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Review: The real villain in ‘Money Monster’ is capitalism Special

‘Money Monster’ is a fairly transparent social commentary directed by Jodie Foster that is boosted by an excellent cast.

A chat with Mr. Mark Powell, London's top bespoke tailor Special

London - Digital Journal meets one of Britain's best-dressed men, whose neo-Edwardian style has helped make him one of the most sought after clothiers in the world of high-quality fashion.

Review: ‘Hail, Caesar!’ is a revolving door of problems needing solving Special

The Coen brothers’ latest picture, ‘Hail, Caesar!’, is a silly tribute to traditional Hollywood starring all the usual suspects with a few fresh additions.

Review: ‘Tomorrowland’ shows innovation is the answer to everything Special

‘Tomorrowland’ displays a desire for innovation rarely seen in contemporary film, and delivers a picture packed with stunning set designs and a starry-eyed storyline.

Mrs Clooney to fight for return of Greek monuments from Britain

Newly-wed Mrs Clooney, formerly Amal Alamuddin, has flown into Greece to help the nation try and claim back the Parthenon marbles from Britain.

First look at ‘Tomorrowland’ today (trailer)

The teaser trailer for Disney’s top-secret ‘Tomorrowland,’ starring George Clooney, Hugh Laurie and Britt Robertson, is revealed at New York Comic Con.

Caroline Kennedy says George Clooney chose his first lady well

Caroline Kennedy thinks actor George Clooney is eyeing the US presidency and his recent, well-publicized wedding to top British lawyer Amal Alamuddin could be part of his plan to move over to the White House soon.

Op-Ed: George Clooney's future in-laws tied to Druze; Shia

Los Angeles - *Updated* Actor George Clooney isn’t likely to visit with his fiancée’s family in Lebanon before he ties the knot with British lawyer Amal Alamuddin. It's rumored that Alamuddin comes from an Orthodox Lebanese Druze family.

George Clooney to wed lawyer/activist, multiple sources say

Heartthrob actor George Clooney is finally coming off Hollywood's most eligible bachelors list, multiple sources report. The 52-year-old is engaged to 36-year-old U.K. lawyer, Amal Alamuddin.

Alternate scene in 'Gravity' could have 'redefined movie' (Video)

An exclusive alternate scene for the hit film "Gravity" is currently doing the rounds on YouTube. If used, this scene could have totally redefined the film (and, for that matter, made it a heck of a lot shorter).

Review: ‘The Monuments Men’ is an unfinished work Special

In ‘The Monuments Men,’ an unlikely group are designated with the task of rescuing artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their owners.

Review: 'The Monuments Men' is an artless misstep Special

There's no question that the story behind George Clooney's latest film is a fascinating and important one. It's certainly one that deserves a film inspired enough to ensure the maximum number of people will seek it out and recommend it to others.

George Clooney opens up with Reddit Q&A

Normally one to shy away from the paparazzi, actor George Clooney was surprisingly candid as he answered questions during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.

'Gravity' stays afloat leaving 'Captain Phillips' behind

"Captain Phillips" left port with a solid run but could not hold off "Gravity" in its second week. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney held firmly to the top spot at the box office with $44.2 million.

Review: Gravity breaks record but lacks an important element

The 3-D movie, Gravity, broke a record this weekend with the biggest box office take ever for a movie released in October.

Clooney and Bullock's epic defies gravity in box-office stakes

The latest movie offering starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock has shot to the top of the US box office in its opening weekend, becoming the biggest October opening since records began.

Review: Gravity's survival story will leave you breathless Special

Toronto - "I got a bad feeling about this mission," says George Clooney's astronaut character in one of the more foreboding lines in the upcoming film Gravity. Thanks to skilled direction and awe-inspiring visuals, this lost-in-space story surpasses expectations.

George Clooney surprises German diner by paying for his dinner

Berlin - It happened in a fancy Berlin restaurant, where George Clooney paid for the meal of a German businessman to "apologize" for the noise made by himself and his friends.

