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Genetic News

Ebola virus adapted during West African epidemic

Salem - In a review of the 2013-2016 Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa, scientists have found that the Ebola virus increased its ability of the virus to infect human cells. The virus went through a process of adaptation.

Scientists fight back against Coxsackievirus B

Georgiana - Scientists at Colorado State University have developed a technique to combat the deadly Coxsackievirus B, which can cause heart disease. This is through a genetic poison pill.

Genetic breakthrough may halt and even reverse the aging process

Scientists researching a premature aging illness may have discovered the genetic process, which makes us grow old. They hope it could lead to treatments which will cure diseases, stop the aging process, and even reverse it.

First baby born clear of genetic illnesses after IVF – doing well

The first child in Europe to undergo treatment to eradicate inherited diseases in London is doing well. Results show that the child is healthy and free of a crippling family disorder, which his parents feared he would inherit.

High number of Norwegians support giving newborn DNA to police

According to a study by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, two-fifths of the Norwegian public would be happy with their government saving DNA profiles of newborns, to allegedly assist in future police investigations.

Love eating snacks at night? It's in your genes

People who wake in the middle of the night craving a snack are most likely influenced by their genetic make-up, according to a new study.

Obesity may have a ‘genetic link’

A research group have identified five new genes associated with increased waist-to-hip ratio, potentially moving science a step closer to developing a medication to treat obesity or obesity-related diseases.

Influence of tobacco smoke on genes

A new research report suggests that tobacco smoking alters several genes that can be associated with health problems for smokers, such as increased risk for cancer and diabetes.

Oldest ever genome sequenced: a Canadian horse

Yukon - Scientists have sequenced the so far oldest genome from a prehistoric creature: a prehistoric horse found in Canada. The research shows that the horse was a common ancestor to the horses of today.

Older dads increase risk of autism and mental illness in children

A landmark study has determined that the older a man is when he has a child, the greater the risk of passing on genetic mutations that can cause autism and schizophrenia.

Fainting kitten video goes viral on YouTube

The latest YouTube video to go viral on the Internet features a pair of kittens named Charlie and Spike. They aren't your average furry felines: they are afflicted with myotonia congenita, otherwise known as "fainting goat" syndrome.

Many babies born with disorders because parents are cousins

Hundreds of children in the UK are being born with genetic disorders every year because their parents are first cousins.

Cyclist seeks to raise awareness of rare disease

Montreal - For some, the fear of being at risk for Huntington's Disease is so great that it is never mentioned. It is kept secret even from your own children who may also be at risk for the disease. Such is the case with Kevin Glenney's father until recently.

Bad driver? Blame your genes

A new study by UCI neurologist Dr. Steven Cramer says bad drivers may be able to blame their poor driving habits on their genes.

Genetically Modifying Human Eggs Could Wipe out Inherited Disease

A procedure that someday may allow women to avoid passing certain genetic diseases on to their children has arrived at success, with the birth of four healthy monkeys, scientists reported Wednesday.

Japanese researchers breed genetically modified glowing marmosets

Genetically modified monkeys that glow in ultraviolet light and pass the trait on to their young have been created by scientists in Japan.

Strong opposition to genetically modified alfalfa

Eighty groups have called on the federal government to stop the introduction and field testing of genetically modified alfalfa by Monsanto.

Mice Show Genetic Change Happens Fast

Adapt and survive, don't and die is part and parcel of evolution, two scientists have conducted a study that shows that adaptation in a species may be happening faster than previously believed.

Can surrogate mother be held financially liable for twins?

If the child in question has a genetic connection to a father but not the surrogate mother, can the surrogate mother be held liable for that child's support? Find out what happened in this Maryland "groundbreaking" case.

International study finds new autism genetic links

In the most extensive findings to date on the genetics of autism, scientists have pinpointed two new genetic links that may predispose children to develop the complex brain disorder.

The Man Who Saved 1 Billion Human Lives

A clip from Penn & Teller's Showtime series. Norman Borlaug has used genetically modified food to save a billion lives.

Wheat gets genetic boost from the past

Scientists have found a way to boost the protein, zinc and iron content of wheat


As the AU's BIO5 institute grows,opponents of genetically modified foods express concern.

Genetic Barcodes

This certainly could speed up prescribing medications for patients but like said in the article "will it be cheap enough for everyone?"... Let's hope it is...

Genetic Technology: Controversial, But Established In Medicine

Hamburg (dpa) - Genetic testing, genetically modified drugs and medicines that repair gene defects are already an established part of medicine, even if genetic intervention is still in its early stages. Medics are placing great hopes in genetic tec...

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Healthy human cells (left) and those genetically modified to Werner syndrome (right)
Healthy human cells (left) and those genetically modified to Werner syndrome (right)
Salk Institute for Biological Studies

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