - An Arizona mother recently woke up to a hand-delivered letter from an attorney which said it bans her from entering eight McDonald's in three towns in and surrounding the Phoenix area.

Study: E.coli contamination found on half of shopping carts Special

On your next trip to the grocery store, be aware, much more than groceries may be riding in your shopping cart. More bacteria exists in these carts than in public bathrooms or on a city bus, and children may be the most at risk.

Doctors’ mobile phones teeming with dangerous germs

Research has shown that mobile phones belonging to people who work in hospitals are covered in germs, including the so-called super bug MRSA.

Today is Global Handwashing Day

The practice of handwashing with soap tops the international hygiene agenda this year with the first-ever Global Handwashing Day.

Antibiotic-resistant germs found to actually feed off antibiotics

Several strains of bacteria in the soil can make a meal of the world's most potent antibiotics, researchers said in a startling finding that illustrates the extent to which these germ-fighting drugs are losing the war against superbugs. - Reuters

Your paper money may be stoned

Cocaine on your cash, research has shown that most paper money has traces of cocaine.

A good night's rest suddenly seems to be germ filled chaos

This is interesting to see that most times we may not even know some simple unexpected facts of what lurks in your pillows and beds

Giant Meteor Heading Toward Earth Covered in Germs

Giant planet-splitting meteor hurtling toward Earth may be covered in germs just like your cell phone...that's scary stuff!

Women Workers Have More Germs On Their Desk Than Males

If you are a women, this is a research that is sure to disturb you and also let down your cleanliness skills. A new study has found than women's desks are more germier compared to thier male co-workers'.

Arkansas law to push sanitation wipes for shopping carts

Shopping cart handles have more germs than bathrooms.

Is there a sanitizer for pets?

Since Sars, you can't go into a hospital around here without sanitizing your hands at the hospital entrance.

Logitech MX 3200 Combo Fights the Germies

Anyone ever get a cold or herpes from their keyboard/mouse???... "Got Germs?, then Get These"...

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