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Gender equality News

UN Women Australia — Carrying the heavy load for women Special

Canberra - UN Women may have one of the hardest tasks in history – Saving women from global insanities. It’s a long list of atrocities, and this is the organization carrying the load.

Iceland to become first nation to mandate equal pay for women

Iceland will become the first nation in the world to mandate that employers prove they offer equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or nationality.

Review: Soulpepperʼs ʻThe Last Wifeʼ is a Tudor tale for our times Special

Toronto - Kate Hennig’s “The Last Wife” may be ostensibly about Henry VIII’s marriage to Katherine Parr, but it’s misleading to view the play as a history lesson. Considering recent world events, it seems to be about now more than any other period.

Google announces new emoji to represent women equally

The Unicode Emoji Subcommittee has approved the addition of several new emoji that endorse gender equality between men and women. The committee has added several new emoji after Google highlighted how women's careers aren't well represented.

Millennials, Baby Boomers turning away from marriage

For a generation that is learning to embrace renting in place of ownership, cohabitation is on the rise, and may be in line to replace traditional matrimony.

Op-Ed: Debunking the Republican War on Women

There is no Republican “war on women.” There are many in America's GOP that clearly have some very serious, troubling issues with women, but that is a far cry from a party-wide war on women.

Op-Ed: Weaker role of men in economy is eroding marriage for millennials

A new poll suggests that up to 1/4 of Millennials will NEVER get married. Is this due to the decreasing role of men in the U.S. economy?

Op-Ed: Gender war over Hope Solo assault hurts everyone, helps nobody

In the aftermath of the Ray Rice debacle the blogosphere has exploded anew amid allegations that women's soccer star Hope Solo has unfairly benefited from a double standard that supposedly overlooks and downplays female violence.

Furore as male pupils invited to wear skirts to school in France

Nantes - Education authorities in the city of Nantes, western France are under fire after critics suggested a school's campaign against sexism meant 27 high schools in the Nantes area were inviting male pupils to wear skirts to classes Friday, May 16.

Facebook expands gender options for users

San Jose - In a high-profile development, Facebook has allowed its users to freely express their gender identity. Now users can choose ten different gender definitions to express gender out of more than 50 options.

Germany set to allow 'third gender' option on birth certificates

German parents will no longer be required to identify their newborn's gender as male or female on their birth certificate.

In India, women village heads face gender bias, discrimination Special

Gender bias at home and office stalks India’s tribal women village leaders. However, fear of revenge forces them to maintain a stoic silence.

India's men don skirts in support of India's women

Bangalore - At the "Skirt the Issue" gathering, held in the wake of what happened to "Nirbhaya," men in attendance decided to wear skirts in support of women's rights.

US ranks 22nd in gender equality

Geneva - A newly-released World Economic Forum (WEF) report on global gender equality ranks the United States 22nd out of 135 countries.

Non-religious women join forces in new organization

Atlanta - Secular organizations tend to not be able to attract and retain female members, but a new group formed in Atlanta, GA is specifically geared toward the advancement of women with non-religious views.

Single people in Japan reaches record high

Tokyo - A new Japanese government survey shows record numbers of young people in Japan have opted for the single lifestyle, citing such issues as money, difficulties in finding suitable partners, and simply enjoying being singletons.

Op-Ed: Operational in America — Sharia Law (Part 1)

Is Sharia law an unwanted imposition on American culture and society or the seed of fundamental change meant to challenge the Constitution for survival?

Op-Ed: What about the boys when it comes to gender equality?

In recent years there has been a lot of focus on how empowering girls in developing countries is a way out of poverty. What about the boys living in these areas?

Op-Ed: 'Egalia' preschool – The neutering of children

Stockholm - Making headlines recently is the conceptual gender equality preschool in Stockholm, Sweden. “Egalia” is based on the idea that removing gender roles from the children’s’ environment, will remove the “edge” men have in society.

Op-Ed: RH Bill — A divisive issue in conservative Philippines

Reproductive health is a cause of concern in the Philippines. According to the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP), a women's group that pushes for gender equality and women rights, 11 women die everyday due to maternal complications.

Campaign during Pope's UK visit calls for women's ordination

London - Timed to be active during Pope Benedict's four-day trip to England and Scotland, campaigners for the Catholic Women's Ordination campaign (CWO) will use London buses for ads that read 'Pope Benedict - Ordain Women Now!'

Iceland best country for women, Yemen worst

What do Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden have in common, except for cold winters? These Nordic countries, of all nations in the world, have the smallest equality gap between men and women.

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Empowering the girl-child: against child marraige
New emoji for gender equality.
New emoji for gender equality.
Dulmat Netam and Maya Kavde - women village heads in the former s office.  It is important for women...
Dulmat Netam and Maya Kavde - women village heads in the former's office. 'It is important for women to network. Together we can overcome many challenges', says Kavde
Vasan Buiki  head of Malgaon village council in central India s Chhattisgarh state finds it difficul...
Vasan Buiki, head of Malgaon village council in central India's Chhattisgarh state finds it difficult to find time for her work as she is busy taking care of the family-owned grocery store in her village.
The house where Maya Kavde lives with her three daughters since her father in law threw her out of h...
The house where Maya Kavde lives with her three daughters since her father in law threw her out of her husband's house following the death of his son four years ago

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