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Garbage News

Hopes fade for girl buried in Indian garbage dump

Ahmedabad - The search for a 12-year-old girl buried under a huge garbage heap in western India entered its fifth day Wednesday, with hopes fading fast of finding her alive.

McKenna — Canada hires company to ship back its garbage

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte ordered tons of garbage sent back to Canada today, threatening to dump it back on Canadian soil. But Ottawa came through and has hired a company to bring dozens of containers of rotting garbage back home.

Review: Shirley Manson and Garbage mesmerize on new single 'No Horses' Special

Shirley Manson and her alternative band Garbage have released their new single "No Horses," which has a haunting vibe to it.

Shirley Manson of Garbage talks new book, Beacon Theatre show Special

New York - Shirley Manson, the front-woman of the acclaimed band Garbage, chatted with me about her new book, and their summer tour with Blondie, which will include a tour stop in Manhattan.

Garbage to release autobiography, to embark on tour with Blondie

Front-woman Shirley Manson and her rock band Garbage will be releasing their first autobiography in July, and they will be touring with Blondie this summer.

Garbage collector jailed for starting work too early

Atlanta - Kevin McGill is a sanitation worker in an Atlanta suburb, and he was sentenced to jail because he started work too early.

'The Ugly Indians' clean up Bangalore

Bangalore - The Ugly Indians (TUI), a group of anonymous volunteers, have been getting together to clean up the city of Bangalore, India, and give it a good scrubbing.

From plastic to oil: Making waves with a machine and a vision Special

Vancouver - Upgyres, a Vancouver organization, is looking to use the famous Blest machine that converts plastic into oil as a tool to clean up the North Pacifc plastic garbage patch. My interview with its director sheds light on this enterprise.

UK garbage industry is worth $4.5 billion

London - One man’s waste is another man’s gold. According to a report by a British government agency the country’s garbage disposal is potentially worth over $4.5 billion.

Mt Everest: Climb of a lifetime, or filthy garbage dump?

As the world celebrates the 60th anniversary of Sir Edmund HIllary's ascent to the top of Mt Everest, environmentalists are complaining about the disgusting mess up there, including loads of human excrement and even the odd corpse.

Heavy metal at the Brooklyn Museum Special

New York - Ghanaian artist El Anatsui is enjoying his first solo exhibition at a New York Museum. His artwork is constructed from found materials, and offers a thoughtful commentary on his homeland as well as the cultural implications of reclaimed materials.

Up to half our food ends up in the trash, says new British study

Buy one get one free, often means buy one and bin the other one reports a new British study on food waste from the UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers titled Global Food, Waste Not Want Not.

Op-Ed: A Mideast conflict could turn garbage into energy

As the globe searches for superior power sources to become less dependent upon desert oil barons, the US has developed technology that converts fuel from garbage. This fuel source could become more necessary during the coming Mideast conflicts.

Preview: 'Landfill Harmonic', music from a Paraguay slum

A preview for an upcoming documentary, "Landfill Harmonic", about Cateura, a slum in Paraguay situated on a landfill, where residents create music from the trash and have started "The Recycled Orchestra."

Garbage bacteria improves biofuel development

The research into biofuels has been limited due to the bacteria normally used only being able to convert part of the cell wall of plant material. An improvement might be in reach due to a bacterium found in the garbage.

Sweden seeks to import trash due to shortage

Sweden has recently found itself in a shortage, but not the typical items you'd ordinarily think of when you hear the word shortage. What they are short on is trash.

Photo story: Living dirty in India Special

The manholes in Jothiammal Nagar, Chennai, overflow and fill the streets with sewage. Garbage dumped by the residents is not cleared by the civic body. The area lacks even basic hygiene. Is this the way to live?

They are so good at recycling, Sweden actually imports garbage

That's right, you heard it. Sweden is just so good at recycling, it actually needs to import trash from other European countries to power its waste-to-energy program.

Review: Osheaga 2012 sells out to capacity Special

Montreal - The Osheaga Music and Arts Festival has officially joined the ranks of longstanding North American heavyweights like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and Coachella. This year for the first time in its six year history, the festival sold out to capacity.

