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Gene therapy News

Advances in gene therapy to help paralysis

A new study has successfully used gene therapy to cure paralyzed rats. Some degree of limb function was restored to the rats. The success raises hopes that the treatment could be deployed to assist people who are unable to move their limbs.

Why gene therapy is set to transform medicine

Advances in gene therapy offer the possibility to transform medicine. These types of medicines were given their first market approvals in 2017, and since then sector growth has accelerated.

Scientists take step forward towards spinal cord regeneration

New research may unlock the secret as to why some vertebrates have the ability to regenerate their spinal cords and some do not. The genes identified may possibly hold the key to one day regenerating human spinal cords.

CRISPR could treat rare brain disorder in unborn babies

New research, based on the technique CRISPR and using a benign virus, could be used to treat a rare brain disorder in unborn babies. The virus functions to switch on certain genes.

Gene therapy and possible cure for hemophilia A

London - In breakthrough scientific research, medics have used gene therapy in an attempt to rid hemophiliacs with one variant of the genetic disease. Eleven of thirteen patients now appear to free of the disease.

Gene therapy destroys brain cancer in new study

Technologists have developed a nanoparticle transport system for gene delivery. The system can wipe out brain gliomas, which cause a deadly form of cancer.

Gene therapy sight restoration success fades

Scientists had thought a recent gene-therapy trial to be successful. Here the study participants experienced some restoration of sight. However, the people now seem to be losing their vision.

Developing gene therapy to lower cancer risks

Gene therapy is the primary method for treating rare, genetic diseases. However, many treatments carry the risk of cancer. A new study has attempted to lower this risk.

New gene therapy treatment raises hope for HIV cure

A new gene therapy designed to combat HIV using genetically modified cells has been trialed and the initial results are promising following the first human clinical trial.

Gene therapy improves sight

Following a gene therapy trial, patients who were progressing toward blindness now have better vision after completing the treatment.

Gene therapy a big win against leukemia and blood disorders

Seattle - Leukemia has been a recognized illness since the 1800's but successful treatments are much more recent. The latest treatment being hailed as a success, in the treatment of leukemia and other blood disorders, is gene therapy.

Gene therapy diabetes cure developed

A gene therapy treatment has been developed which can cure type 1 diabetes in dogs. The newly developed treatment has been used for the first time in a large animal. This may lead to the development of a cure for this type of diabetes in people.

First gene therapy in Europe approved

The European Commission has approved a treatment for patients suffering from acute pancreatitis. What is remarkable about this drug approval is that it is the first gene therapy treatment to be approved for use in Europe.

Op-Ed: Ultrasound and gene therapy will someday cure many diseases

Genetic disorders are all caused by errors in the genetic code. People diagnosed with Down syndrome, Hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, muscular dystrophy and many other genetic disorders may someday be cured by ultrasound and gene therapy.

Researchers find gene therapy may extend life significantly

Researchers in Spain have managed to extend the lifespan of mice by up to 24 percent using gene therapy. They feel they're on to something and that the same therapy in human beings may have the very same results.

Potential gene therapy technique uses artificial chromosomes

In a paper published Nov. 28, genetic researchers describe a potential new method of gene therapy which makes use of artificial human chromosomes.

Epigenetics: A possible ‘off switch’ for diseases

Epigenetics is the study of alterations to genes not related to gene sequence. Epigenetic markers, which are gene functions which can be switched off and on, are now being seen as the potential fix for a range of diseases.

Gene therapy improves eyesight by replacing faulty gene

From progressively losing his eyesight to gaining better vision has taken Stephen Howarth a few months, and he doesn’t mind a bit. It’s certainly not wasted time. Gene therapy has taken another big step forward, against a truly grim medical condition.

Now the good news: genetically altered cells relieve Alzheimer’s in mice

One of the most debilitating human diseases has just had a kick in the teeth from a new therapy. Alzheimer’s involves formation of plaques in the brain which interferes with memory and thinking.

Doctors Test Gene Therapy to Treat Blindness

Gene therapy treatment tested on young adults suffering from Leber's congenital amaurosis -- a genetically caused form of blindness.

A Cancer Treatment You Can't Get Here

China, with lower regulatory hurdles, is racing to a lead in gene therapy

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