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Genetically modified News

Study on genetically modified mosquitoes prompts backlash

In an attempt to control the mosquito-borne diseases, English biotech company, Oxitec, developed a strain of transgenically modified Aedes aegypti mosquitoes having a "lethal gene." This gene should have doomed any offspring created.

Decision taken not to release GM mosquitoes in Florida

Tampa - The controversial proposal to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida has been dropped due to concerns about the environmental impact.

Chinese scientists engineering human embryos defy ethics again?

For the second time in one year, a team of Chinese researchers engineered human embryos by altering their genome with partially successful results. The world's scientific community is concerned about potential ethical issues.

Genetically modified maggots help with human wound healing

A research study has found that genetically engineered green bottle fly larvae can produce and secrete a human growth factor. This could help with wound healing.

GM and lab grown meat for the agricultural future?

The future of agriculture is uncertain, given the changes to populations, migration, and climate. National governments and the United Nations have been predicting the state of food security in 2050.

Approval of GM salmon eggs will be challenged in Canadian court

Environmental groups are challenging Environment Canada's decision to approve the production of genetically modified salmon eggs, citing the ecological dangers of such a risky action.

Genetically modified mice see rise in intelligence

Leeds - Researchers have succeeded in genetically engineering mice to produce rodents of greater intelligence and less anxiety. The research could one day help those with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Plan to release genetically modified moths in U.K.

Oxford - Genetically engineered moths should be released in the U.K. to stop devastating damage to crops like broccoli and kale, according to a new report. Since moths damage many crops, the idea is that genetically altered moths would not cause the same problems.

GM crops do not always work as expected

Hertford - A genetically modified wheat has failed tests in the U.K. The crop was designed to repel pests and grow a more hardy variety of the grain.

Researchers genetically alter human blood vessel cells

Scientists have used the new genome-editing tool CRISPR to alter cultured human endothelial cells. These cells were taken from blood vessels.

FDA decides GM apples and potatoes are safe

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed genetically modified, non-browning apples and bruise-resistant potatoes to be "safe" for consumption.

Europe revises its stance on GM crops

A new agreement in the European Union allows genetically engineered crops to be approved without member-state votes. This represents a U-turn for before all member states needed to agree. The new policy will allow several GMO foods to enter the market.

GMO bans in Europe set to progress

An environmental committee of the European Parliament has approved legislation that allows member states to ban genetically engineered crops.

USDA approves low carcinogen GM potato for McDonald's supplier

Washington - The US Department of Agriculture has approved for commercial planting a new genetically modified potato being touted as having lower levels of a potentially carcinogenic substance produced when potatoes are fried.

Europe agrees to GMO crops

Brussels - Member states of the European Union have agreed on a EU-wide directive for the authorization process of genetically modified crops, with an opt-out for individual countries.

Twenty B.C. grocers refuse to sell genetically modified apples

If approved, genetically modified apples could hit Canadian shelves by end of year but twenty British Columbia grocers, including Olives Community Market in Function Junction, refuse to sell them.

GM crop fails to defeat agri pest

GM crops do not always do what they set out to do. The corn rootworm has become resistant to a genetically modified maize variety that produces an insecticidal toxin.

GM crop contamination disrupts global food trade

Rome - Increased production of genetically modified crops worldwide has caused a sharp rise in the number of incidents where low levels of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been found in food and feedstuffs traded between nations, disrupting trade.

Another batch of GM monkeys born

More monkeys with edited genomes have been born in a research lab. Scientists hope that the genetic editing techniques can one day be used to eliminate genetic diseases in people.

Europe moves ahead with GM crops

The European Commission is set to approve a new strain of genetically modified maize. This is despite opposition from most member nations.

Genetically altered monkeys born

Twin monkeys have been born, but not in the conventional sense. These are the first primates born whose genomes were edited using a novel CRISPR technology (a type of genome editing).

Stronger and longer: New cotton fiber developed

Dallas - A research team have increased the length of cotton fiber by at least 5 millimeters, or 17 percent, compared to the control plants in their experiment. This is expected to lead to better and stronger quality cotton.

Transgenic plants engineered to create Omega-3s

Researchers at U.K. biotech Rothamsted Research have generated a transgenic plant that produces omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Dark world of GMO in Kenneth Eade's thriller 'An Involuntary Spy' Special

Los Angeles - How does a genetic biologist working for a large biotech company, developing genetically engineered food, go up against government corruption and fraud when he tries to expose his employer?

GM salmon moves closer to sale in Canada

Environment Canada has permitted the company AquaBounty Technologies to produce its genetically-modified fish eggs on a commercial scale.

Washington's Initiative 522 to label GM foods defeated

Washington - Washington's Initiative 522 was thrown out after 54.8 percent of the state's voters opposed labeling of genetically modified foods while 45.2 percent voted in favor of the labeling.

GM crop fails to kill caterpillars

Whether GM crops are right or wrong for the environment, they are supposed to pest resistant. In one case, however, African caterpillars have proved to be remarkably resistant.

GM rice researcher barred from further human trials

Tufts University has released a report citing ethics violations in genetically modified food research. This has led to the lead investigator resigning and being barred from any future GMO work with humans.

Op-Ed: Is GM rice a good idea?

A genetically modified strain of rice produces an antibody that helps mice fight off diarrhea causing rotaviruses. Does the development of such strains offset concerns about GM crops?

Trial GM Monsanto wheat ends up in a farmer's field

U.S. authorities are trying to understand how an experimental genetically modified wheat ended up in an Oregon farmer’s field. The concern is that GM wheat could be mixed up with other crops across the U.S.
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Transgenic or GM corn in a field in Kenya. In an effort to reduce corn stem-borer infestations  corp...
Transgenic or GM corn in a field in Kenya. In an effort to reduce corn stem-borer infestations, corporate and public researchers partnered to develop local transgenic Bacillus thuringiensis corn varieties suitable for Kenya
Dave Hoisington/CIMMYT
You see what I mean. This is a hybrid scan/pencil drawing  with some digital touch ups. Took ages  a...
You see what I mean. This is a hybrid scan/pencil drawing, with some digital touch ups. Took ages, and still not as accurate as I need it to be.
 Label It Yourself  campaign
'Label It Yourself' campaign
OWS Food Justice
Representation of GMO corn
Representation of GMO corn
Video Screen Capture
Chart of genetically modified crop production.
Chart of genetically modified crop production.
Chart courtesy USDA
Dr. Vandana Shiva in Cologne  Germany 2007
Dr. Vandana Shiva in Cologne, Germany 2007
Elke Wetzig
Genetically modified potato starch.
Genetically modified potato starch.
BASF - The Chemical Company/flickr

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