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Genetically modified organisms News

Monsanto aims to use CRISPR to engineer food

Agricultural biotech company Monsanto has licensed the use of the cutting edge CRISPR-Cas genome-editing technology for food production.

Butterflies and pigs, genetic modification in the news

According to the European Union there is no need to widen buffer zones around genetically modified (GM) crops to protect butterflies. Meanwhile, super-muscly pigs have been created by small genetic tweak.

Biological lock-and-key for GMO safety

Researchers have developed a way to allay one concern with GMOs entering the environment. This is based on a molecular lock-and-key, to inactivate unwanted microbes.

Sweet potatoes are naturally 'genetically modified'

Scientists have serendipitously established that sweet potatoes naturally contain genes from a bacterium. Due to the presence of “foreign” DNA, a research report calls sweet potatoes the “natural GM food.”

First genetically modified crops to be planted in the UK

London - The European Union has slightly relaxed its laws to allow the growth of GM and the first commercial crops could be seen in the UK by 2017.

Keeping GMOs safe in the event of environmental break-out

One of the fears with genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) is that there is the risk of GMOs escaping into the environment and causing uncontrolled damage. To off-set this, two research groups have proposed new bio-safety measures.

Cambrian Genomics, DNA startup, may let customers create life

San Francisco - A California biotech startup has raised $10 million as it seeks to fulfill its mission of allowing customers to modify or even create their own custom genetically modified organisms.

GM silkworms made to spin super-strong silk

Silk is of great value but it does not always make for the robust clothing. Scientists have genetically engineered silk worms to manufacture a tough, strong and durable form of silk.

Twenty B.C. grocers refuse to sell genetically modified apples

If approved, genetically modified apples could hit Canadian shelves by end of year but twenty British Columbia grocers, including Olives Community Market in Function Junction, refuse to sell them.

GM crop contamination disrupts global food trade

Rome - Increased production of genetically modified crops worldwide has caused a sharp rise in the number of incidents where low levels of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been found in food and feedstuffs traded between nations, disrupting trade.

Washington's Initiative 522 to label GM foods defeated

Washington - Washington's Initiative 522 was thrown out after 54.8 percent of the state's voters opposed labeling of genetically modified foods while 45.2 percent voted in favor of the labeling.

FBI investigating destruction of GMO plants in sugar beet fields

The FBI is currently investigating a case of sabotage. An individual or group allegedly destroyed thousands of GMO sugar beet plants in a rural area of Oregon.

In photos ─ Activists March against Monsanto in Washington, D.C. Special

Washington - Activists around the world today gathered in their communities to unite for the March against Monsanto. Supporters of this cause would like to see foods containing GMOs, along with dangerous chemicals, banned. Or, at least, labeled.

Op-Ed: Connecticut Senate passes GMO labeling laws, House adds hurdles

Connecticut is the most recent state in the U.S. seeking to require companies producing foods made with genetically modified organisms to carry labels. This week the state Senate approved a bill that would pass such a law. The House had other ideas.

Op-Ed: Anti-GMO protests by Polish farmers continue in London, UK

London - On Thursday, the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC) and a group of British and Polish supporters rallied in front of the Polish Embassy in central London, against the sale of Polish farmland to foreign multinationals.

Vandana Shiva at Hawaii State Capitol GMO Labeling Rally (video)

Honolulu - Edited from the livestream of the event held at the Hawaii State Capitol on January 16, the video contains Dr Vandana's Shiva's speech on GMOs and the future of farming.

Poland bans GM corn, potatoes from BASF, Monsanto

Warsaw - Poland has banned the cultivation of some strains of genetically modified (GM) corn and potatoes just one day after the European Union rules approving GM crops went into effect.

Monsanto and co. push $5.5 million more against GMO labeling

Sacramento - Monsanto and 'Big Pesticide' are paying plenty to try and defeat Proposition 37, requiring the labeling of genetically engineered food in California.

Op-Ed: Why Americans eat more rubbish than Europeans

The U.S. has the distinction of being the world leader in obesity, spending 90 percent of food income on inferior processed foods. It raises the question of why Americans seem less concerned about the quality of their diet than Europeans.

BC biotech company bets the farm on GM non-browning apples Special

Okanagan - A British Columbia biotechnology company has employed genetic modification to create the world's first non-browning apple.

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