Review: Garbage rock out with new album, tour Special

Toronto - Rock-pop band Garbage were known back in the 1990s for hits like "Stupid Girl" and "Only Happy When It Rains." Their latest album shows a harder edge but keeps the synth-pop-meets-hard-riffs sound vividly, defiantly alive.

Former doctor dumps abortion files in recycling bin

Topeka - While the former Kansas abortion provider is not likely to face criminal charges for discarding patients' private records in a recycling bin, there are worries about potential violations of patient privacy laws.

Plastic-eating fungi found in Amazon may solve landfill problems

Just when you thought that plastic waste was never going to break down in the environment, along comes Mother Nature to solve the problem.

Managing Waste: Goa Shows a Profitable Way Special

Panjim - Waste is often nothing but misplaced resources, and in Goa – India’s most popular tourist destination, the rate of the misplacement is clearly higher than anywhere else.

Toronto City Council to vote on privatizing garbage collection

Toronto - Starting next year private garbage collection could begin in Toronto from Yonge Street to Humber River if City Hall approves a privatization proposal today.

Charges laid after starved dog thrown away in plastic bag

Newark - Charges have been laid against a woman believed to be the owner of a dog who was close to death from starvation when he was found inside a rubbish bag in a garbage chute.

Garbage, more worries as trash piles up in New York City

New York - As New York City recovers from the accumulated December snow, "blizzard garbage" has become the next removal nightmare.

Toronto rolls last garbage truck to Michigan

Toronto - Michigan residents will be seeing the last truck of garbage from Toronto. Today the last garbage trucks were sent to the U.S. state after a water disposal contract expires. Beginning in 2011 all of Toronto's waste will be going to the Green Lane Landfill.

UK woman who dumped cat in trash charged with animal cruelty

Coventry - It is now official. Mary Bale of Coventry, UK, has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty for dumping a cat into a garbage bin.

UK cat-dumping woman may now lose her bank job due to outcry

Mary Bale, the UK woman who was caught on CCTV grabbing a cat and dumping it into a garbage bin, is now facing the very real possibility of losing her job due to the public's outrage against her.

UK woman who dumped cat in garbage may face charges, prison time

Coventry - The woman who enraged people all around the world after a video was released showing her dumping a friendly cat into a garbage bin could be facing up to six months prison time. An investigation is underway.
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Garbage offered up hard-edged versions of old favorites as well as new material.
Garbage offered up hard-edged versions of old favorites as well as new material.
Garbage performed the theme song to 1999 film  The World Is Not Enough  during their Toronto tour da...
Garbage performed the theme song to 1999 film "The World Is Not Enough" during their Toronto tour date. Lead singer Shirley Manson told the crowd that although the band had recorded the song in Canada, they'd never performed it in the country before.
Who s too thrifty to toss a twisty-tie?
Who's too thrifty to toss a twisty-tie?
Food waste
Food waste
Kiril Kapustin
A dumpster
A dumpster
Austin Moody
A Metro newspaper on a Toronto subway car
A Metro newspaper on a Toronto subway car
City of Detroit garbage can
City of Detroit garbage can
The Phoenix was small enough to be able to appreciate the deep theatricality of Manson s presence  a...
The Phoenix was small enough to be able to appreciate the deep theatricality of Manson's presence, a theatricality that has at its core a spine of steel. What with a fairly even male/female ratio of concert attendees, it's obvious the petite Scotswoman's appeal is broad and wide.
Veronica Sinnaeve
Vocalist Shirley Manson offers a strong  pitch-perfect delivery live that touches on a number of dif...
Vocalist Shirley Manson offers a strong, pitch-perfect delivery live that touches on a number of different emotions and states.
Veronica Sinnaeve
Joseph Cultice
Lead Garbage singer Shirley Manson rocked Toronto s Phoenix Concert Theatre during a recent tour sto...
Lead Garbage singer Shirley Manson rocked Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theatre during a recent tour stop.
Veronica Sinnaeve

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