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Taiwan approves same-sex marriage in first for Asia

Taipei - Taiwan's parliament legalised same-sex marriage on Friday in a landmark first for Asia as the government survived a last-minute attempt by conservatives to pass watered-down legislation.

US imposes sanctions over Russia rights abuses despite revived ties

Washington - The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on five Russians over abuses including the killing of a prominent opposition leader, days after top-level talks seemed to ease tensions between the two powers.

Fewer rainbows, less social media for China's LGBT community

Bejing - China's LGBT community has had a tough year: Censors have shut down social media forums, news media have curbed coverage of gay issues, and online shops have removed rainbow-themed products.

Taiwan gay couples plan weddings even as opponents fight back

Taipei - At the cake shop they run in Taipei, Shane Lin and Marc Yuan are planning their upcoming wedding as they expectantly await Asia's first gay marriage law -- but a last-minute push by conservatives could scupper their dreams.

Kaczynski calls LGBT rights a 'threat' to Poland

Warsaw - Poland's ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski has denounced LGBT rights, gender theory and UN sex education recommendations as a "threat" to the devout Catholic EU country.

US officials order Chinese company to sell Grindr: report

Washington - A Chinese firm has been ordered by American national security officials to sell popular gay dating app Grindr, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

Review: Ben Platt melts hearts with liberating 'Ease My Mind' music video Special

Atlantic recording artist Ben Platt (known as the original star of "Dear Evan Hanson" on Broadway) is back with his new music video for his song "Ease My Mind."

Lithuania's top court rejects anti-gay discrimination

Vilnius - Lithuania's top court ruled on Friday that the Baltic EU state must grant residence permits to foreign spouses of gay citizens even though same-sex unions are not recognised by law.

Cuba decides to scrap same-sex marriage law in new constitution: official

Havana - Cuba will leave out of its new constitution changes that would have paved the way for legal same-sex marriage, despite majority support in local assemblies, a government official said Tuesday.

Taiwan to enact separate law on gay marriage

Taipei - Taiwan will enact a separate law for same-sex unions after conservative groups won a recent referendum battle, the premier said, as LGBT activists Friday urged the government to abide by a landmark ruling to offer equal marriage rights.

Taiwan's same-sex couples put future on hold after vote defeat

Taipei - After more than three decades together, Wang Tien-ming and Ho Hsiang finally decided to tie the knot when Taiwan's top court ruled last year that same-sex marriage must be legalised.

Anti-gay marriage groups win Taiwan referendum battle

Taipei - Voters in Taiwan backed anti-gay marriage referendums Saturday in what LGBT activists said was a major blow to the island's reputation as a rights trailblazer.

Chinese homoerotic writer gets 10 year jail term

Bejing - A female Chinese novelist has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for writing and distributing books containing explicit descriptions of gay male sex, state-run media said Monday, a punishment that drew criticism for its severity.

Massive Taiwan Gay Pride parade pushes key referendum vote

Taipei - Flamboyant drag queens and horned devils rubbed shoulders with Christian pastors and supporters Saturday as tens of thousands of people took part in Taipei's Gay Pride parade -- the biggest in Asia -- ahead of a landmark vote next month on LGBT rights ...

'Don't force' LGBT rights on Malaysia, new PM says

Bangkok - Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad on Thursday said his country cannot accept LGBT rights such as same-sex marriage, dismissing them as "western" values.

Romania vote to restrict gay marriage fails: final results

Bucharest - A controversial Romanian referendum aimed at restricting the definition of marriage to exclude same-sex couples has failed after turnout fell well below the threshold, final results showed on Monday.

Gay marriage: Europe split in two

Paris - A referendum in Romania this weekend to define marriage explicitly as between a man and woman underlines the largely East-West split in Europe over same-sex unions.

Gay community in Romania fears fallout from marriage referendum

Bucharest - Growing up gay in overwhelmingly Orthodox Romania was never easy for Cosmin Olteanu, but the 18-year-old student fears life could get worse when the country votes in a referendum to narrowly define marriage.

US restricts visas to unmarried gay diplomats

Washington - The United States is denying visas to the partners of more than 100 gay diplomats unless they get married, officials said Tuesday.

Romania sets October date for anti-gay marriage referendum

Bucharest - The Romanian government announced Tuesday that its planned referendum to change the constitutional definition of "family", so as to prevent same-sex couples from marrying, will be held in October and spread over two days to maximise turnout.

'Kinky Boots' encourages Chinese drag queens to 'be themselves'

Bejing - Sign language interpreters swung their hips and gestured at deaf audience members to the rhythm of a rollicking performance by drag queens singing and dancing on stage behind them.Nothing surprising for a Broadway show, except this is China.

Amnesty International calls upon Romania to stop the 'traditional family' referendum

Bucharest - Amnesty International said on Thursday that it will try to prevent Romania's planned referendum aimed at changing the definition of "family" for this will "breach international human rights standards" and make it impossible to legalise same-sex unions....

India's top court expected to rule on gay sex

New Delhi - India's Supreme Court is likely on Thursday to deliver an eagerly awaited judgement on colonial-era legislation criminalising homosexuality, lawyers said.

China seeking to ban Taiwan flag from Gay Games: activists

Taipei - Taiwan's gay rights activists on Monday accused China of pressuring organisers of the Gay Games to bar the island's national flag at next month's competition in Paris as ties with Beijing worsen.

Activists hail Lebanon ruling that could protect gay rights

Beirut - Lebanese activists have celebrated a court ruling they say paves the way towards decriminalising homosexuality in the small Middle Eastern country.On Thursday, a Lebanese appeals court upheld the 2017 acquittal of nine people prosecuted over being gay....

India signals support for legalising gay sex

New Delhi - The Indian government Wednesday signalled it would not oppose a move to decriminalise homosexuality, as the country's top court chewed over appeals to overturn a colonial-era ban.

Good for business: British lesbian on her Hong Kong court win

Fpo - When a British lesbian took on the Hong Kong government for the right to live and work in the city with her partner it was an intensely personal struggle -- but to her surprise it also struck a chord with finance giants in the economic powerhouse.

Gay groups march in Istanbul pride despite ban

Istanbul - Gay rights groups and activists pressed ahead with the Istanbul Pride parade on Sunday despite Turkish authorities banning the event for a fourth year in a row.

Rally for equality as top Philippine court considers gay marriage

Manila - Thousands of gay pride marchers braved heavy rain in Manila on Saturday calling for the legalisation of same-sex marriage as the Philippines' top court considers a landmark legal challenge to the current ban.

Czech Republic on track to be first post-communist nation with gay marriage

Prague - The Czech government on Friday backed draft legislation that would make the country the first post-communist member of the European Union to legalise same-sex marriage.
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Any Given Tuesday (screencap)
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Marriage equality rally.
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Gay marriage is a hot-button issue in many countries
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