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Progress in fight on poverty, but more work needed: Bill Gates

New York - Great progress has been made since 1990 in alleviating global poverty, but much remains to be done, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said in a report out Wednesday.

Family planning for 'healthier, wealthier' Africa: Melinda Gates

Abidjan - Family planning helps people in Africa to be healthier and wealthier, as women without contraceptives become locked in "a cycle of poverty," Melinda Gates told AFP as a conference on the topic was held in Ivory Coast.

Bolivia shuns Bill Gates's chickens

La Paz - Bolivia's government turned up its nose Thursday at US billionaire Bill Gates's initiative to donate 100,000 chickens to people living in poverty worldwide, including Bolivians.

Bill Gates predicts end for polio

Doha - Bill Gates said Wednesday that "with any luck" polio will be eradicated by 2017 in the last two countries where it remains active, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

World's poor headed for better lives in 2030: Gates

New York - The lives of the poor will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any time in history, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates and his wife Melinda say.

Blackstone working on higher Gates offer: sources

Blackstone Group LP <BX.N> is working on a higher takeover bid for industrial conglomerate Gates Global Inc after its previous offer of roughly $5.5 billion was turned down by ...

Bill Gates would still pick up a $100 bill

San Francisco - The world's wealthiest man Bill Gates would still pick up a $100 bill on the street, but he has no tips about how to get by on less than $100,000 a year.Oh, and the 58-year-old Microsoft co-founder says he can still leap over a chair, if it is a small ...

Bill Gates: from teen geek to world's richest man

New York - As a geeky-looking teenager, he started in a garage and created the world's biggest software company. He then became the world's richest man and the world's most prominent philanthropist.

Nigeria, Pakistan could delay polio-free goal: Gates

New York - Billionaire software baron turned philanthropist Bill Gates has warned that violence in Nigeria and Pakistan could set back his goal of eradicating polio by 2018.

Nigeria, Pakistan could delay polio-free goal: Gates

New York - Billionaire software baron turned philanthropist Bill Gates warned on Tuesday that violence in Nigeria and Pakistan could set him back in his goal of eradicating polio by 2018.

Obama defends Afghan strategy after Gates comments

Washington - Barack Obama insisted he had faith in the Afghan war mission after former Pentagon chief Robert Gates charged the president lacked passion for military action and soured on his own troop surge.

Gates will grant you $100,000 to invent a next-gen condom

Bill Gates and his wife, through the Grand Challenges in Global Health Program, are hoping that a $100,000 grant will encourage, and motivate, someone to reinvent the condom.

Defense Secretary Gates: Libya not in 'national vital interest'

Speaking on ABC's 'This Week' on Sunday, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates admitted that the US-led military intervention into Libya's civil war was not in America's 'national vital interest.'

Russia demands ceasefire in Libya, allies disorganized

As the US-led coalition continued to strike targets across Libya, and the future allied leadership of the military operation did not appear clear, Russia stepped up its demands for an immediate ceasefire.

Gates: 'enormous consequences' in overturning ban on gays

After a judge ordered the US military cease implementing its don't-ask-don't-tell policy on discharging gay personnel, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the reversal would have "enormous consequences."

Gates hails progress in polio fight in Nigeria's north

Microsoft founder Bill Gates on Sunday hailed progress in efforts to reduce polio cases in the northern Nigerian state of Kano, describing it as victory in the global fight against the epidemic.

Sec. of Defense Gates revises 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' regulations

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced changes to the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' rules. Gates said the new rules provide "a greater measure of common sense and common decency." The revisions go into effect immediately.

Bill Gates Plays Down China Internet Censorship

Less than two weeks after Google said it planned to uncensor its Chinese search engine in protest at attempts to break into the email accounts of human rights activists, Gates insists that Beijing's demands was just part of doing business in the country.

Bill Gates now on Twitter

It is official, Bill Gates, yes the real Bill Gates has followed the herd and joined the ranks of those who are "Tweeting" online.

U.S. Army shrink captured after killing 12, wounding 31 Special

A U.S. Army psychiatrist, Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan is in custody after 12 were shot and 31 wounded at the base at Fort Hood, in Texas. Two Facebook pages are now asking how he should be punished. But did Hasan post a blog calling suicide bombings heroic?

Op-Ed: Obama Poster Artist Throws a Joker in the Racial Profiling Deck

According to MSNBC, LA Weekly, the SF Chronicle and the Washington Post, the mystery artist who created the sensational Obama Joker image was a racist hood-wearing Darth Cheney-like Klansman. How about a young liberal Palestinian-American Kucinich fan?

Op-Ed: Is the Black Man the White Man's Burden?

Recently the topic of race has been heightened by events in the United States surrounding police and minorities. This evokes the issue some believe the core of debate: Is the black man the white man’s burden?

On the Gates controversy, Giuliani tells Obama to 'Shut up'

Speaking out on Hannity, Rudy Giuliani asserts that the 'teachable moment' in the Obama-Gates controversy is for Obama and Gates to 'shut up.'

Op-Ed: Obama, Gates, Crowley and That Black Panther Thing

Obama was masterful in suds-rinsing Dr. Gates' crime of race-crying "Wolf!" by sitting victim down with victimizer on equal footing. Since that worked out so well, why not a beer blast for the Black Panther thugs Obama gave a pass and their white victims?

Op-Ed: Obama, Gates, Crowley and the Quickest Beer Ever

So Dr. Skippy "Oops" Gates, Enabler-in-Chief Barack Obama and the fine upstanding Sgt. James F. Crowley will all be Bud buddies and talk about racial profiling. Sgt. Crowley could give seminars on the subject. In fact, he does. Gonna be a quick beer.

Op-Ed: An Officer, A Scholar, A President and America

The incident involving Harvard University scholar Dr. Henry Louis Gates and the Cambridge, Massachusetts police department has put on display the combustible conflict of race, class and generational divide.

Op-Ed: Obama, Gates Engage in Masterful Evasion While Fire Still Burns

The most important words to a Lefty are Let's Move On, usually after they engage in political arson and the flames start burning them. Seems to be the hand Obama and Gates are playing now. Yet the fire they started still burns. But that's the point, see?

Op-Ed: How President Obama is Damaging Race Relations in America

For taking sides in the Gates case without knowing all the facts, Obama is taking a great deal of heat from across the political spectrum, including other blacks. Yet this is not the first time Obama has taken sides in a heated racially-tinged affair.

Op-Ed: Why Obama's weigh in on Gates' arrest was not a mistake

Dealing with issues of racial inequality in America is part and parcel of the tremendous responsibility President Obama willingly took on when he became our nation's first black president.

Startling Developments In The Dr. Gates Arrest Case, With Updates

Obama is in the eye of the storm. Crowley's a racial profiling expert. Bill Cosby and other prominent black figures blasted the President. A Bronx-based Ghanaian scholar familiar with Dr. Gates claims he hates both whites and Native Africans. Much more.
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Bill and Melinda Gates meet Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg during their visit to the Oslo Opera House...
Bill and Melinda Gates meet Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg during their visit to the Oslo Opera House in June 2009.
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