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Geothermal News

Indonesia struggles to tap volcano power

Indonesia - Columns of steam shoot from the ground at an Indonesian power plant sitting in the shadow of an active volcano, as energy is tapped from the red-hot underbelly of the archipelago.

Global Clean Energy Congress and Exhibition Highlights 2011 Special

Calgary - This is a review of the Global Clean Energy Congress and Exhibition that took place in November in Calgary AB Canada. This was a groundbreaking conference. Find out why by reading further and downloading the full Congress Report.

Solar energy 'ignored for 40 years' is back in the spotlight Special

Alternative energy sources have long been little more than an alternative to fossil fuel staples. With legislative models based on carbon offsets, solar energy may offer an intriguing option.

Op-Ed: Are We Being Hoodwinked by Obama on Energy Policy?

U.S. President Obama spoke before congress on his pledge to double renewable energy usage during his first term. This is nothing more than what Bush offered. Why are we being hoodwinked?

One per cent of Australia's geothermal energy can produce 26,000 years of electricity

Australian scientists claim that just by harnessing one per cent of the country’s untapped geothermal underground energy they could produce 26,000 years worth of clean electricity power.

Yellowstone's Geothermal Treasures Draw Scientists

Yellowstone's geothermal pools and hot spots have always drawn interest and curiosity from scientists. The tiny microbes that thrive in the super hot, acidic water continue to amaze scientists and only 1 percent of its microbial life has been explored.

Yellowknife NWT: Abandoned Mine May Become Geothermal Energy Site

A mine on the edge of the capital of the Northwest territories, Yellowknife is being decommisoned but may well be brought back into service as a source of geothermal energy for the city.

Geothermal Project To Heat 4,000 Homes in The Hague

An ancient technology has been making a quiet comeback for sometime now. The Hague has announced one of the most recent applications of geothermal power. Homes and industrial buildings in the city will be heated by this technology.

Geothermal Steams Ahead in Germany on Emission Curbs

Homes in German town to be heated by geothermal power

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Geothermal Image

Geothermal steam is one of many ways scientists propose to power the earth. However one team at MIT ...
Geothermal steam is one of many ways scientists propose to power the earth. However one team at MIT has found a new way to turn sunlight into steam.
Ævar Guðmundsson
Shiraike-Jigoku (White Pond Hell). Oita prefecture  Japan
Shiraike-Jigoku (White Pond Hell). Oita prefecture, Japan

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