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George bush News

Spanish Judge enforces torture probe against Bush and Cheney

On Tuesday, Judge Pablo Ruz at the Spanish National Court defied pressure to scrap a probe into alleged torture in the United States prison camp in Guantanamo Bay which targets former U.S. president George W. Bush.

Should George Bush and Tony Blair be found guilty of war crimes?

The Iraq War was a terrible mistake and a violation of U.N. charter, said Hans Blix, former head of U.N. weapons inspections in Iraq (UNMOVIC) in the lead-up to the 2003 invasion.
In the Media by Eko Armunanto - 11 comments

Former President George H.W. Bush released from ICU

Houston - According to a Bush family spokesman, former President George H.W. Bush's condition is improving and has been moved from the Methodist Hospital's intensive care unit to a regular patient room.
In the Media by R. Francis Rubio - 3 comments

Rush Limbaugh blames 'feminazis' for shrinking penis size

Bad news for the boys. According to a new Italian study penis size is shrinking. Disregarding the research, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has his own explanation for shrinking male genitalia: he blames the “feminazis.”
In the Media by Katerina Nikolas - 13 comments

Op-Ed: If perception is reality, Obama campaign needs a reality check

The idea that perception is reality is something I tried to teach my children when they were, well, children. If you look like you’re doing something wrong, people are going to think you’re doing something wrong.
In the Media by John David Powell - 2 comments

Former President George Bush 'hanged' at White House

Washington - Former President Bush was at the White House on Thursday for the unveiling of his official portrait. He took opportunity of the occasion to crack a joke that brought the house down, "Thank you so much for inviting our rowdy friends to my hanging."
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Bush's two wars, an Obama continuation

As the joke goes, Barack Obama is the only Nobel Peace Prize laureate to kill civilians in drone strikes. If he's a peaceful president, then George W. Bush is a peaceful president, too.
In the Media by Brian LaSorsa - 7 comments

FBI releases partly unflattering background check on Steve Jobs

Washington - The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has released, after a request under the Freedom of Information Act, a 191-page file on the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, that is partly unflattering in its portrait of the man.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 2 comments

George Bush or Sarah Palin support little help for GOP candidates

A poll from the Pew Research Center released last week suggests an endorsement from George W. Bush or Sarah Palin would mean little to current GOP candidates for the Republican nomination for the Presidency.
In the Media by Marcus Hondro - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Croatia does not exist, according to Fox News

World geography has always presented a challenge to some Americans, from the President down. Part of the problem could be the maps supplied by Fox News.
In the Media by Paul Bradbury - 14 comments
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The George Bush Statue in Fushe Kruje  Albania
The George Bush Statue in Fushe Kruje, Albania

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Operation Iraqi Freedom: Truth: The United States "Real" Image Exposed

INTRODUCTION April 30, 2004, photographs apparently showing the abuse of Iraqi prisoners via U.S. Military Personnel...
Oct 21, 2012 by Dave Hamilton

Two Strikes down U.S. Citizens Battle to Prevent a Third

When your two strikes down the first thought is, what did you do wrong. Striking out in baseball most of the time...

Ron Paul's Battle Against New World Order

Ron Paul with the support of millions of American's continue thebattle against the New World Order.(NWO) What is the...
May 22, 2012 in  American Politics by Mindy Allan - 1 comment

2012 Shredding of the "Constitution of the United States" Continues

What happened to the "Constitution of the United States of America?" Is it now considered just a piece of paper with...
May 20, 2012 in  American Politics by Mindy Allan - 4 comments

Emperor George and the Lost War in Iraq

By Susan Lindauer, former U.S. back channel to Iraq and the second non-Arab American arrested on the Patriot Act....
Oct 18, 2011 by Susan Lindauer
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