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Geoscience News

When an iron rain fell on Earth

Not much is known about Earth’s “inner space” —its core — although scientists agree on one thing, much of the core consists of iron. But just how much iron is there remains the subject of debate.

Dinosaur extinction the result of 'perfect storm' of events

Edinburgh - And if that perfect storm hadn’t come about, say scientists, dinosaurs might still be with us today — except their continued existence might have meant a very different "us" having evolved — if at all.

Divining sources of water on the Moon

Honolulu - Recent research that reviewed hundreds of chemical analyses of Moon rocks suggests regional variations in the amount of water in the Moon’s interior.

Greenland's Jakobshavn glacier retreating at record speeds

Ilulissat - One of Greenland’s largest glaciers is moving at speeds never before recorded. In the process it’s moving ice from the Greenland ice sheet into the ocean at record rates.

Monster volcano 60 times bigger than Mauna Loa identified

Houston - Scientists at the University of Houston in Texas (UH) have discovered Earth's largest single volcano, 60 times the size of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa and big enough to put it in the same league as Mons Olympus on Mars, the Solar System's biggest volcano.

Mega-canyon bigger than Grand Canyon found below Greenland's ice

Scientists have mapped a previously unknown canyon entombed below two kilometers of ice in Greenland. The discovery was made by a group of scientists from Bristol University’s School of Geographical Sciences in the UK.

450-million-year-old fossil found in Tennessee woman's yard

Smyrna - A Tennessee woman discovered the 10 pound rock she has been using as a door stop for the past 15 years was much more unique than she first believed.

Who Laid The First Egg? Scientists Closer to Linking Embryos of Earth's First Animals and Their Adult Form

"In 2000, Xiao's team reported the discovery of a tubular coral-like animal that might be a candidate for parenthood."

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3-D image of the seafloor showing the size and shape of Tamu Massif  a huge feature in the northern ...
3-D image of the seafloor showing the size and shape of Tamu Massif, a huge feature in the northern Pacific Ocean, recently confirmed to be the largest single volcano on Earth.
University of Houston, Texas