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Qatar emir skips Saudi-hosted summit with Gulf rivals

Apo - Qatar's emir skipped a summit in Saudi Arabia on Sunday with fellow Arab Gulf leaders whose boycott of the small but energy-flush neighbour has sparked a major regional diplomatic row.

Qatar says emir receives Saudi invite to GCC summit

Doha - Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani has received an invite from Saudi Arabia to attend this month's Gulf Cooperation Council summit, despite an ongoing diplomatic crisis, Doha state media said Tuesday.

Trump, US administration 'fully' committed to NATO: chief

Kuwait City - NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday the new US administration was "fully committed" to the Western military alliance despite strong criticism from President Donald Trump.

U.S. to forge closer military relations with Gulf Arab states

Washington - The U.S. has deepened its military ties with Arab states of the Gulf Cooperation Council promising joint cooperation against external threats.

Obama offers Gulf allies 'ironclad' security pledge

Sabillasville - President Barack Obama tried to reassure America's Gulf allies that engaging with Iran would not come at their expense, at a Camp David summit that proved short on concrete outcomes.

Obama bids to mend fences with Gulf royals at Camp David

Sabillasville - Barack Obama whisked six Gulf leaders away to his Camp David presidential retreat Thursday, for a fence-mending summit bedeviled by disagreements, royal no-shows and raging crises in the Middle East.

Saudi King Salman skips Obama summit

Washington - Newly crowned Saudi King Salman has refused an invitation to attend a landmark summit hosted by President Barack Obama, amid angst over US-Iran nuclear negotiations.

Obama to host Gulf leaders in May

Washington - US President Barack Obama will welcome the six leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council kingdoms in mid-May for talks on Iran's nuclear program and the conflicts in Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

Gulf states back Qatar in row with Egypt over Libya

Riyadh - Gulf Arab states threw their support behind Qatar Thursday in a row with Egypt, which accused Doha of backing "terrorism" during heated discussions about Cairo's air strikes on jihadists in Libya.

Qatar to launch new TV network to counterbalance Al Jazeera

Qatar is launching a new television news network in order to counterbalance the country's well-known Al Jazeera news network.

GCC states reach first-step deal to end Qatar dispute

The six-member Gulf Cooperation Council has agreed upon the terms of a security pact which they hope will bring about an end with the dispute around the policies of GCC-member state Qatar.

Gulf ministers meet in order to quell Qatar dispute

Foreign Ministers of Arab states on the west side of the Persian Gulf are meeting in order to discuss the tensions between three Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states with their fellow member Qatar.

Crisis in Qatar may continue and even get worse

A week has passed since the GGC Arab states of the Persian Gulf recalled their ambassadors from Qatar. That crisis may continue and even get worse.

Why the Gulf states recalled their ambassadors from Qatar

The ambassadors of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have withdrawn their respective ambassadors against Qatar alleging that country of interfering in their internal affairs.

Op-Ed: Yemen national dialogue group wants to revoke Saleh immunity law

Sanaa - The Transitional Justice Working Group wants to see the controversial immunity law that was part of the deal brokered by the Gulf Cooperation Council with the support of the US to be struck down.

Op-Ed: Gulf Cooperation Council Summit held in Bahrain

Manama - The 33rd meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council summit opens December 24th in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. A unified currency was supposed to have been approved in 2010 but difficulties have still not been resolved.

Soldiers open fire on civilians, ambulances, surround hospital

Manama - Martial law announced as doctors confirm hundreds of injuries. Ambulances have been targeted and seized as government forces and foreign troops attempt to break up protests and vigilante roadblocks.

Gulf nations pool funds in bid to appease protesters

Riyadh - Gulf Cooperation Council announces $20 billion aid package designed to assist Oman and Bahrain overcome demands for social and political reform.

New press law not only obstacle to free reporting in UAE

As the credit crunch begins to bite in the Gulf, the UAE passed a law on Tuesday imposing restrictions on information that is harmful to the economy. But legislation is not the only barrier to the development of an independent domestic media.

EU looks to GCC, Iraq to bypass Russian gas politics

Just two days after Russia restored gas supplies to Europe via the Ukraine, Europe’s leaders vowed to never again be caught cold, promising to diversify its energy suppliers – a move that could increasingly benefit the resource rich Gulf Arab states.

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