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Egyptian protests continue with more planned

Cairo - Violent clashes continue between police and anti-government protesters. The clashes were in Cairo and three other Egyptian cities.

Op-Ed: General Sisi to run for president as Egypt trials involve 2,147

Cairo - As has been long expected, army chief General Sisi announced that he will run for the presidency of Egypt. In a speech in which Sisi also announced his resignation from the military, he promised "there will be no personal score-setting."

Op-Ed: Russia's Putin supports Egypt's General Sisi for president

Cairo - Russian President Putin wished Egyptian army chief Abdel el-Sisi luck should he run for president in upcoming Egyptian elections. Putin said he would support the general for president of Egypt.

Op-Ed: New Egyptian constitution receives over ninety per cent approval

Cairo - Al Jazeera cites an unofficial tally of preliminary results from 25 of Egypt's 27 governorates showing 97 per cent voting in favor of the constitution and only one per cent voting against it. Other ballots were spoiled or invalid.

Op-Ed: Egypt's military trying to undermine Hamas in Gaza

Cairo - After leading a coup that overthrew ex-president Morsi a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and subsequently crushing the group and declaring it a terrorist organization Egypt's military-backed government will try to undermine Hamas' rule in Gaza.

Op-Ed: Egyptian Army Chief General Sisi may run for president

Cairo - The chief of the Egyptian army, General Abdel al-SIsi says that he will run for the presidency if both the army and the Egyptian people request it.

Unknown gunmen kill senior Egyptian intelligence official

Cairo - On Sunday (Nov. 17) Lieutenant-Colonel Mohamed Mabruk was shot dead outside his home in the Nasr City district of Cairo. Mabruk was in charge of monitoring the Muslim Brotherhood movement within the Interior Ministry's National Security section.

Op-Ed: Violence increases along with death toll in Egypt

Cairo - Violence continued in Egypt over the weekend as on Sunday over fifty people were killed as both opponents and supporters of the military-backed government took to the streets.

Op-Ed: Anti-coup group holds demonstrations across Egypt

Cairo - Just days after a court banned activities by the Muslim Brotherhood thousands of people are taking part in anti-government protests across Egypt.

Op-Ed: Muslim Brotherhood officials to go on trial in Egypt August 25

Cairo - Sunday August 25 has been set for the start of the trials of the Muslim Brotherhood chief, his two deputies, and three other members of the group on charges of their involvement in the deaths of protesters.

General Sisi calls for rallies on Friday in support of military

Cairo - The chief of the Egyptian army, Abdel al-Sisi, has issued a call for rallies throughout Egypt this Friday to demonstrate a mandate for the Egyptian army to confront violence and terrorism since the coup that removed president Mohamed Morsi.

Op-Ed: Most Egyptian Liberals and secularists embrace military coup

Cairo - Many liberals and secularists who formerly protested side by side in Tahrir square against the military-supported Mubarak regime now are fervent defenders of the military coup and lash out against the few liberals who condemn the coup.

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