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Game Of Thrones News

'Game of Thrones' will end after season eight

On Saturday, it was confirmed that 'Game of Thrones' will end after its eighth season. This means the show will air for two more seasons.

HBO Now crashes during 'Game of Thrones' broadcast

Sunday night was a big night for 'Game of Thrones' fans; it was finally time for the long-awaited "Battle of the Bastards." However, not all fans have HBO, and subsequently the company's streaming service went down.

Review: This week’s new releases find historical inspirations are best Special

This week’s releases include two military pictures representing both ends of the quality spectrum; an amusing portrayal of the “concrete jungle”; a unique stop-motion animation; two stunning re-releases; and a series with an incredible soundtrack.

Review: New on DVD for March 15 Special

This week’s releases include an Oscar-winning film with purpose; several one-man armies; a story of devotion and despair; and a well-crafted murder mystery.

Review: Time to face 'Game of Thrones’ Season 6 — Teaser Trailer

With no new books left to read, ‘Game of Thrones’ fans were teased with a new trailer highlighting gone but not forgotten characters. (*Spoilers*)

Digital Journal's 2015 holiday gift guide

Struggling to come up with some gift ideas? Digital Journal is here to help you out thanks to our holiday gift guide, with contributions from editor-in-chief David Silverberg, technology editor-at-large James Walker and managing editor Michael Thomas.

A lot of strong emotions about this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include the frontrunner for best animated film of 2015; a few anniversary releases; a reboot that actually works; and a solid mystery thriller featuring the team from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’

George R.R. Martin promises a 'bittersweet' end for book series

Perhaps the shortest and most common summary of the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series and its TV adaptation, 'Game of Thrones,' is just two words "Everybody dies."

Review: 'Game of Thrones' season 5 has been a slow burn Special

It's safe to say the fifth season of HBO's smash hit 'Game of Thrones' is unlike any season before it — both for better and for worse.

What every B2B business can learn from Game of Thrones

On its surface, Game of Thrones is a bloody look at a continent engulfed in war. But just as the Sun Tzu classic The Art of War inspired a number of lessons for business leaders, so too can the politics behind the hit medieval fantasy series.

Review: Game of Thrones Episode 3: Headless men, faceless men

Another week, and another stunning tour through Westeros. While the first two episodes had the distinct feel of a slow but needed hang over from last season, episode 3 starts to lay the groundwork for what promises to be exciting plot threads this season.

Review: 'Game of Thrones' shows a new power balance in season premiere Special

As the HBO epic 'Game of Thrones' gets bigger and bigger, a consequence is a more and more scattered cast. But that doesn't make the show any less compelling.

10 things to know going into 'Game of Thrones' season 5

The fifth season of the HBO phenomenon 'Game of Thrones' premieres Sunday, but you'll be forgiven if you're having a hard time keeping all of the plotlines and characters straight.

Review: New on DVD for February 24 Special

This week’s releases include two (and a half) Academy Award winners; the gruelling final season and the latest shock-filled season of two acclaimed series; a low-budget slasher that relies on its ingenuity; and a comedy that could have used more of it.

'Birdman' leads SAG nominations; 'Boyhood' is close behind

"Birdman" has flew to the top with four nominations as the SAG Awards (Screen Actors Guild) were announced this morning (Dec. 10) in Los Angeles. The SAG Awards have an ensemble award, which is basically the equivalent to the best picture.

Game of Thrones ban sign of Turkey's religious-secular schism?

In what some observers feel might be a sign of increasing Islamization in Turkey, army officers have been forbidden from watching Game of Thrones.

Telltale's 'Game of Thrones' game coming 'soon'

'Game of Thrones' fans who can't wait for the next season or the sixth 'Song of Ice and Fire' book may be happy to know that a new 'Game of Thrones' title is coming soon.

'A Lannister always pays his debts,' even in Spain it seems

Seville - The motto of a certain family of 'Game of Thrones' fame is that a Lannister always pays his debts. Well, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime, got to prove that motto recently, while filming Season Five of the popular TV series in Seville, Spain.

More 'Game of Thrones' extras required in Spain

Osuna - Producers of the popular HBO series "Game of Thrones" are looking for another 2,500 extras to appear in the scenes to be shot in Osuna in southern Spain. However, there are certain requirements to be upheld before even thinking of applying.

