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Gender News

India's top judge faces sexual harassment storm

New Delhi - India's top judge fought off a sexual harassment storm Saturday after a former Supreme Court staff member accused him of making unwanted advances and hounding her.

Bangladesh girl burned to death on teacher's order: police

Dhaka - A schoolgirl was burned to death in Bangladesh on the orders of her head teacher after she reported him for sexually harassing her, police said Friday.

Russia transgender woman wins case in rare win for LGBT rights

Sanktpeterburg - When Anastasia, a Russian transgender woman, took her employer to court for firing her after a gender reassignment operation, she did not expect to win.

Q&A: What can technology firms do to close the gender pay gap? Special

The tech industry is fighting an uphill battle when it comes to gender equality. One study suggests men are offered higher salaries than women for the same job roles 63 percent of the time. Rachel Ernst outlines what can be done.

South Korean constitutional court orders abortion ban be lifted

Seoul - South Korea's constitutional court on Thursday ordered the country's decades-old abortion ban to be lifted in a landmark ruling over a law that campaigners say puts women at risk.

South Korean constitutional court orders abortion ban be lifted

Seoul - South Korea's constitutional court on Thursday ordered the country's decades-old abortion ban to be lifted in a landmark ruling over a law that campaigners say puts women at risk.

South Korea constitutional court to rule on abortion ban

Seoul - South Korea's constitutional court is to rule Thursday on the legality of a decades-old abortion ban that campaigners say endangers women, in what could be a historic decision.

South Korean women hope for change to abortion laws

Incheon - More than a quarter of a century after the first of her three abortions -- illegal in South Korea -- Lim is still haunted by her sense of shame. She was 24 and had a boyfriend, but neither was ready to wed.

Japan abdication stirs female succession debate

Apo - Japanese Emperor Akihito's historic abdication later this month has reignited concerns over the future of what is believed to be one of the world's oldest royal families, given its hereditary, male-only succession rules.

G7 urges greater role for women in peace processes

Dinard - Foreign ministers from the world's seven most developed nations on Saturday urged a greater role for women in solving conflicts, saying that peace settlements with female involvement were more likely to endure.

Periods and 'dick pic' posters ignite feminist firestorm in Pakistan

Lahore - "Anything you can do I can do while bleeding," read one defiant poster at a recent women's march in Pakistan, while another demanded: "Keep your dick pics to yourself". Then came the backlash, including rape and death threats.

US ex-VP Biden says will be 'more mindful' about personal space

Washington - Former US vice president Joe Biden, who is mulling a White House run, said Wednesday after coming under fire over his physical contact with women that he will be "more mindful" in the future about respecting personal space."Social norms are changing.

Crowd attack on French transgender woman sparks outrage

Paris - French authorities are investigating an attack on a transgender woman who was assaulted and jeered at a demonstration in central Paris against Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika that sparked outrage Wednesday among activists and politicians.

Sherpa widows breaking down taboos as they eye Everest

Kathmandu - For generations climbing has been firmly the realm of men among the legendary Sherpas of Nepal, tradition dictating women care for the home while their husbands conquer the Himalayan peaks.

S. Korea spycam crimes put hidden camera industry under scrutiny

Seoul - Shin Jang-jin's shop in Incheon offers seemingly innocuous household items, from pens and lighters to watches and smoke detectors, but with a secret feature -- a hidden one millimetre-wide-lens that can shoot video.

Hundreds of couples livestreamed in S. Korean motel spycam porn

Seoul - More than 800 South Korean couples were livestreamed having sex in love motels, Seoul police said Thursday in one of the largest-scale and most intrusive examples yet of the country's spycam epidemic.

Clean-cut K-pop embroiled in S. Korean sex scandal

Seoul - With wholesome looks and increasingly global fanbases, K-pop has sold its stars as the ultimate squeaky clean pin-ups. But a burgeoning sex scandal in the industry shows how pervasive discrimination and abuse are in South Korean society, activists say....

Second S. Korean star quits as K-pop sex scandal spreads

Seoul - A burgeoning K-pop sex scandal claimed a second scalp as a singer who rose to fame after coming second in one of South Korea's top talent shows admitted secretly filming himself having sex and sharing the footage.

Cultural barriers to overcome for women to enter STEM: Study

Toronto - A new report from the education and advocacy body Girls Who Code reveals the extent of the cultural barriers in place, acting as societal blockages in terms of expanding the number of women in STEM professions.

Flying the flag: North Korea puts on daily displays

Pyongyang - Every workday morning, detachments of North Korean women armed with red flags take up their positions in strategic locations around Pyongyang.

Teaching gender equality encourages domestic violence: Brazil minister

Bras - Teaching boys and girls they are equal in every way encourages domestic violence, Brazil's women's minister said Friday as she urged a return to chivalry.

Thousands march against Duterte on International Women's Day

Manila - Thousands of women took to the streets of Manila Friday in protest against President Rodrigo Duterte's alleged misogyny as an exhibition marking International Women's Day exhibited the clothes of Philippine rape victims.

S. Korean star director sues women's rights group over '#MeToo damages'

Seoul - A famed South Korean film director who was accused of sexual abuse has filed a lawsuit against a women's rights group over "damages" caused by the #MeToo movement against him, a Seoul court said Thursday.

Nearly a quarter of lawmakers worldwide are women: study

Geneva - Nearly a quarter of all lawmakers serving in national parliaments worldwide are women, after more progress towards gender parity was made in 2018, the International Parliamentary Union said Tuesday.

Merkel successor slammed as intersex toilet joke falls flat

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's anointed successor, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, faced harsh criticism Monday over a carnival joke that ridiculed intersex people.

Pay Gap calculator shows how much less women earn Special

Many women in the U.S. has been asking this question for a long time: "Why do men earn more?" A new means for assessing this is the 'pay gap calculator', devised by two doctoral students.

Saudi sisters appeal for safety as Hong Kong clock ticks down

Fpo - Two Saudi sisters marooned in Hong Kong after fleeing their family appealed to authorities not to deport them while they seek sanctuary in a third country as the clock ticked down Thursday on their permission to stay.

'I felt powerful': Afghan trailblazer who confronted Taliban on women

Kabul - Fawzia Koofi was hesitant to face the Taliban militants who jailed her husband, threatened to stone her for wearing nail polish, and -- when she became a high-profile MP and women's rights champion -- tried to assassinate her.

Closing the median gender pay gap at big tech firms

Despite some progress and greater public awareness, the gender pay gap continues to be a major issue, not least with technology firms. A new campaign is seeking to raise awareness and has focused on some major corporations.

'Abused' Saudi sisters trapped in Hong Kong risk deportation

Fpo - Two Saudi sisters trapped in Hong Kong say chronic physical abuse by male family members prompted them to flee the kingdom, where they now fear they will be forcibly returned.
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