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Gates pledges action to stop malaria deaths

Liverpool - Bill Gates and a consortium of charitable bodies and governments are aiming to end deaths from malaria. Behind this aim is a multi-million investment from the British government.

UK government to sell 2008 crisis bank at a loss

London - The Royal Bank of Scotland, bailed out by the UK government in 2008, will be sold by Chancellor George Osborne at a loss, costing taxpayers billions of pounds.

Op-Ed: Should personal pension contributions be made compulsory?

London - The 'pension timebomb' narrative might be getting a bit old [sic], but the problem hasn't gone anywhere. If Osborne's saving-centric budget was intended to send a message, it's that the government can't afford to fund us into retirement.

Millions of UK savers still have no clue about Isas

It has been 15 years since Individual Saving Accounts (ISAs) were introduced in the UK, which allows savers to put cash or shares into a savings account and pay no tax on the interest.

Op-Ed: Who does the minimum wage help and hurt?

London - Chancellor George Osborne has announced an increase in the minimum wage? Clearly he doesn't know anything about economics, or maybe he does?

Op-Ed: What would happen if the UK National Debt were cancelled?

London - What would happen if the United Kingdom were to default on its National Debt? Some people would like us to believe the sky would fall.

Op-Ed: UK MPs set for 11% pay rise, but more austerity for Brits

London - Members of Parliament in the UK are set for a bumper 11 percent pay rise. Releasing this news in the same week Chancellor George Osborne delivered his Autumn Statement will be a slap in the face for Brits feeling the financial pinch.

Russell Brand: UK PM David Cameron a 'filthy, dirty, posh w***er'

Russell Brand, in a new interview, has criticised the British government for being, among more colourful things, "mean and tight" and not caring about the most vulnerable.

The Student Assembly Against Austerity

London - The next big event protesting against the Coalition Government's manufactured austerity programme will be held in Central London on November 2.

Op-Ed: No one gets ‘something for nothing’ says George Osborne

Manchester - Chancellor George Osborne stated recently that as of next April, no one will get something for nothing. He didn't mention that promise comes with a big caveat.

Sussex police defend Balcombe fracking arrests

Balcombe - The superintendent overseeing the policing operation in West Sussex has defended the arrests of those trying to prevent an oil-exploitation company from exploratory drilling in Balcombe.

Fracking: Residents arrested for protecting their community

Balcombe - Residents have been arrested by police in Balcombe today, after trying to stop Cuadrilla from setting up drilling sites in their community.

Tax breaks for UK shale-gas production angers opponents

New tax breaks outlined by the British government that will benefit the UK shale-gas industry have been heavily criticised by Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.

George Osborne comes clean about Bilderberg Special

London - How do we know what our leaders do at Bildeberg meetings? Well, we could always write and ask them. George Osborne has replied, to a degree.

Op-Ed: Chancellor attempts to exploit Derby fire tragedy

In the wake of the sentencing of Mick Philpott for causing the Derby fire, Chancellor George Osborne said "we" need to start a debate about "welfare" lifestyles. If that is true, there are a few other lifestyles that we need to debate even more urgently.

British Chancellor tries to sit in 1st class with standard ticket

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne was forced to pay £160 to upgrade his train ticket after he sat in a first class carriage with a standard class ticket.

Op-Ed: The latest news from Stop-the-War

London - The Stop-the-War Coalition is running at full throttle. Hopefully, it will have a better record this century than did its predecessors in the last one, but so far things aren't looking good.

Op-Ed: More money, more debt and more austerity for Britain

The Coalition Government has announced more investment in both the railways and infrastructure. And more austerity to pay for it.

Dirk Gently axed, as BBC cancels more sci-fi drama

The BBC has axed another of its popular science-fiction drama series, blaming the decision on the six-year licence-fee freeze imposed by the UK Con-Dem government in 2010.

Op-Ed: 'Pastygate' leaves Tory ministers with pastry on their faces

As leading lights of the Conservative Party rush round looking for pasty photo opportunities to make themselves appear in touch with pie eating voters, they have come under criticism from backbenchers for the inept way they handle public relations.

UK Chancellor Osborne: Lukewarm food will be spared extra tax

Since Chancellor George Osborne announced in the budget that hot take-away foods will be levied with a 20 percent tax , £30 million has been wiped from the share price of the U.K.'s popular bakery chain Greggs. Luckily, Osborne doesn't eat there.

Op-Ed: UK Chancellor bases public sector pay policy on dodgy statistics

As UK Chancellor George Osborne is set to anounce the end of national pay deals for public sector workers, we ask whether he is learning the right lessons from the statistics upon which his decision is based.

Op-Ed: Confessions of a trader – Goldman Sachs rules the world

Alessio Rastani is handsome, intelligent, charismatic, extremely expensively dressed, and dreaming of a big stock market crash so he can make money off your misery.

Man arrested after deputy UK PM Nick Clegg hit by paint bomb

It’s being said that an anti-cuts campaigner – protesting at the alliance between the UK Tory and Liberal Democrat parties – was behind a paint-bomb attack on Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Banks Hit Back Over Calls to Ban Big Bonuses

Banks underpinned by Government guarantees should be banned from the big bonus culture states shadow chancellor George Osbourne.

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Lee Davy
British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (R) has claimed the economy would shrink by 6% by...
British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (R) has claimed the economy would shrink by 6% by 2030 in the event of a Brexit, costing every household the equivalent of £4,300 a year
Matt Cardy, Pool/AFP/File
Altogether Fool
George Osborne making a speech in Hong Kong. Osborne is author of many of the UK austerity measures
George Osborne making a speech in Hong Kong. Osborne is author of many of the UK austerity measures
HM Treasury

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