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British government grants GCHQ powers over NHS IT systems Special

The British government has tightened security controls over data and information technology systems in relation to the National Health Service (NHS). This through granting new powers to its communication stronghold, GCHQ.

ISC report: UK surveillance laws need total overhaul

London - A British parliamentary committee has issued a report concluding the legal framework regulating government surveillance is "unnecessarily complicated" and requires a total overhaul to remedy a lack of transparency.

Snowden: Govts can monitor users via secret spyware in iPhones

Moscow - Tucked inside the iPhone is secret spyware that lets governments spy on unsuspecting users, Edward Snowden said recently. Snowden's lawyer says this is why the NSA whistleblower doesn't use these phones, which can be remotely activated to watch users.

Op-Ed: It'll come as no surprise U.S. privacy confidence is at a new low

Last month I entered a bank to enquire about a new savings account it was offering. A staff member at the bank arranged a meeting, took my mobile phone number and name. Within a day my phone was hot with cold callers.

Vodafone report shows direct access to cables by governments

London - Vodafone the giant UK-based telecommunications company reports that some countries in which it operates have direct access to communications that pass over its networks.

NSA, GCHQ collecting photos, Snowden papers show

In the latest example of the continued erosion of personal privacy, both the US and UK spy agencies have been collecting millions of images for use in their facial recognition programs.

NSA and GCHQ can view Tor browser usage according to Microsoft

A Microsoft professional in the enterprise security field has warned that the Tor browsing network that aims to provide users with a totally secure browsing experience is no longer impenetrable by the NSA or GCHQ.

Op-Ed: And you thought you weren't being watched

Just when the brouhaha about the “pornoscans” at the airport has gone away comes a new revelation about the government’s observation about our private parts.

Op-Ed: British breeched millions of webcams through Yahoo!

London - Say, did you know the bloody Brits were checking out the physical assets and chatlines of millions of unsuspecting Yahoo! users?

Op-Ed: The impact of the newest Snowden revelation and the 'Five Eyes'

The latest in the string of explosive revelations by Edward Snowden should concern every single person reading this article. Anyone who is online is a potential target of the intelligence service programs designed to get people to buy the party line.

Hackers target Angry Birds

Hackers have defaced the Angry Birds website with an image entitled Spying Birds, featuring an NSA logo. The hack came after the NSA admitted that it had obtained data released by the game's developer Rovio.

Snowden: NSA uses 'Angry Birds,' other apps, to collect user data

Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have revealed that the National Security Agency and its British counterpart have been developing capabilities to exploit 'leaky' smartphone apps like the popular 'Angry Birds' game to collect user data.

The latest Edward Snowden non-revelation

The Edward Snowden affair is still reverberating throughout the Western media, but there really is nothing new under the Sun.

German journalists advised to steer clear of Google and Yahoo

The German Federation of Journalists has recommended to its members that they avoid using Google and Yahoo for searches and email services, to prevent snooping by US and British intelligence.

UK spy boss refers to Irish terrorists as 'ragged'

Andrew Parker, Chief of MI-5, gave his first public speech since accepting the position of Director General of Military Intelligence Section 5 last April. The speech was delivered to the Royal United Services Institute in London.

UK's Ministry of Defence to beef up cyberspace capabilities

London - The UK’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced at the weekend the formation of a new Joint Cyber Unit with offensive capabilities.

Snowden: NSA paid $150m in secret funding to UK's GCHQ

Bude - The latest release from Edward Snowden's collection of damning evidence against the NSA shows that the agency has made secret payments of at least $150 million to the UK's GCHQ spying agency over three years.

UK's GCHQ piggybacking on covert NSA Internet Operation Prism

Cheltenham - Reports today indicate that the UK's top secret GCHQ intelligence gathering operation was involved in the US' National Security Agency's Operation PRISM, gathering data from users' Internet habits.

British Intelligence Agency recruits hackers with top secret game Special

The British Intelligence Agency is recruiting talent in the hacker community via a code-cracking online game released on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Cheltenham spy base GCHQ to close Oakley site

Cheltenham-based intelligence agency GCHQ (Government Communication Headquarters), have announced that they are to close their Oakley site in order to cut costs. The Oakley site will be closed by the end of next year.

GCHQ will not spy on Internet users

An electronic intelligence agency based in the United Kingdom have published a statement saying that they don't intend to track all Internet or phone use in the country.

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Home of UK intelligence gathering, aerial view of Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
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GCHQ documents showing German companies that Treasure Map targeted.
GCHQ documents showing German companies that Treasure Map targeted.
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