Op-Ed: George Clooney accuses Sudan of crimes against humanity

Actor George Clooney and a group of genocide scholars in the U.S. have accused Sudan of committing crimes against humanity in Sudan’s South Kordofan and Blue Nile regions.

Op-Ed: 30 Days To Victory — Facts & Fiction of the Presidential Debate

After a lack luster performance at the debate, Obama's team was quick to accuse Mitt Romney of lies and half truths. As the President swings into action with Hollywood to raise money - here is a look at some of the facts from the debate.

Op-Ed: Obama sinks in national poll after Clooney fundraiser

Romney crests at 50 percent in a three-way race according to a Rasmussen Reports daily Tracking Poll released on Friday.

Actor George Clooney to help launch brand of tequila

George Clooney is teaming up with nightlife patron Rande Gerber in order to peddle a brand of tequila called Casamigos. Few details are known about this endeavor other than the beverage is expected to be marketed at an affordable price.

George Clooney — The story behind that arrest

Unless you are a die hard fan or take an interest in African affairs, you are probably unaware of George Clooney's long standing involvement with Sudan.

George Clooney and father arrested during Sudan protest

American actor George Clooney and his father were arrested on Friday, March 16 in Washington while taking part in a protest. The Academy Award winning actor is a known humanitarian and was protesting in front of the Sudanese Embassy.

George Clooney and father arrested at Sudan Embassy in Washington

Washington - More and more celebrities are becoming involved in human rights situations. Not to be left out, George Clooney, as part of a humanitarian action about Sudan has now been arrested, along with his Dad. Includes video of Clooney's visit to Sudan.

Actor George Clooney arrested in Washington, photo goes viral

George Clooney and his father have been arrested by the uniformed division of the U.S. Secret Service during a protest in Washington D.C. According to the media he is being booked into a police station in D.C.

Miss Piggy to present British BAFTA awards

This year's BAFTA awards are to be presented by none other than the glamorous style icon Miss Piggy. She anticipates that Hollywood luminaries will be thrilled to chat with her, describing the opportunity as a likely pinnacle of their careers.

Ryan Gosling plays political for 'The Ides Of March' Special

With a powerhouse performance in the George Clooney-directed political thriller 'The Ides Of March,' there is buzz around Hollywood that Gosling could very well be taking home a Best Actor Oscar this year. But Ryan is careful not to believe the hype.

69th annual Golden Globe Nominations – ‘The Artist’ takes 6 nods

Beverly Hills - The 69th Golden Globe Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012. The nominees were announced early Thursday morning and critically acclaimed silent picture, "The Artist," is leading the nominations.

Clooney in the running to play Steve Jobs in biopic?

Reports have surfaced that star George Clooney is up for the principal role in a movie about the life and times of Apple founder Steve Jobs. And, ironically, also rumoured to be up for the lead is Noah Wyle, Clooney's former "ER" colleague.
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Actor George Clooney with wife Amal Alamuddin
Actor George Clooney with wife Amal Alamuddin
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George Clooney and Britt Robertson in a scene from  Tomorrowland
George Clooney and Britt Robertson in a scene from 'Tomorrowland'
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A scene from  Hail  Caesar!
A scene from 'Hail, Caesar!'
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Mark Powell
Mark Powell
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George Clooney discusses  about the situation in Sudan with President Barack Obama at the White Hous...
George Clooney discusses about the situation in Sudan with President Barack Obama at the White House in October 2010.
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Dimitri Leonidas, John Goodman, George Clooney, Matt Damon and Bob Balaban in 'The Monuments Men'
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A scene from  Money Monster
A scene from 'Money Monster'
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A scene from  Gravity
A scene from 'Gravity'
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George Clooney and Ryan Gosling on the set of  The Ides Of March
George Clooney and Ryan Gosling on the set of 'The Ides Of March'
a quick sight of George Clooney at TIFF
a quick sight of George Clooney at TIFF
A scene from  Hail  Caesar!
A scene from 'Hail, Caesar!'
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