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Garden News

Review: Billy Joel honors Aretha Franklin with 'Respect' at The Garden Special

New York - On August 23, the "Piano Man" Billy Joel honored the late "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin at his concert at Madison Square Garden.

It's a small world: In Japan, moss wins hearts

Nihon - Kaori Shibo bent her head down and peered through a magnifying glass in a forest in central Japan, emitting a delighted gasp. The object of her adoration? Moss."Oh, this baby's sporophyte is breaking out!

Green fingers: Japan sending garden-repair teams abroad

Toukyo - Tokyo plans to send green fingers to every corner of the world on a mission to spruce up Japanese-style gardens that have fallen into disrepair.

These plantable coffee cups offer seeds for thought and gardening

San Luis Obispo - We Americans love our coffee. In fact, we love it so much that on average, we drink more than three cups daily, and that means 400 million cups for the whole population per day.

How does my garden grow? Special

By growing her own garden in a small village in Northern West Bengal, India, Monika Barman, a feisty 16-year-old girl is taking charge of her future.

London to have a garden bridge

London - The Mayor of London has announced plans to build a new bridge across the river Thames. This one has a unique aspect: it is to be a garden bridge.

Op-Ed: Zombie bees terrorize Bushwick

Brooklyn - Near Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the bees, like the freaks, come out at night. Earlier today the whole neighborhood was abuzz with talk of swarming bees near Roberta’s Pizza at 261 Moore St.

Photo Essay: Beauty and Serenity at Savannah Botanical Gardens Special

Savannah - The Savannah Botanical Gardens is a 10-acre oasis in the middle of the City of Savannah, Georgia offering fountains, gardens full of flower and ferns, and one of only two pre-Civil War farmhouses in the Savannah area.

Photo Essay: Spring comes to the UK Special

Spring took its sweet time this year with temperatures being well below average during much of March and April, but finally there are signs that warmer weather is coming to the UK as the bulbs first planted in Autumn have started to come into bloom.

Op-Ed: Smithsonian's Mary Livingston Ripley Garden ─ A peaceful haven Special

Washington - The Mary Livingston Ripley Garden is located in downtown Washington, sandwiched between two Smithsonian Museums. It's worth stopping in for a visit when walking on Independence Avenue either while touring or on a lunch hour.

National Park Service's tulip garden showing bursts of color Special

Washington - As temperatures kick into a summertime feel, the National Parks Service's Tulip garden in Washington, D.C., is also blooming into season.

Photo essay: My tropical garden where summer lasts forever Special

Lagos - Natives of the cooler regions of the world picture paradise as a place of perpetual sunshine, but for natives of tropical Africa, paradise is the "cool spot" with snowfields and happy children playing outdoors.

Hokkaido University Botanic Garden — An oasis in downtown Sapporo Special

Sapporo - Located just a few minutes from the main transport hub of Sapporo, the Hokkaido University Botanical Garden offers visitors several historic buildings and the unique beauty, serenity and harmony of one of the most appealing natural spots in the city.

Eat The Big Apple — Literally Special

New York - New York City is one of the most densely populated places in the world, but it also has a vibrant food production scene. Author Robin Shulman profiles it, and the people behind it, in her new book.

Op-Ed: Springtime blooms at Oatlands Historic House and Gardens in Va. Special

Leesburg - Over 200 years ago, a man named George Carter inherited a large parcel of land in Northern Virginia, over 3,400 acres. On this land he built a plantation, complete with a mansion, with the primary crop being wheat.

Unemployed Illinois man finds $150,000 in his garden

An unemployed carpenter in Illinois made a surprising discovery when he went to his vegetable garden to pick broccoli for dinner and instead found a duffel bag stuffed full of money that totaled over $150,000.

Toronto's Harbourfront Centre wins $12,500 for garden project Special

Toronto - The Harbourfront Community Centre in Toronto had a dream, to have a multi-level garden that everyone in their community would be able to enjoy. In order to fund that dream they entered the Share Your Care contest.

Carnivorous plant kills, eats a blue tit in UK garden

A killer plant growing in a garden nursery in Somerset, England has trapped a blue tit bird and devoured it. It is believed to be only the second time such an event has been documented anywhere in the world.

Toronto's Music Gardens give quiet beauty to visitors Special

Toronto - There's beauty in the sound of a soft breeze flowing through the flowers at Toronto's Music Gardens. Inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suites for Unaccompanied Cello the gardens have been in the city for a decade.

