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Geoengineering News

Geoengineering could reduce climate change risks

New research, from the UK, indicates that injecting the correct quantity of sulphur dioxide into Earth's upper atmosphere thicken the layer of light reflecting aerosol particles. This could lower the effects of climate change.

As Paris climate goals recede, geoengineering looms larger

Berlin - Even if you are terrified of heights, jumping out of a plane with a makeshift parachute may begin to look like a good idea once you know the aircraft is running out of fuel.

'Plan B': Seven ways to engineer the climate

Berlin - Dismissed a decade ago as far-fetched and dangerous, schemes to tame global warming by engineering the climate have migrated from the margins of policy debate towards centre stage."Plan A" remains tackling the problem at its source.

Australia presses for international ban on geoengineered oceans

Sydney - Australia is pressing for a ban on geoengineering the oceans with iron sulfate, a process which came to prominence last year after an attempt was made to augment salmon stocks off the Canadian Pacific coast by adding chemicals to ocean waters.

Convention on Biodiversity imposes moratorium on geoengineering

Nagoya - The 10th Convention on Biodiversity, hosted by Japan this year, wrapped up Friday with a new and improved agreement intended to protect global biodiversity.

The plan to save the world from climate change: Plan B

Plan B. It doesn't sound dangerous or insidious. It sounds more like being prepared for the unexpected, for contingencies. But a Canadian organization, Etc. Group has issued a warning about the Plan B conspiracy.

Obama discussing the use of pollutants to stop warming

President Obama's science advisor admits the Administration is considering geoengineering methods to combat global warming - shooting pollutants into the upper atmosphere to block sun rays.

Geoengineering Could Complement Mitigation to Cool Climate

The first comprehensive assessment of the climate cooling potential of different geoengineering schemes has been carried out by researchers at the University of East Anglia.

Global Warming: Is Geo-engineering An Option?

While we've been focusing our attention on G8 and the horror stories that are happening worldwide because of global warming, flying below the radar are scientists dabbling with theories about geo-engineering.

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Geoengineering Image

A schematic that illustrates geoengineering techniquest to counteract greenhouse gas warming  also k...
A schematic that illustrates geoengineering techniquest to counteract greenhouse gas warming, also known as climate change. Diaggram courtesy of Johann Feichter, Jan Kazil, Stefan Kinne and Johannes Quaas, from their presentation, "Perspectives of Solar Radiation Management."
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