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GE to freeze pension plans for about 20,000 employees to cut debt

General Electric Co said on Monday it was freezing the pension plan for about 20,000 U.S. employees with salaried benefits, as the industrial conglomerate looks to cut its huge debt pile.

Op-Ed: Markopolos vs General Electric — Collision imminent

Washington - Giant blue chip of yesteryear General Electric is fighting a credibility battle against a lot of very negative information and interpretations of finances. GE stringently denies any financial issues. It’s “Did!” “Didn’t”, in many ways.

GE prepared to invest $300 million in new CEO

GE has a $300 million bet on its new CEO and the performance that the board hopes he will deliver. The new CEO is Larry Culp and success for Culp could deliver considerable share benefits.

Q&A: Can a business really be too big to fail? Special

GE is looking for a buyer for its San Ramon, California-based digital unit. This follows the company spending last month organizing an auction for its digital assets. Business expert Matt Mead provides an insight.

G.E. booted out of the Dow Jones industrial average on Tuesday

Boston - For the first time in 110 years, General Electric will not be a member of the elite Dow Jones Industrial Average. The announcement came on Tuesday after GE stocks continued to plunge.

GE Transportation joins global blockchain consortium

GE Transportation has announced it's joining a cross-industry consortium that's looking for ways to use blockchain tech in logistics. The company will collaborate with other firms to utilise the blockchain in digital solutions for industry transformation.

GE cutting costs and slashing jobs

Boston - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of General Electric (GE) John Flannery will be laying off employees in the software division according to sources familiar with the issue.

Shopify to expand in Waterloo, hiring up to 500 new employees

E-commerce company Shopify announced today that it will expand its Waterloo operations, adding 300-500 additional employees over the next two to three years.

Apple and GE partnership puts industrial IoT on the iPhone

Apple and GE have announced a partnership that will see GE's Predix industrial IoT platform land on iOS. Developers will be able to build industrial IoT services that can run on the iPhone and iPad, offering a way to access analytics from iOS devices.

GE uses AI to find rail track flaws that could cause derailments

GE is using AI-equipped locomotives to automate detection of "sun kinks," rail track deformations that can cause derailments. AI models can scan video footage to identify track flaws, pinpointing their location and working out whether they pose a danger.

Op-Ed: GE learns that IoT doesn't scale as it rethinks digital strategy

GE faced troubles last week as its stock slipped amid concerns its digital transformation isn't paying off. GE is finding it can't scale industrial IoT, its most important emerging service. This demonstrates the trend towards specialised platforms.

GE's stock slumps further as digital strategy starts to fall flat

GE's stock has dropped to a two-year low after a J.P. Morgan analyst expressed concerns about growth. The fall has worsened GE's market slump, triggered by lasting problems with its Predix software. Predix is supposed to be a keystone of digital industry.

GE begins testing drones to inspect refineries and factories

Berlin - General Electric Company has begun testing autonomous drones and robotic crawlers to inspect facilities and infrastructure in a number of sectors, with the hope of getting a piece of the $40 billion companies spend annually for inspections worldwide.

Amount hoarded overseas by U.S. companies hits new record in 2015

The recent fight among Apple, Ireland, and the European Union has once again shined a spotlight on the growing trend of US companies storing cash overseas to avoid taxes.

Ethernet switches used in nuclear plants vulnerable to hacking

The world’s most important factories and facilities, including power plants, are vulnerable to devastating cyberattacks. Fixes have been found, but it can take up to three years to patch a problem.

Why big business is getting cold feet with big appliances

Big business seems to be getting cold feet with refrigerators and other large domestic appliances. Nobody, it would seem, is that keen to sell us fridges, cookers and other white goods any longer.

Robot band Compressorhead to perform live in New York City

New York - In New York City on November 12, as an extension of its corporate messaging on innovation, General Electric will present a live concert by Compressorhead - a rock and roll band composed entirely of robots.

GE recalls 1.3 million dishwashers due to fire hazard

Louisville - General Electric, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), announced a massive recall on dishwashers today.

Op-Ed: Wall Street as real organized crime? US cities scams hit the fan

Sydney - Wall Street is the epitome of the corruption, insanity and anti-democratic forces at work in the USA. It breaks laws like corn flakes and gets protection from its spineless political pets while bankrupting cities and counties.

Op-Ed: GE charging stations, does your town have one? Special

Fairfield - The future of cars is here. A General Electric (GE) Charging Station has been added to a parking lot in Downtown Fairfield.

Op-Ed: The American GOP: Spoon-feeding the rich, bankrupting the nation

The GOP has executed the largest transfer of wealth in U.S. history. Due to unfair tax schemes and an obsession for selling out to corporations while hobbling the middle class, the U.S. has record numbers of billionaires and people living in poverty.

GE avoids paying federal taxes despite $14 billion in profits

While Congress is grappling with broad budgetary issues, General Electric managed to avoid paying any federal taxes even though the company made $14 billion in global profits.

GE's Immelt: America employing 'stupid' energy policy

At a conference on energy in Washington DC, General Electric's CEO Jeff Immelt blasted what he sees as 'stupid' U.S. policies on future energy usage and consumption.

Sen. Brown Fights for Billions on Project Pentagon Doesn’t Want

It didn’t take long for newly-elected U.S. Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) to show his campaign promises are just as good as everyone else’s.

Comcast in Talks to Acquire Majority Stake in NBC

Comcast, the largest cable television network in the U.S., is reportedly in talks to acquire a majority stake in NBC Universal, the media and entertainment company whose majority shareholder at present is General Electric.

American Airlines' Parent Raises $2.9 Billion

AMR Corporation, parent of American Airlines, announced today that it has raised $2.9 billion in funds, chiefly through deals with Citigroup Inc. and General Electric.

India and U.S. Agree on Defence Pact

The Indian government has established a defence agreement with the United States. In this agreement, India will be using U.S. companies to upgrade their weapons system and develop nuclear power plants.

General Electric putting 100 DVDs on a disc

General Electric has announced a breakthrough in digital storage technology that will allow standard-size discs to hold the equivalent of 100 DVDs.

GE's OLED: The light bulb of the future isn't a light bulb at all?

New organic LED (OLED) technology will make home lamps, office lamps, bedside lamps, and wall lamps things of the past. The light bulb of the future isn't even a light bulb at all. It's a sheet.

GE Shocks Wall Street

If any company reflects the economy of the United States it's General Electric. That being the case look out consumers, GE took a shocking fall the first quarter of the year.

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about my mind
A faded  painted logo sits over the entrance to a General Electric Co. facility in Medford
A faded, painted logo sits over the entrance to a General Electric Co. facility in Medford
Brian Snyder / Reuters
The iconic General Electric Sign in Fort Wayne  Indiana  in 2014.
The iconic General Electric Sign in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 2014.
Momoneymoproblemz (CC BY-SA 3.0)
US industrial conglomerate General Electric said Monday it would boost spending on environmentally f...
US industrial conglomerate General Electric said Monday it would boost spending on environmentally friendly energy research by $10 billion by 2020, including on fracking technologies and wind turbines
Scott Olson, Getty/AFP
The iconic General Electric Sign in Fort Wayne  Indiana in 2014.
The iconic General Electric Sign in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2014.
Momoneymoproblemz (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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