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General Khalifa Haftar News

Op-Ed: Libyan General Haftar seizes oil ports

The Libyan National Army (LNA) commanded by General Khalifa Haftar, made a lightning strike on the oil ports of Es Sidra, Ras Lanuf, and Zuwetina in the oil crescent. He is reported to have captured Es Sidra, and Ras Lanuf so far.

Op-Ed: In Libya Haftar forces and oil port guards may clash

There are conflicting reports about the intentions of the Libyan National Army forces which the other day entered the town of Zuetina just 10 kilometers or six miles from the oil port.

Op-Ed: Anti-Haftar factions appear in Libyan National Army

Tobruk - Divisions appear within the LNA, commanded by Khalifa Haftar, as the unity government defense minister Barghathi supports the Solid Structure forces, mainly Misrata militia, and also the Petroleum Facilities Guard led by Haftar's foe, Ibrahim Jodhran.

Op-Ed: Gadaffi's cousin claims thousands of former Gadaffi troops in LNA

Tripoli - Ahmed Gaddaf Al-Dam, a cousin of former Libyan dictator Muamar Gadaffi, claims that thousands of former members of Gadaffi's military brigades are now part of Khalifa Haftar's militia or the Libyan National Army (LNA).

Op-Ed: Haftar extending control over Libyan oil fields and facilities

Tripoli - According to a report in the Libya Herald, the minister of defence in the Government of National Accord (GNA), Mahdi Barghathi, flew to Tripoli from Ras Lanuf where he just finished talks with Ibrahim Jodhran, head of the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG).

Op-Ed: General Haftar lashes out at Libyan Government of National Accord

Tobruk - General Khalifa Haftar, commander-in-chief of the Libyan National Army (LNA) associated with the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR), does not speak out very often but when he does, he says exactly what he thinks.

Op-Ed: Libyan PM of unity government Serraj gives keynote speech on TV

Tripoli - In a pre-recorded TV address, Faiez Serraj, PM-designate of the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA), gave a mainly upbeat talk about the progress of the GNA in Tripoli.

Op-Ed: Libyan general Haftar receives trucks and ammunition

Tobruk - Authorities said to be loyal to General Khalifa Haftar, commander-in-chief of the Libyan National Army (LNA) have received a large shipment of vehicles, armored vehicles and ammunition according to security sources at Tobruk port.

Canadian killed in fighting in Benghazi Libya

Benghazi - Owais Egwilla, the son of a former Ottawa cleric, was killed in Benghazi while in an area controlled by the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries.

Op-Ed: Libyan Political Agreement says Haftar lost his job on Dec. 17

Tripoli - At last, the UN has actually published the English text of the Libyan Political Agreement signed on December 17 in Skhirat, Morroco. There are some changes from the earlier draft of July 2, 2015.

Tobruk-based Libyan government bombs Tripoli before peace talks

Tripoli - The internationally recognized government in Tripoli sent planes to bomb Tripoli's only functioning airport just as some representatives from the Tripoli government were preparing to leave for scheduled peace talks in Morocco.

Op-Ed: Anti-government militia attack sets Libyan oil tanks afire

Tripoli - According to Mohamed Elharari, a spokesperson for the National Oil Co., five oil tanks are now on fire at Es Sider port, the largest oil terminal in Libya.

Op-Ed: Libya's civil strife and foreign intervention

Tripoli - The intervention in Libya politics traces back to foreign support for the rebellion against Gadaffi. The intervention not only involved western powers led by the US but also Arab countries with the UAE and Qatar supporting different rebel factions.

Op-Ed: France takes lead in suggesting new foreign intervention in Libya

Tripoli - Once again there is international pressure for a new intervention in Libya as competing militias continue to clash and competing governments exist in Tobruk and Tripoli.

Libya now has two competing governments

Tripoli - Yesterday, September 6, the former Libyan parliament the General National Congress(GNC) swore in a new government in Tripoli the capital. Tomorrow the House of Representatives elected in June will swear in a cabinet when they meet in Tobruk.

Op-Ed: Islamist groups control Libyan capital Tripoli

Tripoli - The capital of Libya, Tripoli, now appears to be firmly in control of an umbrella group of pro-Islamist militias called Libya Dawn.

Op-Ed: CIA-Linked Haftar claims international support for Tripoli attack

Tripoli - Even though CIA-linked General Haftar claims his bombing of Misrata militia in Tripoli was a joint effort with the international community there seems little attention let alone analysis in the media of what is happening in Libya

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