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Gender News

PM quashes bid to make French less macho

Paris - French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has clamped down on attempts to make French more female-friendly, issuing a ban on so-called "inclusive writing" in official texts, according to a memo seen by AFP on Tuesday.

To keep girls in school, Ethiopians open up about menstruation

- There's one room at the Sheno primary school in rural Ethiopia that's different from all the others, starting with the sign over the door reading: "Menstruation is a gift from God.

Purists alarmed over moves to make French less macho

Paris - Moves to make French more female-friendly have sparked impassioned debate in France, with an appalled Academie Francaise warning of a "mortal danger" to the language of Moliere.

Germany's top court requires legal option of 'third gender'

Karlsruhe - Germany's top court Wednesday ordered parliament to recognise a "third gender" from birth, potentially making it the first European country to offer intersex people the option of identifying as something other than male or female.

Gender inequality widening after decade of progress: WEF

Geneva - A decade of slow progress towards better parity between the sexes has screeched to a halt, the World Economic Forum (WEF) said Thursday, warning the global gender gap was now widening.

In Communist China, it's a man's world at the top

Beijing - When Xi Jinping warned against "pleasure seeking" in a stern message to the Communist Party congress last week, the audience included few women and some notable absentees -- officials ousted by graft scandals involving illicit affairs.

Ivanka Trump touts launch of World Bank businesswomen's fund

Washington - Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's daughter and a White House advisor, on Saturday touted the creation of a new World Bank initiative to foster entrepreneurship among women.

Battle of the online sex crimes in high-tech S. Korea

Seoul - Tony Kim has been paid to watch porn for the last six years, spending his days staring attentively at graphic videos of naked women and sexual liaisons.

IMF chief: to beat inequality, close the gender gap

Washington - IMF chief Christine Lagarde said Thursday that the best way to reduce inequality around the world would be to eliminate the gap between women and men in the economic sphere.

Transgender teddy, girl pirate: authors tackle gender norms

Frankfurt - From a transgender teddy bear to a fearless girl pirate, children's authors are tackling gender norms like never before, as debate rages about what it means to be a boy or girl.

In Mexico, indigenous 'third gender' pushes boundaries

Juchitan - Estrella Velazquez towers over the crowd as she sashays in platform heels through the indigenous town of Juchitan, Mexico, seemingly impervious to the mocking catcalls behind her back.

With Sirleaf, Liberia's glass ceiling cracked but failed to shatter

Monrovia - Liberia's female politicians profess near-universal respect for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as she steps down after 12 years as president -- but many also say the glass ceiling that Africa's first female leader cracked remains firmly in place.

Indian transgender couple announce plan to marry, adopt

Mumbai - An Indian couple who fell in love after meeting at a gender-reassignment clinic in Mumbai announced Tuesday they were engaged and planning a traditional wedding.

Op-Ed: Women continue to be underrepresented in STEM fields

Despite government campaigns women remain underrepresented in science and technology. Despite what an infamous ex-Google employee wrote, this is nothing innate. The low levels reflect institutional and societal biases.

Women to train as Russian air force pilots

Moscow - Female candidates are to be accepted for the first time to train as pilots for Russia's air force, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said Saturday, adding there were so many applications that "we can't ignore them".

Google cancels diversity debate Town Hall

San Francisco - Google Thursday canceled a Town Hall intended to air viewpoints on diversity, sexism and free speech, citing worker safety concerns.

Saudi police release Snapchat 'model in skirt' without charge

Dibai - Saudi police have released without charge a woman who was filmed in a miniskirt at a historic site in the ultraconservative kingdom, the government said Wednesday.

Saudi police question woman who wore miniskirt in video

Riyadh - Saudi police said Tuesday they were questioning a woman who appeared in an online video in a miniskirt and crop top walking through a historic site in the ultraconservative kingdom.

UN envoy Lilly Singh calls on India to show comic tolerance

New Delhi - Comic and UN ambassador Lilly Singh has called on the Indian government to be more tolerant of satire after a popular comedy group was slapped with criminal charges over allegations that they insulted Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Salvador teen gets 30 years after baby dies at birth

Sansalvador - A court in El Salvador sentenced a teenage rape victim whose baby died at birth to 30 years' jail for murder, an abortion rights group said Friday.

'Veiled women our pride' sparks anger against Indian state

New Delhi - Authorities in a deeply conservative Indian state were accused Wednesday of reinforcing entrenched gender discrimination after describing veiled women as the "pride" of the region.

Israeli woman wins discrimination case over airline seat

Jerusalem - An 83-year-old woman has won a lawsuit against Israel's national airline after being asked to move seats on a transatlantic flight because an ultra-Orthodox man did not want to sit next to her.

Turkey says liberal German mosque 'incompatible' with Islam

Istanbul - Turkey's religious affairs agency has expressed distaste over a new mosque in Berlin where men and women mingle freely, saying it was incompatible with the principes of Islam.

Taboo-breaking liberal mosque opens in Berlin

Berlin - With a mission to spread a liberal form of Islam, a mosque where men and women pray side by side has opened its doors in Berlin, complete with female imams.

Kyrgyz animations tackle bride kidnapping stigma

Bichkek - Sports journalist Gulzhan Turdubayeva still cries when she thinks about the day she was kidnapped, taken to the home of an unknown man and told she would marry him. "He was quite short.

Malaysia offers up to $1,000 for best 'gay prevention' video

Kuala Lumpur - The Malaysian government is offering cash prizes of up to $1,000 for the best videos explaining how to "prevent" homosexuality, according to a competition launched on the health ministry's website.

Malaysia offers up to $1,000 for best 'gay prevention' video

Kuala Lumpur - The Malaysian government is offering cash prizes of up to $1,000 for the best videos explaining how to "prevent" homosexuality, according to a competition launched on the health ministry's website.

Malaysia offers up to $1,000 for best 'gay prevention' video

Kuala Lumpur - The Malaysian government is offering cash prizes of up to $1,000 for the best videos explaining how to "prevent" homosexuality, according to a competition launched on the health ministry's website.

Growing up transgender: US family confronts stigma

Melrose - For months in the Lemay home, the same phrase was repeated over and over by their troubled young child, barely more than a toddler, who showed growing signs of depression."It is a mistake. I am not a girl, I am a boy.

Near all-male panel in South Korea's presidential race

Seoul - When Park Geun-Hye was elected South Korea's first female president five years ago she secured the largest-ever vote share of the country's democratic era.
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