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Gambia News

Gambia's race to save its 'Roots' on Kunta Kinteh island

As the rebel slave who defied his captors, Kunta Kinte, immortalised in print and on screen in "Roots", put The Gambia on the map for historical tourism.

Gambians head to polls for first post-Jammeh vote

Banjul - Gambians head to the polls on Thursday for the first time since the departure of longtime leader Yahya Jammeh, with multiple parties poised to enter parliament after 22 years of effective one-party rule.

Dancing in the dark with Jammeh's diehard supporters

Bakau - They came to dance in green t-shirts adorned with Yahya Jammeh's grinning face and to sing the old songs of adulation as though he never went away.

The Gambia prepares for first post-Jammeh poll

Banjul - The Gambia holds its first election Thursday since the downfall of longtime leader Yahya Jammeh, with expectations high that new lawmakers will overhaul a national assembly once derided as a mere rubberstamp.

Gambia coalition near collapse over legislative election

Banjul - Gambian coalition parties which united last year to deliver the first new president in 22 years are unlikely to run together for legislative elections next month, a senior government source told AFP.

Gambian police launch probe into journalist's beating

Banjul - Gambian police have launched an investigation into a violent public assault of a reporter by supporters of President Adama Barrow, a police source told AFP Wednesday.

Senegal and Gambia announce new era of ties

Dakar - Senegal and The Gambia on Saturday affirmed a "new dynamic" between the two countries since the fall of former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh, and vowed to strengthen economic and military co-operation.

Jammeh's missing: tracing The Gambia's disappeared

Banjul - Pensioner Sarjo Manneh celebrated more joyfully than most when former leader Yahya Jammeh agreed to leave The Gambia in January.After a decade, he believed he might see his son again. But nearly a month later, he is still waiting.

Gambia celebrates Barrow's inauguration

Bakau - Thousands celebrated Saturday as new Gambian President Adama Barrow retook his oath of office, a month after he was sworn in across the border in neighbouring Senegal during a tense power struggle.

Gambia welcomes British FM for first time since independence

Banjul - British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who in the past sparked fury over comments about Africans, arrives in The Gambia on a charm offensive Tuesday as its new government considers rejoining the Commonwealth.

The real and imagined crimes of Gambia's Yahya Jammeh

Banjul - The Gambia's former president Yahya Jammeh wielded a potent mix of brute force and mysticism to keep citizens in a permanent state of fear, a legacy that lingers.

Appeals to faith and patriotism persuaded Gambia ex-leader to quit

Conakry - In pushing Yahya Jammeh to give up The Gambia's presidency, negotiators played on two key cards: his deep Muslim faith and his professed love of country.

Barrow returns to warm welcome as Gambia turns a page

Banjul - President Adama Barrow may have been waiting to take power in The Gambia for nearly two months but many in the west African country have been longing for a change of guard for years.

Gambia leader to return home after crisis

Dakar - The Gambia's new president will return to the capital on Thursday, aides said, ending a prolonged political crisis sparked by disputed elections that forced him to flee to neighbouring Senegal.

Gambia's Barrow to return home Thursday

Dakar - The Gambia's new president will cap a prolonged political crisis by returning to Banjul on Thursday, after fleeing to Senegal for his safety.

Gambia's new government mired in controversy

Banjul - Gambian President Adama Barrow's administration faced a backlash Tuesday after admitting its new vice-president may be constitutionally barred from serving and confirming ex-leader Yahya Jammeh will be permitted to keep a fleet of luxury cars.

Hard work ahead for new Gambian president

M - They breathed a sigh of relief when strongman Yahya Jammeh finally left The Gambia.But supporters of the new president, Adama Barrow, say he has a lot to do to get the country -- one of Africa's poorest -- on its feet.

Gambia's Barrow names VP, could go after Jammeh plunder

Banjul - Gambian President Adama Barrow's team announced Monday his vice-president would be a woman who has vowed to prosecute former leader Yahya Jammeh and take back assets she says were stolen from the nation.

African troops prepare for Gambian president's return

Banjul - West African troops approached the Gambian capital on Sunday to secure President Adama Barrow's arrival from neighbouring Senegal, as controversy erupted over the assurances offered to Yahya Jammeh to guarantee his departure.

Gambia's Jammeh leaves power after 22 years

Banjul - Gambia's veteran leader Yahya Jammeh flew out from the country he ruled for 22 years to cede power to President Adama Barrow and end a political crisis.

Gambians await Jammeh's exit after pledge to go

Banjul - Gambians on Saturday anxiously awaited the departure of ex-president Yahya Jammeh to a life in exile, possibly in Guinea, after a deal with west African leaders headed off a regional military intervention.

More than 45,000 have fled The Gambia this month: UN

Geneva - More than 45,000 people have fled a political crisis in The Gambia this month, the United Nations said Friday, as veteran leader Yahya Jammeh faced a midday deadline to leave office.

Gambia's Jammeh agrees to go, but exile terms not reached

Banjul - Gambia's Yahya Jammeh agreed "in principle" to hand over power to President Adama Barrow on Friday, Mauritanian and Guinean sources said, but differences remained before a full deal could be reached.

African troops move into Gambia as new president sworn in

Dakar - West African troops entered The Gambia on Thursday to bolster its new President Adama Barrow, as Gambians erupted in celebration at his inauguration to succeed longtime leader Yahya Jammeh, who has refused to quit.

Nigerian air force overflies The Gambia: official

Abuja - The Nigerian air force is flying over The Gambia, an official said Thursday, as African troops seemed ready to force incumbent Yahya Jammeh to quit after his December election defeat.

New Gambia president to take oath in Senegal

Banjul - Gambian president-elect Adama Barrow was to be sworn in Thursday at the country's embassy in Senegal as incumbent Yahya Jammeh stood firm, refusing to quit despite threats of military intervention.

UN to vote on backing ECOWAS action in The Gambia

New York - The UN Security Council will vote Thursday on a draft resolution endorsing the West African bloc ECOWAS in its efforts to ensure a transfer of power in The Gambia, diplomats said.

Adama Barrow 'to be sworn in at Gambian embassy in Senegal'

Banjul - Gambia's president-elect Adama Barrow will be sworn in at the country's embassy in Dakar, Senegal, his spokesman told AFP on Thursday.

African troops on standby as Gambia deadline looms

Banjul - Senegalese troops backed by other African forces were poised to move into The Gambia late Wednesday as President Yahya Jammeh's army chief said his troops would not fight their entry into the country.

Senegal asks UN to back ECOWAS action in Gambia

New York - Senegal on Wednesday presented a draft resolution to the UN Security Council seeking support for ECOWAS efforts to press Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh to step down, diplomats said.
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A ruined slave fort on James Island in Gambia
A ruined slave fort on James Island in Gambia
James Island in Gambia
James Island in Gambia
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The beach in front of two of Gambia's major hotels
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The beach in Gambia is experiencing severe erosion