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Gender News

Saudis detain women's advocates ahead of driving ban lift

Dubai - Saudi authorities have arrested seven prominent women's rights advocates, dividing public opinion just weeks before the kingdom is set to lift its driving ban on women.

Saudis detain women's advocates ahead of driving ban lift: HRW

Dubai - Saudi authorities have arrested seven prominent women's rights advocates, just weeks before the kingdom's longstanding driving ban on women is set to be lifted, Human Rights Watch said Saturday.

In conservative Haiti, couple fights for transgender tolerance

Port-au-prince - Three days before their marriage, Yaisah Val of Haiti revealed to her fiance that she was transgender and had completed reassignment surgery -- no small act for anyone, let alone in a country dominated by patriarchy and homophobia.

Sex bias kills 240,000 infant girls in India yearly: study

Paris - Almost a quarter-of-a-million girls younger than five die in India every year due to neglect resulting from society's preference for sons, a gender discrimination study found on Tuesday.

'Let's climb!' Female stars call for equal pay in Cannes protest

Cannes - Hollywood stars including Cate Blanchett, Kristen Stewart and Salma Hayek called Saturday for equal pay in the cinema industry and beyond in a historic red carpet protest at the Cannes film festival.

Kuwait's first soprano brings Puccini to the Gulf

Kuwait City - Amani Hajji is nothing if not stubborn: for 20 years, she has refused to give up on her dream of making opera mainstream in her native Kuwait.

Female Hollywood stars to protest on Cannes red carpet

Cannes - Around 100 top actresses and female film directors will stage a protest on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival to support the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment, the organisers said Monday.

Allah allows Muslims to take four wives, Chechen leader says

Moscow - Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov on Tuesday said that men living in Russia's predominantly Muslim region can take as many as four wives, even though polygamy is banned in the country.

Afghan girl spends life disguised as 'son' her parents wanted

Jalalabad - Sitara Wafadar yearns for long hair like other girls. Instead, the Afghan teenager has disguised herself as a boy for more than a decade, forced by her parents to be the "son" they never had.

Iran president criticises violence by morality police

Tehran - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday appeared to criticise the morality police after a video emerged of a violent encounter with a woman accused of breaching the country's strict dress code.

Japan female mayor battles men-only sumo rule

Apo - A female mayor at the centre of a fierce debate over allowing women into the sumo ring vowed Thursday never to back down as she lodged a formal protest."I won't give up this time around...

Japan female mayor battles men-only sumo rule

Apo - A female mayor at the centre of a fierce debate over allowing women into the sumo ring vowed Thursday never to back down as she prepared to lodge a formal protest."I won't give up this time around ...

Croatia ratifies treaty to protect women, despite protests

Zagreb - Croatia's parliament ratified a treaty safeguarding women on Friday, despite opposition from conservatives and the powerful Catholic Church.

Former South Korean presidential hopeful indicted for rape

Seoul - A former South Korean presidential contender was indicted Wednesday on charges of raping his aide multiple times in the highest-profile case of the country's growing #MeToo movement.

Almost 80% of UK firms pay men more than women: data

London - Almost eight out of 10 companies and public sector bodies operating in Britain pay men more than women overall, said data published Thursday confirming long-standing gender inequality in the workplace.

Sumo chief sorry after women attempting CPR ordered out of ring

Apo - The head of Japan's sumo association has apologised after women attempting to perform CPR during a medical emergency Wednesday were repeatedly asked to leave a sumo ring.

Transgender man gives birth in Finland first

Apo - A Finnish woman who underwent hormonal therapy has become the nation's first transgender man to give birth, local media said Wednesday, triggering controversy as laws require infertility to change gender.

Thousands of Croatians protest treaty to protect women

Zagreb - Several thousand people marched through the Croatian capital on Saturday in protest against a European treaty designed to protect women.

Why it’s important to redress gender STEM balance: Interview Special

Ottawa - A recent survey on Canadian students’ and parents’ attitude towards coding highlights a significant gender gap across the board when it comes to involvement in STEM. To understand why Jennifer Flanagan, of the charity Actua, gives some answers.

Ex-Samsung maverick becomes S. Korea's #MeToo champion

Seoul - The ground for the wave of #MeToo accusations sweeping socially conservative South Korea was laid by a defiant saleswoman who took on the corporate might of Samsung, won a harassment case against her boss and changed career to become a lawyer.

Former S. Korea presidential hopeful denies rape

Seoul - A former South Korean presidential contender accused of raping two women including his aide has denied the allegations against him, in the highest-profile case linked to the country's growing #MeToo campaign.

Tennis great Navratilova slams BBC over Wimbledon pay

London - Tennis great Martina Navratilova accused the BBC Monday of a "shocking" pay gap which saw her fellow Wimbledon pundit John McEnroe paid at least 10 times more than her.

Artificial intelligence identifies gender from a smile

Bradford - A new study shows how mapping the dynamics of a smile can enable gender recognition, through interpretation by an artificial intelligence platform. Such a system will have security uses.

Germany's huge gender pay gap unchanged in 2017

Frankfurt Am Main - Germany failed to make progress in closing its yawning gender pay gap last year with women still earning 21 percent less than male colleagues, official data showed Thursday, giving the country one of the worst records in Europe.

Treaty to protect women faces resistance in Croatia

Zagreb - Croatia's ultra-conservative party on Monday opposed ratification of a treaty safeguarding women that has divided the country, saying it was against Christian values.

New study on Canadian kids attitudes toward STEM

The first comprehensive study on Canadian kids attitudes toward STEM has been undertaken by Actua, the national Canadian charity advocating for youth education in STEM fields, and it has produced some interesting findings.

South Korea to erase sex abuse accused from textbooks

Seoul - Three prominent South Korean writers and artists who have been accused of sex abuse will have their works and almost all mentions of their names removed from school textbooks, the government said Thursday, as the country's nascent #MeToo campaign sprea...

How Canada can bridge its gender deficit in STEM subjects Special

Toronto - STEM fields in Canada are dominated by men — with 20 per cent fewer women venturing into such careers. How can this imbalance be addressed? Mayrose Salvador, founder of Pueblo Science, has some answers.

Putin hails 'advantages' of female bosses ahead of Women's Day

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday praised female bosses and their "typically feminine traits" during a visit to a pastry factory ahead of International Women's Day.

S. Korean presidential hopeful quits after rape accusation

Seoul - A former South Korean presidential contender stepped down as a provincial governor and announced his retirement from politics Tuesday in a stunning political fall after a female aide accused him of multiple rapes.
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