Belfast funeral held for 'Game of Thrones' actor JJ Murphy

Belfast - The funeral has been held, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for JJ Murphy, the veteran actor who recently joined HBO's "Game of Thrones."

'Game of Thrones' actor dies four days into shooting

Irish actor J.J. Murphy, 86, died Friday after four days of filming scenes for the upcoming season of the HBO hit 'Game of Thrones.'

Game of Thrones phone scam nets thousands

Ibiza - It was recently announced that scenes from season five of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones would be filmed in Seville and Osuna in Spain. Fraudsters saw the ideal opportunity to make a few illegal euros from the news.

MetroGnome remixes 'Game of Thrones' theme to effect (Video)

New Delhi - MetroGnome is becoming famous for remixes and was recently asked by fans to remix the theme tune to the popular TV series, "Game of Thrones," which he has done, to excellent effect.

George R.R. Martin says 'f*** you' to skeptical fans

George R.R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series is undoubtedly the latest fantasy series to sweep the nation. However, Martin, 65, is taking a long time to finish writing the books, and fans are worried he'll die before finishing them.

Spaniards sign up in the thousands for a part in Game of Thrones

Seville - An upcoming episode of the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones, is to be filmed in the city of Seville in southern Spain. Thousands are now hoping for a part as an extra, as their heroine Khaleesi is filmed on location at Seville's Alcázar Palace.

Game of Thrones season 5 expanding filming locations in Dalmatia

Split - Applications for extras are being invited for season 5 of the popular HBO Game of Thrones series in Croatia, including new locations in Dalmatia.

Neuroscience aims to explain Game of Thrones character

Science doesn't, stereotypically speaking, partner with pop culture. Normally the two genres keep to themselves, their opportunities for topical crossover infrequent.

Queen Elizabeth slated to visit Game of Thrones set

Belfast - Staying hip with the times, the British monarchy tweeted Wednesday that two members of the Royal Family will be making pit stops at film sets during their next tour.

Review: Game of Thrones — 'The Children' (season 4, episode 10) Special

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD Another season of 'Game of Thrones' ended last night with a finale that was a double-edged sword — while probably the best finale so far, it also demonstrated that the show may need to right itself.

Review: Game of Thrones — 'The Watchers on the Wall' (s4, e9) Special

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD Episode nine of each season of 'Game of Thrones' usually features a momentous event, and this season devoted an entire episode to the Night's Watch defending the Wall from a wildling onslaught.
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Screenshot from the first teaser for  Game of Thrones  by Telltale Games
Screenshot from the first teaser for 'Game of Thrones' by Telltale Games
Telltale Games/Youtube
A screencap from the Game of Thrones episode  Breaker of Chains
A screencap from the Game of Thrones episode "Breaker of Chains"
Youtube screengrab
Ellaria Sand gets angry at Areo Hotah
Ellaria Sand gets angry at Areo Hotah
Macall B. Polay/HBO
Arya Stark
Arya Stark
Macall B. Polay/HBO
Traditional cutlery at the Klis Fortress dinner
Traditional cutlery at the Klis Fortress dinner
Vetus Itinera
Outfits worn by the Wildlings
Outfits worn by the Wildlings
Outfits worn in King s Landing
Outfits worn in King's Landing
Macall B. Polay/HBO
Arya in Game of Thrones episode 509
Arya in Game of Thrones episode 509
Macall B. Polay
A screen still from Season 3 of the HBO hit series  Game of Thrones.
A screen still from Season 3 of the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones.
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The torchlit setting for the culmination of the tour
The torchlit setting for the culmination of the tour
Vetus Itinera
Game of Thrones 4x09 Promo
Game of Thrones 4x09 Promo
Zrnovnica quarry
Zrnovnica quarry
Vetus Itinera
Game of Thrones tourism in Klis Fortress over looking Split
Game of Thrones tourism in Klis Fortress over looking Split
Vetus Itinera
George R. R. Martin s series  A Song of Ice and Fire  up to book four
George R. R. Martin's series, A Song of Ice and Fire, up to book four
Vetus Itinera
Vetus Itinera
Roxanne McKee - Starfury L10  Birmingham  August 2012
Roxanne McKee - Starfury L10, Birmingham, August 2012
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