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Gay pride News

Gay Pride parade in Turkey draws government ire

The LGBT community in the United States is still celebrating its milestone victory in the Supreme Court. LGBT communities elsewhere, however, are still facing harsh discrimination, with activists in Turkey having been barred from marching.

CNN mistakes sex toy flag for ISIS flag

London - A television network reporter spotted what looked like to be the flag of the Islamic State, but it turned out to be a sex toy flag at Gay Pride in London.

Christian group peacefully protests Seattle gay pride Special

Seattle - A group of Christian protesters was escorted by police along 4th Avenue prior to the start of Seattle's annual gay pride parade.

Thousands celebrate diversity in London LGBT Pride parade Special

London - Thousands of people gathered today in London's Baker Street to kick-off the 2014 LGBT London Pride celebrations, despite the less than ideal weather. Rain or shine, the show must go on.

Conchita Wurst to headline London Gay Pride 2014

Conchita Wurst, the Austrian drag queen who came to international prominence after winning this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has been announced as the headline act for the 2014 London Gay Pride.

'I don't need to be raped' an Asexual activist speaks out

An activist for Asexuality awareness is speaking out in a very public way concerning a sexual orientation many do not understand.

Lady Gaga sings national anthem at New York gay pride event

New York - On June 26, global pop music phenom Lady Gaga made an appearance at Pier 36 in New York City for a gay pride parade rally, where she made a speech and subsequently sang the national anthem.

Rights campaigner Tatchell slams Manning Pride honour reversal

Britain’s best-known human-rights campaigner has issued a damning criticism of the organisers of San Francisco Gay Pride, who have revoked the nomination military whistleblower Bradley Manning as Grand Marshal of this year’s Pride parade in June.

Former Navy Chaplain blasts Gingrich's new stance on gay marriage

Former US Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt said that former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich's new stance on same-sex marriage is "giving into sin" and makes him "worthy of death."

GOP Rep. Akin targets LGBT troops with provision to defense bill

Representative Todd Akin (R-MO), before leaving the US House of Representatives, has added a provision called the "conscience clause" to the House version of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act.

Leeds set to get official gay quarter

Leeds - The City Council is to consider well advanced plans to create an official gay quarter in Leeds city centre. The move follows years of campaigning and detailed council planning.

Review: La Cage is a fun if tame folly Special

Toronto - George Hamilton opened the musical version of La Cage Aux Folles in Toronto this past week. He looks great in a suit, but doesn't quite fit the part.

Gays and Lesbians plan to crash Toronto Mayor Ford's backyard BBQ

Toronto - Since Toronto Mayor Rob Ford skipped the city's Gay Pride celebration this year, a growing number of gays and lesbians plan to show up at his community backyard barbecue next weekend.

Vancouver Pride Parade beyond the glitz and glamour Special

Vancouver - With an expected turnout of 600,000 people, the 34th annual Vancouver Pride Parade would’ve drawn a crowd comparable to the size of the total population of Vancouver.

Oreo's gay pride rainbow cookie creates controversy

Kraft Foods has landed itself in the middle of a cookie controversy after posting a picture of a rainbow gay pride Oreo cookie on its Facebook page.

Pentagon to hold first LGBT Pride Month event

Nine months after the U.S. military repealed the "don't ask, don't tell" (DADT) policy, that banned gays from serving openly in the U.S. military, the Defense Department is planning an event in recognition of gay and lesbian service men and women.

Street preachers and spectators clash at L.A. Gay Pride Special

West Hollywood - A group of street preachers showed up to protest the L.A. Gay Pride Parade on Sunday. They were met by angry spectators who were offended by their anti-gay messages.

'Heterosexual Pride Day' awaits mayor's signature in Sao Paulo

San Paulo - Sao Paulo's city council has approved a proposal to create Heterosexual Pride Day honoring straight people that will be celebrated yearly on the third Sunday of December if it gets a final stamp of approval from the mayor of South America's largest city.

Op-Ed: Freedom of Expression and Homophobia

Toronto - My brief story and video of Sunday's gay pride parade in Toronto drew mixed reactions from at least two Filipino writers in the United States where, of all places, freedom of expression is sacrosanct.

Far-right political leader will be mocked, ridiculed at Gay Pride

A British political leader will be mocked at London’s Gay Pride march tomorrow, as a placard carried by a leading human-rights activist shows him with blue eye shadow, red lipstick and pink swastika earrings.

New York State Assembly approves Marriage Equality Act

Albany - The New York State Assembly has passed the Marriage Equality Act, which will allow same-sex couples to marry their significant other in what is being called a historic move by the NY legislature.

Indiana House approves constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

Indianapolis - An Indiana constitutional ban on same-sex marriage is closer to becoming law after an overwhelming House vote was held this week which could make the state the 31st in the country to ban gay marriage by constitutional amendment.

Serbian Gay Pride Parade disrupted by violent clashes

Belgrade - The second only Gay Pride march in Serbia was today marred by violent clashes as anti-gay protesters took to the streets to try and prevent the parade taking place.

Thousands march in Stockholm Pride Parade

Stockholm - An estimated 35,000 people took to the streets of Stockholm on Saturday for the city's annual Gay Pride parade to celebrate diversity and fight for equal rights for the GLBT communities.

Pope has sights set on defeating secularism in the West

Pope Benedict has his sights set on defeating Western secularism as he reshuffles bureaucracy in the Vatican. The Pope has been embroiled in the sex scandal involving Catholic priests, and has made a priority of reinvigorating the faith in Europe.

Religious think-tank: More Christians support gay rights

The religious think-tank Ekklesia says more Christians are identifying as gay-supporting than in previous decades. The UK-based organization has published its findings ahead of Saturday’s London Pride event, which Christian groups will be attending.

Gays in Mexico City celebrate legalized gay marriages Special

Mexico - An enormous gay pride parade in Mexico City celebrated that Mexico City legalized gay marriages and adoptions. Around a million people participated in the march.

UK: First gay reception at Tory PM's residence

The first reception for gays and lesbians to be held at a Tory Prime Minister’s residence will take place at the invitation of David Cameron ahead of London’s annual Gay Pride parade, to be held on July 3.

Mini Gay Pride protest in Moscow foils security services

Thirty Russian lesbian, gay and bisexual activists foiled the police and FSB security services by holding a 10-minute “flashmob” Gay Pride march on one of Moscow’s major thoroughfares, Leningradsky Street, this afternoon.

5,200 people bare all in nudity installation in Sydney, Australia

One of the largest crowds ever roused by artist Spencer Tunick took off all their clothes in front of the Sidney Opera House. Although the event was part of the city's gay pride festival, many straight people also joined.
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London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
London Gay Pride main stage  Trafalgar Square (2008)
London Gay Pride main stage, Trafalgar Square (2008)
The group of Christians that protested Seattle s gay pride event gather near the foot of the Space N...
The group of Christians that protested Seattle's gay pride event gather near the foot of the Space Needle.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014. Premier Dave Hancock.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014. Premier Dave Hancock.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
Rainbow flag
Rainbow flag
Benson Kua
The crowd reacts to the street preachers.
The crowd reacts to the street preachers.
One of the protesters stands with her sign shortly after the conclusion of the group s march.
One of the protesters stands with her sign shortly after the conclusion of the group's march.
Ruben Israel
Ruben Israel
A Philippine flag is at the head of the gay pride parade in Toronto on Sunday  July 3  2011.
A Philippine flag is at the head of the gay pride parade in Toronto on Sunday, July 3, 2011.
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
L.A. Gay Pride
L.A. Gay Pride
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014

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