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Gender News

Berlin activists show manspreaders who wears the trousers

Berlin - A man lounges across two seats on a crowded Berlin train, oblivious to his surroundings -- until the two women opposite him suddenly spread their legs, revealing a message on their trousers: "Stop spreading".

Brazil trans twins undergo gender confirmation surgery together

S - Growing up as identical twins, Mayla and Sofia always did everything together, and their decision to undergo gender confirmation surgery is no exception.

Steven Appleby's August Crimp: the cross-dressing crusader

London - Not all superheroes wear capes: some prefer dresses. Cartoonist Steven Appleby drew on his own cross-dressing to create August Crimp, who transforms into "Dragman" whenever he puts on women's clothes.

Tokyo 2020 to discuss chief's sexist remarks: reports

Apo - Tokyo Olympic organisers are planning to meet this week to discuss their response to sexist comments made by their boss, reports said Tuesday, after hundreds of Games volunteers quit in the ensuing furore.

In Albania, first female boxer punches past the patriarchy

Shkod - At age 15, Elsidita Selaj decided she wanted to box. Through sheer stubbornness she has succeeded, breaking down her family's resistance and sexist attitudes to become Albania's first -- and only -- competitive female boxer.

'You are not alone': Balkan women seize #MeToo moment

Belgrade - When a Serbian actress accused her former drama teacher of rape last week, the reaction was seismic: thousands of women across the Balkans have since come forward with their own stories, united under the banner "You are not alone".

China make-up ad pulled for 'victim-blaming'

Bejing - A Chinese advert for make-up wipes which linked a woman's appearance to the likelihood of assault has been taken down, and the company forced to apologise, after a backlash over "victim-blaming".

Chengdu: China's permissive 'gay capital' refusing to fold

Chengdu - It's Saturday night at the HUNK club in Chengdu and men in gold lycra shorts and black boots dance on stage. They wear kimonos, in an apparent tactical compromise with new morality codes creeping into China's "gay capital".

Japan delays women leadership target after falling short

Apo - Japan is "extremely behind" in promoting gender equality its government said Friday, as it delayed an almost two decades-old target to have at least 30 percent of leadership positions occupied by women by the end of 2020.

Singapore's taboo-breaking podcaster tackles topics that may make some squirm

Fpo - From vaginal warts to masturbation, taboo-breaking Singaporean podcaster Nicole Lim tackles topics that may make some squirm but has won a following in socially conservative Asian societies.

Transgender pupil's suicide unites France school

Lille - A school in northern France on Friday paid tribute to a 17-year-old transgender pupil who killed herself earlier in the week, with pupils calling for greater tolerance from officials.

Indonesia's female forest guardians fight for the environment

Sumini gets up at dawn to do her household chores -- then leads a team of women into the jungles of Indonesia's Sumatra island, on a mission to battle rampant deforestation and wildlife poaching.

China's trailblazing female comedians tackle taboos

Bejing - Strutting onstage with well-honed confidence, 23-year-old comedian Qiqi is part of a new wave of young, female stand-up acts in China, crashing into what has always previously been a man's world.

Scotland becomes first country to offer free period products

Edinburgh - Scotland on Tuesday voted to offer free universal access to period products, becoming the first country in the world to do so.

Thai women and pride activists march for democracy and equality

Bangkok - Thai feminists and LGBTQ activists marched to one of Bangkok's nightlife districts on Saturday, insisting the fight for equality goes hand-in-hand with a broader push for greater democracy.

UK transgender patients turn to crowdfunding due to huge delays

London - Jay knew he was different from a young age and when adolescence hit, his increasingly feminine body did not match the identity he was growing into.

Japan Airlines embraces gender neutral greetings

Apo - Japan Airlines is ditching the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" and instead embracing gender neutral terms during in-flight and airport announcements from next month, the company said Monday.

China's pandemic-themed TV drama faces online backlash over sexism

Bejing - A Chinese primetime TV drama about the coronavirus pandemic has been slammed by social media users, who accused it of sexism for downplaying the role of women in battling the deadly outbreak at ground-zero.

12 days for assault: Fury at weak penalties for attacks on women

Fpo - Sexual harassment and assaults against women are not being taken seriously enough in Singapore, activists warn, after students at elite universities were given punishments criticised as too lenient for their crimes.

ShanghaiPRIDE halts its 12-year ride over 'safety'

Shanghai - China's longest-running LGBTQ group, ShanghaiPRIDE, has said it is stopping all its activities and events "to protect the safety of all involved".

Sexual abuse, assault: Grim prospects for China's blind women

Bejing - When Xiao Jia lost her sight as a teenager she was told the "respectable" career choice was to become a massage therapist. Instead she found an industry rife with abuse and aggression, where women are afforded little protection.

China's two-child policy means more babies named after mum

Bejing - When Wang Rong gave birth to her second son, she reminded her husband of a promise he made even before their wedding: to let her pass on her family name.

In Belarus, three women unite to fight strongman Lukashenko

Minsk - Three women have teamed up to fight presidential polls in Belarus, pitting "female solidarity" against strongman Alexander Lukashenko, who insists the country is not ready for a woman president.

Sports Illustrated uses transgender model in swimsuit issue for first time

New York - Sports Illustrated is featuring a transgender model for the first time ever in its swimsuit issue this year, the US magazine said Friday.

Mayor's case shows scale of South Korea sexism: activists

Seoul - The magnitude of South Korea's sexism problem has been illustrated by the case of a top politician and women's rights advocate who was accused of sexual harassment then took his own life, activists say.

Fair and unlovely: India confronts dark-skin bias

New Delhi - When Chandana Hiran was a child, strangers would urge her to lighten her skin. Today the Indian student is leading a campaign against whitening creams as global anti-racism protests highlight the obsession with fair complexions for many in Asia.

S. Korea's Moon under fire over sex offender's family funeral

Seoul - South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who promised to be a "feminist leader" during his election campaign, was under fire Thursday for sending condolence flowers to the funeral of a convicted sex offender's mother.

China's LGBT couples 'wed' online as gay marriage push stalls

Beijing - Engaged for over three years, Guo and Zhu are fed up waiting for Chinese lawmakers to approve same-sex marriage -- instead, they have turned online to gain recognition for their relationship.

JK Rowling says she is survivor of sexual assault

London - "Harry Potter" author JK Rowling revealed on Wednesday she is a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Transgender players kick down doors in Argentina football

La Plata - Out on the pitch, they finally can feel like themselves.
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