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Bangladesh rescues 20 Rohingya held by refugee racket gang

Cox's Bazar - Bangladesh police have rescued 20 Rohingya after busting a gang which ferried the refugees from Myanmar but demanded thousands of dollars for the boat ride, an official said Tuesday.

Guatemala rocked by new riot in juvenile detention center

Guatemala City - Guatemala authorities grappled with new violence in one of its juvenile detention centers on Thursday, a month after a blaze in a children's shelter killed 41 girls and shook the government.

As crime continues, El Salvador weighs limiting citizens' rights

San Salvador - Following the March killings of 11 people, including eight workers at an electric plant, the Salvadoran government is considering severe limits on the rights of the nation's six million citizens in an effort to get the country back under control.

Missing Mexico students not among 28 in mass grave

Chilpancingo - The mystery over the fate of 43 Mexican students missing since an attack by gang-linked police deepened after authorities said none was among 28 bodies found in a mass grave.

Leader of gang in Mexico's missing students case dies

Chilpancingo - A leader of a Mexican gang linked to the disappearance of 43 students died during a police operation Tuesday, amid growing anger and protests over the missing young men's fate.

UK, France, Belgium agents raid suspected people smuggling gangs

London - Agents with the UK Border Agency (UKBA) have raided 35 locations in England and Scotland in an effort to put a halt to a major people-smuggling network. Forty additional raids are being carried out in Belgium and France.

BNP Chairman Nick Griffin MEP slams BBC for paedophile cover up

Salford - Speaking in Salford recently, Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, was highly critical of the BBC for allegedly covering up the issue of child grooming gangs; an issue he was the first to publicly highlight back in 2004, if not earlier.

Liverpool Crown Court: Sentences handed down to paedophile gang

Liverpool - The ringleader of the Rochdale Muslim child grooming gang has been sentenced to 19 years. Others involved have received sentences ranging from between four and twelve years.

Anthony Spencer murder case heats up in Toronto

Toronto - This weekend the streets of Malvern in Toronto were littered by bullets with three drive-by shootings. The police have made two arrests, now it's time for the witnesses to talk.

Four jailed for attack caught on CCTV, woman confronts culprits

Moss Side - CCTV footage was released of a woman stepping in to help a man who was attacked by four others. The offenders have been sentenced to time in jail.

Mexican police claim to have 'dismembered' La Familia drug gang

Mexico's federal police has claimed a major victory over the 'La Familia' drug cartel - one of the most bloody gangs operating within the embattled country.

'Honor killing' gang killed wrong people in England

Four men in London planned to burn down the house of a man who was having an affair with one of their sisters, but they targeted the wrong house, and killed an innocent couple.

Gang leader arrested in fatal shooting of U.S. official

A U.S. consular that was slain back in March was targeted because she was giving out visas to rivals, according to Jesus Ernesto Chavez, the leader of a Ciudad Juarez street gang.

Gang of thugs get 318 years for rape and robbery

A gang of six men, aged between 22 and 27, was sentenced to 318 years in jail for countless cases of rape and robbery committed just outside Soweto in South Africa.

Riverside County Anti-Gang Unit Attacked Again

Hemet, California Police are investigating the third attack on the Anti-Gang Task Force Unit in the Southwestern part of Riverside County.

Another Firebombing Strikes Montreal

Firebombings in Montreal continued this morning. Café Ferrari, on André-Ampère Avenue in Rivière-des-Prairies, had a Molotov cocktail thrown inside. The cafe was empty at the time and the small fire that started went out on its own.

Five suspects arrested in connection with gang rape of teen girl

Richmond Police Lt. Gagan describes the suspects as "monsters." The D.A.'s office is seeking life sentences for those who have been arrested and charged with rape in concert [gang rape]. The victim, a 15-year-old girl, remains hospitalized.

Teen Gang Violence Epidemic in Chicago School System

The beating death of honor student Derrion Albert in Chicago has been making headlines. Yet Albert's violent death is only the most recent in a wave of teen gang violence in Chicago that has claimed thirty-seven lives in the past school year alone.

'DJ pop gang' arrested in alleged iTunes royalty scam

Nine people are being held in custody after allegedly earning £200,000 ($320,000) by buying their own records from iTunes and Amazon with stolen and cloned credit cards.

Animals Amok on the Streets of St. Helier Special

A gang of teenage boys, charged with a violent attack on a 22-year old man, were told by a Royal Court judge, they had acted like a pack of wild animals. He informed the gang "Your actions are intimidating to members of the public."

Ukrainian Teen Serial Killer Gang Document Crimes on Cellphone

Three Ukrainians teens were apprehended by the police after they were found with cell phone videos of their crimes including attending their victims’ funerals. They are charged with killing 21 people.

Are Nigerian Colleges Home to Fraternities, Gangs, or Cults?

Nigeria has been held hostage by aggressive student gangs since the 1980's and the problem seemed not to be going away. New intelligence measures have made campuses a bit safer.

Fears grow over L.A. gang wars

Gang-related violence is surging in Los Angeles and now the mayor plans on appointing a "Gang Czar." A stand-out high school football star was killed recently in broad daylight because he had no answer to the question "What gang are you from?"

Youth gang gets life sentence for '£5 bet' murder

A gang punched a disabled man to death over a £5 ($10) bet. The autopsy report revealed the man received more than 18 blows to his head and neck, dying from a massive head injury.

Child slave gang busted thanks to UK police

British and Romanian authorities busted a child slave gang up and made nearly a dozen arrests. The operation rescued childeren who were forced to beg and steal from people in London.

UK Global Gang Sentenced For Million Pound Viagra Scam

In one of the first major stories in recent times regarding the counterfeit market of the aiding drug, a gang in the south of England have been found guilty for supplying millions of pounds worth of a fake drug.

Sex orgy gang's AIDS rape

A GAY gang that allegedly raped victims lured on the internet, drugged them and infected them with the AIDS virus has shocked the Netherlands and raised questions over its liberal sex culture.

Drug dealer given 10-year sentence; he denies gang ties

The last man in a band of drug-selling cohorts who were originally touted to be members of the 74 Hoover Crips street gang was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison Friday amid the man's insistence he was never a part of a gang

Gang member found guilty of killing siblings

Gang member convicted of killing teens. He is sentenced for life in jail.

Malaysian Police Detain 'Midget' Gang

Malaysian police detained an eight-member gang of small-sized robbers dubbed the "midget gang," who allegedly confessed to committing 14 break-ins over the past three months
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