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Colonial pipeline closes due to outages at supply points

America's energy sector is taking a hard hit this week with the closure of the Colonial Pipeline that supplies the populous East Coast with over three million barrels of fuel a day.

Despite increased consumption, gas prices still falling

In 2016, global gas prices are expected to remain low, despite the fact that consumption is expected to increase. What does this mean for the global economy and your wallet?

Gas prices are dropping but will we see $2?

The U.S. is already baffled by low fuel prices this year and experts are expecting those prices to continue to drop. Some are even expecting the prices to get as low as $2 this winter.

Total to announce investment in UK shale gas

London - French energy firm Total are to announce a multi-million pound investment plan in UK shale gas which would see them become the first big investor in the industry.

Greeks spend more of their income on petrol than other nations

Greeks spend more of their income on petrol than other nations, according to a gasoline price country comparison survey by Bloomberg. At $8.62 per gallon Greek prices are the sixth most expensive by country comparison.

Op-Ed: As Canada and US step on the gas, Australia may hit the brakes.

Melbourne - With the population of Illinois, Australia has gas to spare. Developments in Canada and the US are, however, expected to undercut Australia’s push to become one of the world's largest exporters of hydrocarbons.

'Perfect Storm' could impact U.S. gas supply and prices

After a stretch of time where consumers saw high gas prices, this week consumers saw some relief at the pump, however with Hurricane Sandy on the way, this could lead to increases in gas prices.

Gas station owners protest, hike gas price to $9.99 per gallon

Some New Jersey and Pennsylvania gas station owners are upset with the LUKOIL franchise. In protest, retailers hiked their gas prices up to $9.99 per gallon yesterday.

Walmart gives cardholders gas discount through Christmas Eve

Walmart announced a new initiative which the company says is designed to give consumers a break. The retail giant has decided to bring back its "Great Gas Rollback" program.

Have gas and oil prices reached their peak for 2012?

Four separate reports out this week suggest that the pain at the pump is starting to gradually ease for most Americans and possibly showing signs that the worst may be over.

Scammers mess with gas pumps and pay only 'pennies on the dollar'

Decatur - Scammers, who presumably are not keen on paying the high prices at the pump, have developed a creative way to bypass giving in to those elevated prices.

India among countries most affected by rising oil prices

India buys 75 percent of its oil from foreign sources, prompting experts to declare it one of the countries hardest hit by rising oil prices.

In an election year, France faces gas prices of $8 per gallon

Drivers in France are gearing up for a petrol pinch. Recent reports suggest that record high gas prices are hitting parts of the country, with gas costing 1.62 Euros per liter. That works out to the equivalent of $8 American per gallon.

Op-Ed: Once again speculation appears to be gouging gas consumers

It appeared obvious months ago when "experts" predicted $5 a gallon gas prices, that speculation was again manipulating the prices consumers pay at the pump. Now that all the speculator rhetoric has proved fallacious, it's all too clear.

Exxon CEO calls effort to repeal oil tax breaks ‘discriminatory’

Washington - Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson has labeled an attempt by US Senate Democrats to pass a bill that would repeal tax breaks for oil companies as counterproductive and has charged the undertaking as “misinformed and discriminatory.”

Retired Iraq war commander Lt. Gen. Sanchez to run for US Senate

San Antonio - Retired Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez will announce on Wednesday his decision to run on the Democratic ticket for the US Senate seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-TX, in a move likely to spur interest among the state's growing Hispanic population.

Record Mississippi River flood now threatens oil and gas industry

Baton Rouge - As the flooding Mississippi River continues its historical downstream advance, new fears have arisen over possible inundation of oil refineries and oil and gas wells in Louisiana, prompting the state’s governor to label it a “very serious flood.”

Op-Ed: Release the Reserves, Obama. I Can't Afford Coffee

Gas prices are going up. We're paying nearly $4 a gallon. This affects my current lifestyle because I can no longer afford coffee.

Consumers, Farmers Protest Rising Food Prices

People in our town of Natchitoches, Louisiana are concerned that although the gas prices are $1.63/gallon, food prices are still up. We had been told that the increase in food prices had to do with the cost of delivering groceries.

Op-Ed: It's Now Official, We Are Being Ripped Off by High Gas Prices

As the price of crude oil drops, the price at the pumps keeps on going up and up. In my mind, it has become official: We are being totally ripped off and I want to know what are you going to do about it.

Op-Ed: Examining Off-Shore Drilling and How it Will Affect the Average American

Off-shore drilling is a sure-fire point of discussion this fall (though both sides will agree it must be done). However, in looking at the issue it seems as though it is merely a talking point, not an issue that affects (or benefits) the average American.

Republicans Stay On House Floor To Discuss Gas Prices While Democrats Go On Vacation

On Friday Republicans stayed on the floor of the House of Representatives demanding debate on gas prices and discussing Nancy Pelosi's refusal to allow a vote on drilling. Monday, Republicans are back on the floor while Democrats are on a 5 week vacation.

Americans Don't Believe Bush's Off-Shore Drilling Claims Will Reduce Gas Prices

A poll conducted by a Washington D.C. research firm showed a majority of Americans don’t believe Bush and oil industries claims that off-shore drilling will reduce gas prices.

Higher Gas Prices Save Lives

Gas prices got you down? Don’t despair. There is, at least, one benefit to rising gas prices, say the authors of a new study released this month—fewer auto fatalities.

Op-Ed: The gas crisis was solved years before it started

With the gas prices soaring every time we turn our heads, you have to wonder how much more can we take? Suppose we never needed gasoline or oil again?

Op-Ed: Dubai concert promoters not happy about concert costs

Dubai - The Hollywood Reporter ran an article last Friday describing the rapidly growing and thriving entertainment scene in Dubai.

Nurseries and Garden Centres May Soon Raise Prices

The rising cost of oil is not only affecting food and gas prices but plant centres and nurseries are feeling the pinch too and may soon have to increase plant prices.

Organisations shifting to four-day week in order to save gasoline

A number of organizations across the U.S. have decided to allow their employees to work four days a week to save on commuting. Many more companies are likely to follow.

Fuel Prices Too High, Farmer Hitches Mules to Plow

Tennessee farmer and son find fuel for his tractor too expensive so they decide to hitch a pair of mules to a modified tractor rake.

Rising Gas Prices Causes Spike in Gas Theft

As gas prices climb, so do the incidents of gas being siphoned from cars parked unattended. It may be time for locked gas caps again.
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Gas price averages in Canada for the month of November.
Gas price averages in Canada for the month of November.
A Shell Oil (Royal Dutch Shell) gas station near the interchange of California State Route 46 and In...
A Shell Oil (Royal Dutch Shell) gas station near the interchange of California State Route 46 and Interstate 5 near Lost Hills, California.
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