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Democrat and Republican affiliation falls to record low

The number of ordinary Americans identifying as Democrats and Republicans has fallen to record lows. Four in ten Americans now identify as independents.

Op-Ed: Bush's 'people need to work longer hours' remark stirs Democrat ire

Hudson - On Wednesday, Jeb Bush sparked a kerfuffle when he said that "people should work longer hours" in order to improve economic prosperity. The Bush campaign argues this was a reference to part-time workers who are underemployed.

42% in U.S. believe 'God' created humans within last 10,000 years

The percentage of Americans who believe humans evolved without a 'God' has more than doubled since the 1980s, but more than four in ten people still believe the Abrahamic deity figure created humans in their present form within the past 10,000 years.

More former USSR residents think breakup a harm than a benefit

Moscow - A new Gallup poll shows that in 7 out of 11 countries surveyed that more people believe that the breakup harmed their countries rather than being a benefit. Only Azerbaijanis, Kazakhstanis, and Turkmens thought they were better off.

Op-Ed: Poll — Most uninsured will opt-in to health insurance

Washington - About 65 percent of uninsured Americans say they more likely to get health insurance instead of paying the fine authorized by the individual mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act.

Poll: Most Americans predict economic difficulty for U.S. in 2013

Washington - It's not even one full week into the year 2013, but it appears that a significant number of Americans are already pessimistic about the nation's economy entering a brand new year. A new poll showed an overwhelming number expects a difficult economic year.

Poll: More Americans would opt for a business job than government

New York - If you had the option, would you rather work for a private company or the government? A new poll suggests that an overwhelming number of Americans would choose to be employed for a business than for a bureaucracy.

Most Americans think Obama cannot heal U.S. political divisions

Princeton - A new Gallup poll shows that only 33% of Americans think that Obama can heal the sharp political divisions in the U.S. This is down sharply from 2008 when 54% thought that he could heal those divisions.

Poll: Romney leads early voting 52 to 45 percent

Mitt Romney has reversed the early-vote advantage Barack Obama held in 2008 against John McCain, according to a Gallup Poll released Oct. 29. The poll shows Romney leading Obama among early voters by 7 points nationwide, 52% to Obama’s 45%.

Romney maintains lead in Monday's Gallup poll

The latest Gallup Poll published Monday has presidential candidate Mitt Romney holding a 6-point advantage over incumbent Barack Obama, with 51% of likely voters breaking for Romney and 45% supporting Obama.

Is Mitt Romney aided by fishy Gallup polls, like McCain in 2008?

Back in 2008, Gallup polls got wrong the size of a lead John McCain had in the election and now may be doing the same for Mitt Romney in 2012. The polling firm has Romney up by 7, the only polling firm to have him anywhere near such a lead.

U.S. unemployment at lowest point since 2010 according to Gallup

According to a recent Gallup poll both unemployment and underemployment has dropped since September with the unadjusted unemployment rate at its lowest point since January of 2010.

Gallup joins polls showing Romney leading Obama

Washington - Gallup, one of the only major national polls still showing Obama with a lead in the presidential race, now shows Romney leads Obama by 2 points among likely voters.

Latest Gallup poll: Obama regains 5-point lead over Romney

President Barack Obama has regained his top position over Mitt Romney in Gallup's daily tracking poll, after the GOP presidential nominee's initial post debate sugar high surge.

Multiple post-debate polls show Romney even with Obama

Washington - New Gallup poll numbers show Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has pulled even with incumbent Barack Obama. The poll released Monday, have the two tied, 47% to 47% percent.

Two major polls show Romney has closed gap

Washington - Despite the mainstream media airing far more anti-Romney commentaries and delivering few criticisms of Mr. Obama, Romney has caught Obama in two new polls.

Poll: Support for third party in U.S. drops, 46% say it is needed

Washington - Since the presidential campaign of Ross Perot in 1992, there has been a gradual call for a legitimate third party to battle against the Republicans and Democrats. In today's contentious political system, is there strong support for a third party?

Obama advisor reportedly intimidated Gallup Poll staffers

Washington - After a mid-April Gallup poll showing Mitt Romney leading the president was published, Obama advisor David Axelrod attempted to intimidate Gallup staffers with a string of bully emails.

Romney's convention speech gets lowest ratings in poll history

Tampa - Mitt Romney is making history. Romney's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention last week has set a new record for the lowest rated convention speech for a presidential candidate in Gallup poll's history

New Gallup poll says U.S. 'pro-choice' position at record low

A new telephone poll has found that the number of Americans who identify themselves as being "pro-choice" has reached a record low.

Poll: 81% unhappy with U.S. government

Washington - An overwhelmingly majority of American said they are dissatisfied with our political leaders in Washington and the way they are governing the nation, according a new poll.

Op-Ed: Is Morality Dead in America?

Reports indicate public morality in America continues to waiver in the lower numbers, experts speculate the cause. Some suggest media plays a big part.

Gallup: Americans who distrust media reaches record high

A majority of Americans once again say they distrust the mass media to fully report the news, a new Gallup survey found. The 57 percent who express this distrust reached a record high by one percentage point.

Half of Americans surveyed don't trust the news media

A recent Gallup poll revealed that only 45 percent of Americans are confident about the media's ability to present them with accurate and fair news coverage. Two out of every ten Americans have no faith at all in the media.

Rasmussen Poll: Is President Obama Really Falling Out of Favor?

As the some in the media frequently report negatives in the polls about Obama, are there questions readers and viewers might ask? Experts believe so, stating how reports can be biased, based on questionable polls and agenda-driven.

Muslims of Iran and Southern Christians Have Common Beliefs

Despite the suspicions some religions may have involving one another, a recent Gallup Poll found that religiosity in Iran and the Deep South of the United States are quite similar.

Gallup poll: many people still do not believe in evolution

A new poll just released by Gallup shows an inverse correlation between belief in religious superstition and belief in evolution. This looks simple and predictable, but there is more to the story.

Medical Security Number One Health Woe For Americans According To Recent Gallup Poll

Americans used to believe that AIDS was the most important health woe twenty years ago. That has changed as more and more are uninsured. The largest worry facing the overall American public is now health coverage security.

Bush Job Approval Rating Up 5 Percentage Points

Pundits theorize that "the Bush effect" is good for Barack Obama, and bad for John McCain, but Americans are feeling a bit better about their President's job performance. Increased numbers believe "the surge" worked, and Dems disapprove of Dems.

Op-Ed: Does The Muslim World Really Hate The West?

According to President Bush those of the Islam World hates those of the Western World because of the West's freedoms. That appears not to be the truth for the mass majority according to a survey of 500,000 Muslims in more than 35 Islamic states.

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Senior Advisor David Alexlrod watches as the President as he works at computer.
Senior Advisor David Alexlrod watches as the President as he works at computer.
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Canada celebrates Nurses week this week in memory of the work of Florence Nightingale and nurses who...
Canada celebrates Nurses week this week in memory of the work of Florence Nightingale and nurses who carry on her tradition of nursing.
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