Harbourfront Community Centre enters Share Your Care contest Special

Toronto - The Harbourfront Community Centre in Toronto is part of the Share Your Care contest. Share Your Care is a community funding project from Evergreen and Fido to increase public green spaces for the entire community to enjoy.

Op-Ed: The Spring planting season begins for Italian gardens in Ohio Special

Old world traditions still live on in Trumbull County, Ohio where Italians still garden, can, and make great use of home grown produce.

Update on Ontario garden bomb case

Oakville - On Sept. 20 a resident of Oakville in Ontario returned from a walk to find an incendiary device in his garden about the size of a running shoe. Halton Regional Police have arrested a man in connection to the case, the very man who called it in.

Toronto's Arcadia Co-op celebrates new green roof garden Special

The residents of Arcadia Housing Co-op on Queen's Quay in Toronto celebrated a new green space this Sunday. The artist community's back yard has been transformed from a cement slab into a garden area for neighbours to gather and enjoy nature.

Bomb found in Oakville garden

Oakville - Oakville was the scene of an incendiary device found in a garden this week. A man found the device in his garden after returning from a walk Halton Regional Police said.

FDA lettuce recall - Interested in a safe, healthy alternative? Special

Spring has sprung in my neighborhood and that means garden season has begun. Bunny rabbits and baby robins are feeding in the fresh tilled garden in search of their daily dinner. It also means one FDA vegetable recall after another headed to my in box.

Kitchen Gardens International a gardener's social network Special

Roger Doiron is the founding director of the nonprofit Kitchen Gardeners International and was active in the White House kitchen garden campaign.

Early wild flowers mark spring in carolinian Ontario Special

Guelph - Winters can be relentless and spring frustrating on the northern edge of the carolinian forest in south-central Ontario. All is forgiven when the wildflowers of spring begin to bloom.

Guelph's Gosling Gardens brings nature into the garden Special

Guelph - The University of Guelph's Arboretum includes a small section known as the Gosling Wildlife Gardens. The five gardens illustrate various aspects of urban and suburban gardening.

‘Condom Park’ Proposed in north Indian city

One public park known as a love haven for couples has been planned to be converted into a “Condom Park” by the municipal authorities in the Indian city Lucknow.

Dutch Doorstep Garden Has A Hidden Surprise

A Dutch man was surprised when local police informed him his prized begonias had a crop of marijuana plants concealed. The man believes local teens planted their weed inside his garden.
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Garden Image

If you look closely you can see another black racer crawling through the potato plants after being s...
If you look closely you can see another black racer crawling through the potato plants after being spotted by my camera.
Dominick Gatta( right)  his wife  Mickey  his grand daughter and great grand daughter
Dominick Gatta( right), his wife "Mickey" his grand daughter and great grand daughter
December bloom
December bloom
Lush green colors
Lush green colors
A peaceful  wild garden sanctuary on the east side of Milwaukee  Wisconsin  53202 invites contemplat...
A peaceful, wild garden sanctuary on the east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53202 invites contemplative pauses.
with courtyard gardens
with courtyard gardens
Herbs and lettuce garden
Herbs and lettuce garden
Spinach garden
Spinach garden
Sunday s cloudy skies didn t hide the plants colours at Toronto s Music Gardens
Sunday's cloudy skies didn't hide the plants colours at Toronto's Music Gardens
Flower garden
Flower garden
A luscious green area of garden  taken within The Grove hotel  Watford.
A luscious green area of garden, taken within The Grove hotel, Watford.
A pretty walled garden in Ballina  Ireland.
A pretty walled garden in Ballina, Ireland.
Light purple Joe Pye Weed growing tall through autumn attracts butterflies and bees.
Light purple Joe Pye Weed growing tall through autumn attracts butterflies and bees.
This Tortoise Cat eagerly sniffs and savors the remaining  fading autumn garden greenery.
This Tortoise Cat eagerly sniffs and savors the remaining, fading autumn garden greenery.
This is a small corner of my own little paradise of flowers and bushes.
This is a small corner of my own little paradise of flowers and bushes.
Laying eggs?
Laying eggs?
Colorful hedge plant
Colorful hedge plant
A side view of the Grim s dyke hotel  taken from the back
A side view of the Grim's dyke hotel, taken from the back
The rock garden art and low-tech security installation nears completion in this final year of my res...
The rock garden art and low-tech security installation nears completion in this final year of my residency here on Milwaukee's lower east side.

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