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Review: This week’s releases confront the past for a better future Special

This week’s releases include updates of a couple of classic movies or franchises; a new TV series that’s definitely shaking up the usual formula; a return to form for a beleaguered actor; and the third chapter in a murderous film series.

Eric Weiner talks 'The Geography of Genius' Special

In his new book, Eric Weiner explains why genius seems to come up in clusters. He talked with Digital Journal about his most surprising insights, what the next site of genius could be and more.

21 geniuses just won $625,000 to spend however they want

The names of 21 MacArthur Fellows were revealed early Wednesday. These talented individuals will receieve a gift of $625,000, paid out over five years, to be spent anyway he or she chooses.

Op-Ed: Unleash your creative genius — 10 tips to boost your ingenuity

Brilliant thinkers are creative and they use techniques to boost their creativity. You can improve your ingenuity by using some of these methods.

Op-Ed: Smartest 3-year-old in U.S. from Texas accepted to Mensa

Three-year-old Christopher Salvaggio is one of a few toddlers that has been accepted into the Mensa program. There are more than 30 children under the age of 10 that are part of the Mensa Society.

100 processors on a single chip? MIT genius says yes

Westborough - Anant Agarwal, the director of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), has announced that he has successfully mounted 100 microprocessors on one chip.

Op-Ed: Why are creative people eccentric?

Researchers have been pondering the association between ultra creative thinkers and eccentric behavior since ancient times. There are countless examples of highly creative individuals who have known atypical personality traits.

World's smartest man turns down $1 million prize

A Russian who is said to be the smartest man in the world has turned down a $1 million prize for solving one of the most difficult problems in mathematics.

Blind music maestro is dubbed 'human iPod'

Derek Paravicini is blind and severely disabled. Yet this gifted pianist, who is unable to read Braille or music and can barely count, is able to play anything by hearing it just once.

A Modern-Day DaVinci Genius?

Theo Jansen creates complex structures that walk, flap wings aided by just winds.

Man Spent 30 years in Mental Asylum is considered a Genius Painter

A Man spends 30 years in Mental hospital and draws 300 paintings is now considered an artistic genius.

Tips to Become Smart

Here are a few ways to become smart, even genius. When done right, these can be really effective. I will try to make these tips as accurate as possible.

Rubix Cube Genius

This 6 yr. old is a genius! Can solve it in 38 seconds.


I wonder how many people are mad they didnt use THIS ATM MACHINE after they see this.

Top Gear - Burnout

Three eggheads from britian do a burnout

Think like a Genius

Strategies and advice on how to think more productively.

Albert Einstein: The White-Haired Wonder

He was Time magazine’s Man of the Century. Google the name “Einstein” and more than 18 million websites are referenced. Turn to Austrian artist Werner Horvath’s work called Wisdom and Beauty and it’s Albert and another modern icon: Marilyn Monro

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Scene from short film The Genius from Quintino

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