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Genetically engineered News

Florida residents unsure about mosquito disease risks

Miami - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering testing out a new anti-mosquito control method in one community within Florida. However, a recent survey suggests the residents are skeptical.

No GMO crop trials in Philippines says Supreme Court

Manila - The Supreme Court of the Philippines has ordered a permanent ban on field trials of GM eggplant, and a temporary halt to approving applications “contained use, import, commercialization and propagation” of GMO crops and products.

Dark world of GMO in Kenneth Eade's thriller 'An Involuntary Spy' Special

Los Angeles - How does a genetic biologist working for a large biotech company, developing genetically engineered food, go up against government corruption and fraud when he tries to expose his employer?

Mice engineered for flu resistance

A study has shown that mice lacking a certain protein, called Tmprss2, are no longer affected by particular flu viruses.

Washington's Initiative 522 to label GM foods defeated

Washington - Washington's Initiative 522 was thrown out after 54.8 percent of the state's voters opposed labeling of genetically modified foods while 45.2 percent voted in favor of the labeling.

Op-Ed: Researchers develop rabbits that glow in the dark

Sounds like something out of a science fiction story but researchers in Turkey have genetically engineered glowing rabbits.

Another study finds GMO corn to be highly toxic

A new study has been leaked which examines genetically modified corn and reveals that the crop contains a startling level of toxic chemicals and just isn't as nutritious as natural corn.

Video: 'GMO-A-Go-Go' informs the world about the truth of GMOs

Natural News have teamed up with Infomatic Films to produce a cartoon video all about genetically modified organisms and how good they are - well, for Big Pesticide anyway. "GMOS, changing the human genome one meal at a time!"

Op-Ed: New Mexico next in line to try for GMO labeling

Santa Fe - While California's Proposition 37 ballot initiative to label GMO products seems to have failed, a State Senator in New Mexico is next to take the baton in the fight for labeling of genetically modified food products.

Kenya bans importation of all GMO foods (video)

Nairobi - In a groundbreaking act, Public Health Minister Beth Mugo of the Kenyan government has advised that Kenya has completely banned the importation of all genetically modified (GMO) food into the country, until exhaustive tests on health effects are complete.

GMO giant DuPont hires ex-cops to 'enforce' patents

So far gone is the traditional act of saving your seed for the next harvest, now DuPont Co., the second-largest seed company in the world, uses former police officers to stop farmers illegally re-planting GMO seeds.

Op-Ed: Video: 4 simple questions before you cast your vote for Prop 37

Zack Kaldveer, Assistant Media Director of the Yes on 37 Ca Right to Know campaign, had a 45 minute interview the other day about GMOs and labeling. The director immediately cut a 2 minute segment and put it up on YouTube, as it asks the right questions.

Op-Ed: Yes on 37 launches TV ad with positive message: Food is love

Oakland - Friday sees the launch of a major TV ad buy for the Yes on 37 California Right to Know Campaign, for labeling of GMO products. The positive message of the ad is "Food is Love."

Op-Ed: Kids are not lab rats — 'Vote Yes on 37' (video)

In a really cute video, kids tell us why it is important to vote Yes on Proposition 37, the initiative requiring genetically modified food to be labeled in California, USA.

Review: The film 'Genetic Roulette' — gambling with our lives on GMOs

Jeffrey M. Smith of the Institute of Responsible Technology has brought out another excellent film on the dangers of genetically modified food.

FDA logjam frustrates genetically modified animal researchers

Scientists are becoming frustrated with the time it takes the FDA to approve foods that are made from genetically modified animals.

Russian researchers plan public GMO study on rats

Moscow - Following the conclusion of the recent study in France on the effects of GMO food on rats, Russia suspended imports of GMO products. Now they are planning their own, more public, study into the effects of feeding GMOs to rats.

'No on 37' — False advertising on the radio, against GMO labeling

Oakland - The "No on 37" campaign against labeling of GMO products has been advertising on the radio. This advertising is littered with falsehoods, and "Yes on 37" offer the facts.

Jeffrey M. Smith: The GMO Threat (full length video)

If you have an hour to spare, this interview with Jeffrey M. Smith will be well worth the time. Smith documents how consumption of GM foods has been directly linked with health problems in humans.

Canadian company develops apple that doesn't turn brown

A small British Columbia fruit grower has developed an apple that doesn't turn brown when it's cut or bruised, but not everyone is biting.

Op-Ed: New Bill for Monsanto is a U.S. & Canadian Food Nightmare?

In the House Agriculture Committee’s 2012 Farm Bill, a dangerous set of policy riders favoring Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) crops could create serious risks to farmers, the environment, and public health.

New bill could make biotech companies immune to federal courts

An amendment to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill would not just allow, but would require the Secretary of Agriculture to grant permits for planting of GM crops, even if a federal court has given an injunction against it.

California voters to decide on GMO labeling in November

Sacramento - On the evening of June 11, the California Secretary of State's office announced that the Right to Know initiative to label genetically engineered foods will be on the state's November ballot.

Monsanto sphere of influence penetrates U.S. government

Washington - Monsanto, the biotech giant which recently made headlines when its genetically engineered corn was approved for sale, has penetrated the United States government, and the company’s opposition could be experiencing military style trade wars.

Monsanto genetically engineered corn approved for sale in U.S.

Washington - Monsanto has been given the go-ahead to sell its genetically engineered, drought-resistant corn after the Obama administration quietly approved the variety, with the announcement being made during December’s Christmas break.

MS sufferers to be helped by genetically engineered retrovirus vaccine

A research team led by Montreal neuroimmunologist Dr. Amit Bar-Or tested the effectiveness of a vaccine, called BHT-3009, that incorporates the DNA sequence of myelin basic protein into cells, which then start to make the protein.

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