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Gene News

Gay gene discovered in controversial new study

The discovery of a gay gene or number of gay genes is giving more weight to the idea that people are born gay, rather than it being a lifestyle choice.

Mysterious heart disease gene found by Canadian science

Scientists have detected a mysterious gene that influences cardiovascular health. After five years, researchers now know how one genetic variant works and how it contributes to the development of heart.

Baldness gene discovered

A new research report explains why people with a rare balding condition called 'atrichia with papular lesions' lose their hair: it comes down to a specific gene.

New obesity related gene discovered

Scientists have discovered a new gene connected to obesity in a surprising part of the genome. This is the latest "genetic" link to obesity.

Advance in gene therapy for rare form of blindness

Paris - A groundbreaking experiment to treat a rare form of inherited blindness has notched up startling success in early tests on half a dozen volunteers, doctors reported on Thursday.

Gene clue to Latin American risk for diabetes

Paris - Scientists on Wednesday said they had found a variant of a gene to explain why Latin Americans are at higher risk of Type 2 diabetes, and pointed to a possible DNA legacy from the Neanderthals.

Mutated gene possible cause for excessive drinking

Alcoholism has been deemed to be cause of 1 in 25 deaths worldwide. A study conducted by UK scientists say that a gene mutation could be linked to excessive drinking.

CAMH study links specific gene to suicidal behavior

Scientists from Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) have confirmed a genetic link to suicidal behavior in a review of studies that also combines new research.

Researchers aim to block Huntington's gene

Researchers are aiming to block the gene that causes Huntington's Disease by using a medical breakthrough that was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2006.

Genetic link to depression found by Yale researchers

New Haven - A gene which appears to play a key role in the onset of depression has been identified by scientists at Yale University. The discovery could lead to the development of new anti-depressants.

Gene therapy may help people with inherited blindness

A new U.S. study shows that gene therapy could unveil promising results with regards to inherited blindness. The study and clinical trials conducted a year ago with three patients, aged 22, 24 and 25 resulted into the patients now seeing dim light.

Sick Kid's Hospital Researchers Find Gene That Causes XMEA

Researchers at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Research Institute have found the gene that causes X-linked myopathy with excessive autophagy (XMEA).

Scientists discover 'Marilyn Monroe' hormone

American scientists claim they have identified a hormone in the body that is linked to the “hour-glass” bodyy shape in women and their sexual inkling. They have nicknamed it the “Marilyn Monroe” hormone after the famous actress.

Genes have been discovered for the brain pathway that triggers puberty

Four Turkish families with a genetic abnormality that prevents children from developing normally into adults, have enabled geneticists to find genes that trigger the onset of adulthood.

Kangaroos are genetically similar to humans

After completing a genetic map of kangaroos, Australian researchers have found kangaroos share many of the same genes with humans, and some are even arranged in the same order as human genes.

Scientists: Purple tomato may help fight cancer

British scientists have developed a new type of tomato that is rich in antioxidants and can help fight cancer. A test on mice showed they lived longer while living on a diet of these new tomatoes.

Study Identifies Gene in Young Men with Delinquent Peers

Birds of a feather flock together, according to the adage, and adolescent males who possess a certain type of variation in a specific gene are more likely to flock to delinquent peers.

Families Shed Light on Possible Causative Gene for Alzheimer's

Researchers say that the genetic profile of two large Georgia families with high rates of late-onset Alzheimer's disease points to a gene that may cause the disease.

Refusing To Eat Your Vegetables Has Nothing To Do With Height, Says New Study

Genomic research taken from over 30,000 DNA samples has located 20 regions in the human body responsible for the human height factor. This new finding has great implications for disease research in the areas of cancer and osteoarthritis.

Recent Study Finds Another Genetic Link For Autism

A recent study at Stony Brook University Medical Center in Connecticut has identified a genetic mutation on chromosome 3 that may be linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The study findings were published in the online version of Medical Genetics.

Gene Reduces Harmful Carcinogens in Tobacco

In large-scale field trials, scientists from North Carolina State University have shown that silencing a specific gene in burley tobacco plants significantly reduces harmful carcinogens in cured tobacco leaves.

Gene That Blocks HIV Discovered

A team of researchers at the University of Alberta has discovered a gene that is able to block HIV, and in turn prevent the onset of AIDS;a gene called TRIM22 that can block HIV infection in a cell culture by preventing the assembly of the virus.

Israelis Close in on Drought-resistant Crops

Israeli researchers (Dr. Simon Barak, Ben Gurion University research team) have identified the genes that allow plants to tolerate and survive the harsh desert conditions of heat, drought and salinity.

Children with Specific Gene Display Reduced Spatial Learning, Memory

A new study shows that there is a strong possibility that changes predisposing a person to Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia might occur much sooner in the brain than previously thought.

Some Neanderthals were redheads, fair and with freckles

Studies of Neanderthals bones find that they may have had pale skin, with red hair similar to modern humans and some had freckles in their hair. They also speculate they may have had a spectrum of red hair, from auburn to red to strawberry blonde.

Canadian Team Discovers Gene that Turns Cancers Off

Scientists at the B. C. Cancer Agency in Vancouver discovered a unique gene that can help stop cancer cells from multiplying and causing more tumors. This study will appear soon in an online publication of Nature Medicine.

New Genes Linked to Diabetes Found

Diabetes is a disease that effects roughly 200 million people around the world, and now researchers have found new genes that may increase the risk of diabetes.

SHOCKING PHOTO: Kiss Rocker Gene Simmons After Plastic Surgery

Gene Simmons says that the plastic surgery was well worth it, because he's always been obsessed with his looks. (1st video is from before plastic surgery.)

New gene point to diabetes risk

A gene called TCF7L2 suspected in diabetes, is associated with the disease.
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A CRISPR kit - CRISPR technology is a simple yet powerful tool for editing genomes. It allows resear...
A CRISPR kit - CRISPR technology is a simple yet powerful tool for editing genomes. It allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function. Its many potential applications include correcting genetic defects, treating and preventing the spread of diseases and improving crops.
Screenshot from a video about NDM-1  possibly an image of the gene.
Screenshot from a video about NDM-1, possibly an image of the gene.
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book cover of biography of dancer, actor, director, Gene Kelly, by Alvin Yudkoff, 1999

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